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Daughter of Jain Zar gives eternal welcomes to eldar crusaders

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Maensith, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. Phaeron Zcee Nook ZceeNook Well-Known Member

    I miss nothing of what flesh can offer me. I lost my flaws in the fire of the bio furnaces.

    The Necrontyr does not share your plentyful experiences of life... The suns burns our skins and flesh, the water drowns our senses and the wind of the stars cancer our minds equally to our bodys... and our souls are but food for that of deamons and alike. Blood would only feed parasites that would find their ways to us... and having a beating heart agian, only giving a sign of weakness to aim for.

    All this is the burden of mortals. I need no plesant walks in the moonlight no more, I need no emotion i cannot simply control with code... And love... we still feel love... if not for our mindless subjects then at least for ourself or our craft in eternal perfection.

    We do not need the rest to let your kind take us away in our sleep. you have done plenty of robbing and destroying our familys of old, stealing loved ones and ancient artifacts from us in our great slumber. We will make you pay for what you have forever taken from us.
    We not need comfort of touch for we only need the fingers to reach out for the stars and grasp them. The stars calls to us, and we will take them as they belong to us. We fought for every single inch of this galaxy and we will do it all over agian.

    All that keept the Necrontyr to keep on moving forward... was their ambition to claim our right amongst the stars. serving or leading. we would get what our ambition promised us.

    An old saying goes amongs slaves and Phaerons too..

    "We are all slaves... to our own ambition"

    Now in immortal metal and green radiance, and the will of the void we see the material world as ours and the warp a bi product of a past age that will have to be starved into non exsistance. Every world will host monuments to the necron course!

    And the planet below.... is simply worth a distraction for you... nothing on the planet is worth deploying forces right now.

    I speak my mind, my ideals and intentions... you speak the words that of lies and twisted intentions bend on the own good, and for that I cannot but destroy your for dishonouring the codes of war.

    If I want something, Ill declare it, and give you an open chance for said owner to either trader or surrender it to me. You find yourself above such interactions you truely are not worth the material that anchors you in this world and should be cast to the one that thirsts, for that is where you belong.
    (not my artwork)
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  2. Maensith Subordinate

    *Looking at a steel soulless husk with these green shimmering hollow eyes-sockets with irritation and rage both, but with a polite and warm smile on her face.

    He is smart, much smarter than many of his kind, cant be deceived by honied grandiose promises that successfully tempted even high-positioned mon-keighs so many times and led to their downfall without shedding a simple drop of eldar blood.

    But everyone has weaknesses, even immortal beings can be deceived, enslaved or diminished and this scion of a daring lesser race is not an exclusion - just need to pull necessary strings .

    Dont take my words as an offence, noble necron, I merely wanted to show you potential opportunities which would open before both of our races if you could just let it happen. Think about it - our impossibly ancient conflict has taken billions of lives and it was primarily started by your kin because you were jealous to Old Ones' secrets of immortality. You never actually wanted what C'tan did to you - to be soulless machines - but you desired extensive, long-spanning and fruitful lives in your mortal bodies - in fact, what our race have always had even if we are younger than you.

    Do you remember this time when you were a human, when you had your precious soul that made you a unique creature amongst trillions of others in this universe? Can you remember your sensations in a mortal body, even fragile and with short life-spanning? Does an existence in this steel and soulless form during hundreds of thousands years worth several decades in form of a truly alive being?

    This hatred that drives you forward, that crushes your foes beneath steel foots - this is a last "gift" from your deceitful C'tan, last remainder of what you had - your souls. Yes, this hatred can't be born by your engrams or technology - it's a pure but tiny fragment of what you once were and this impulse makes you strong - it's a hidden desire to become a living creature again. It's like thirst that can't be saturated - believe me, my race knows more than any what it's like - to be always thirsty for something but having no opportunity to finally saturate it.

    You can lie to yourself, but this is a fact - we are extremely psychically advanced and by our uncontrolled and misdirected psychic might The Great Enemy was born so we have unparalleled understanding of spiritual sphere of existence - you still can be reborn in your mortal form, but with improved bodies. You dont have such deep knowledge of warp as we do - everything that goes to warp cant be destroyed - it only dissipates and becomes another form of life, but it never really stops to exist.

    You have time for thinking, Phaeron Zcee Nook...

    *Yes, I can see some interest in his pose, probably even he himself doesnt realise it but the smallest part of former him hears my words and responds. Every mortal creature that once had a soul and has been deprived of it for some reason - willingly or not - is driven to greatest or terrible deeds by this inexplicable impulse to get its soul back, even ascending daemon princes dont realize what they are doing when get what they wanted....*
  3. Phaeron Zcee Nook ZceeNook Well-Known Member

    *Slowly building up some sounds of grim and metalic scrambelings that a keen observer only could have considered laugther, for this was the laugther of a material god*

    60 million years... and this is what the Eldar race has produced... Oh Azago'rod... Had we not been forced into hybernation... where could we have been now... All this time has been wasted on the Eldar flesh to decay to such a degree...

    What the C'tan did to us, I care not. Back then Ill sell my soul over and over agian to even have the hope of what I am now. You see perverted beauty in the shortness and duration of temperoary ignorance to the onset of eternity, yet does not understand the Necrontyr concept of beauty.

    Beauty is Everlasting, eternal and unchanging, simple in its perfection, and yet complex in ways it can not be comprehended by the likes of you. Beauty is Immune to the tooth of time, the flow of entropy and beyond that that can decay. and this desire to destroy is only to sated when life is finally gone, my last remains of my soul will die with it.
    And the universe will know the Imortal and glorious name of my Dynasty. And thus I stand here... after all this time, surviving all that the universe have thrown at me... it is meaning on thing: I am beautiful.

