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Daughter of Jain Zar gives eternal welcomes to eldar crusaders

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Maensith, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. Maensith Subordinate

    Hail my kin and greetings to the lesser races.

    I have arrived on Arkhona as a member of a first group of howling banshees from Biel-Tan and though we are not yet directly involved in the main conflict, our might grows every day unnoticed by brutish greenskins and so-called " Emperor's Angels of Death", self-proclaimed elite defenders of the Imperium. Although our foes dont know it yet, Arkhona will belong to eldar again, just as it always had been even before ancestors of our foes had evolved from primitive forms of life. Let the mon-keighs and greenskins be trapped in their illusions about their "power" a bit longer, for their ultimate failure will be more pleasent to us and more frustrative for them.

    Our victory is inevitable, there is only one result of this conflict and may this fact strenghten hearts and swords of every eldar no matter which craftworld they are from. My soul and my blades are with you, beloved brothers and sisters. Our power grows, anger of Khaine will smash our foes like dust, strategic and military genius of Jain Zar shall lead us to the triumph!

    Make our Phoenix Queen proud! Eternal glory to the eldar race!
  2. Krokilla Krokilla First Blood!

    I'd post in character but your grand entrance into da battlefield is best left to your own terms! Until then, greetins' ya panzee git! Can't wait to krump ya with da other Eldar! Hope you'll stay long, the Eldar playerbase can only benefit from another dedicated member!
  3. Maensith Subordinate

    See you on the battlefield, scion of Gork and Mork, but the last thing you will