    It is the gift of lesser creatures to light the fire that forges great creations in this world, the C'tan lit the fire for the Necrontyr to accend, and were burned in the progress. We paid the price too with the many of our people. their spirits burn within, and without as Gauss fire let their ambition take their toll on the mortal worlds knowing that their undying spirit is what keep them working, keep them getting back up and keep figthing. Every warrior, every Immortal Every lord, cryptek or Overlord strife only to feed his people their hunger for glory and honour. For they are part and extention of his will. and he is but the head of their actions. all united in the Necron supremacy.

    We are larger than life, we have transcended the pity needs of individuallity. Only the ones that are in the need of such burdens will have it... our people will only suffer under such curse. as we have.

    As to speak of your souls... You treasure this... perverted dimention of life birthed warpspace a relic to be used?
    It is but the toxic waste that spawned monsters that will hunt you in every single nano click you exists... don't tell me you are so farsigthed with your nose in the futurre, you forgotten the recent past... how your race fell to the lure of such hubris... I tell you this... for you will forget and nobody will remember... The eldar empire has fallen once... it will fall as many times it rises... untill it rises no more for It matters not that how much it learns... It will forget. It is Eldar Nature to fall... and it is Necron nature to rise agian.

    Now Mention just a few of your marvels and wonders? just one....

    *Moment of silence*

    Nothing... nothing at all... Ill gaze at the Stars and each Star in this Galaxy has felt the touch of the necron march, Pick a star... and Ill tell you how we conqured it, how we bended it to our will... but I need only one look at one star in the sky.. a star that is not a star, a thing of terror to remind you that you will fail and fall.. and keep falling.

    The eye...

    Our technology is all that keeps that thing from expanding more and consuming reality... for you fear it more than we hate it... and you fear is what makes you running... and in the end... you run out...
    What can the banshee but scream and run? Slice and dice at best... Now... that said.

    Only reason Ill have my soul back... was to sell it agian... The only reason you treasure your soul is be caurse an old freind of yours is really excited to introduce you into a world of suffering and pain... so you cling to the hopes and belifs that such thing does not last forever, and such things has an end. You are in fear, panic and distress and I am not the cause of these... you only hinder me in sending others to their destiny.

    for you should know of all that the fate you all run from are not just the one that thirst... but the end.
    And we are awakening.
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  4. Maensith Subordinate

    *trying to suppress growing fury and not to cut into pieces that creature of living metal right now. Muscles slightly strain and hand's grip on power blade tightens, breath and heartbeat become a bit more frequent, psychic amplifiers of banshee mask are fully charged and ready to unleash devastating scream which would turn this daring machine and his ambitions into dust...

    No, I'm disadvantaged, not ready to destroy him here. But he cant possibly be persuaded or tricked, so victory shall be gained through power, not feigned diplomacy....Have to leave now until he suspects something...*

    Your words come from wisdom, of that I have no doubts - we acknowledge even enemies' strengths. Perhaps you're right about one thing - mutual understanding between us cant be reached, but we can certainly have some agreements which would minimize losses from both sides - isnt it how powerful rivals mitigate each other's casualties? Galaxy is pretty big and it certainly has place for both of our races, we have done some mistakes in past, but everything change in time and so do we. Think of my words, noble necron, I believe your sharp mind and farsight shall find a grain of truth in my suggestion.

    I must leave now, sure we will meet again...

    *bows, turns back and goes away slowly and gracefully, war-mask's eye lenses glowing with blood-red color of fury. Can feel his piercing gaze upon my back, makes me shiver for a heartbeat... Swear by Khaine, he and his pity race shall be exterminated once and for all, these metal husks think they can defeat descendants of Old Ones and masters of stars...Oh my, it's so cold inside his monolith, coldness everywhere, perfect reflection of their own inner emptiness... His minions, they are watching me unblinkingly from shadows, I can feel it, have to hurry....*
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  5. Keira Keira Steam Early Access

    You'll find me perched atop a rock eagerly awaiting, but ultimately being let down by, your lack of reanimation after your head and shoulders are removed via that wonderfully amusing of Vauls gifts, the D-Cannon, and sent to Cegorach knows what hell to be fought over as either the chew toy of a Blood Thirster or the back scrapper for a pus oozing Great Unclean One. Its such a shame I can't be there to see them put your wreakage to such good use but sadly life is full of disappointments and I have much to do and many mon-keigh to misguide into your clanking slave races path, while we reignite the war between your C'tan puppet masters. I do however hold out a glimmer of hope that your slave masters unimaginative tech atleast keeps you self aware during your coming eternity of... productive use... in your new found role.

    May the Pus Bucket win...
  6. Phaeron Zcee Nook ZceeNook Well-Known Member

    You... what?

    Okay... Okay... So the Varp cannos are sending me to Cegorach... in the warp....

    Okay Listen here Eldar fangirl...

    I don't think you know what you are dealing with here.
  7. Keira Keira Steam Early Access

    Cegorach isn't in the warp laughing at you, hes reading in the library and laughing... at you

    and that cannon is mostly pointless when it cant move AND fire well against a troupe of twitchie giggly players
  8. Phaeron Zcee Nook ZceeNook Well-Known Member

    It does not need to move.... Its flying...

    Alright. Tomb blades... you seen tomb blades?
    Tomb blades will end you.

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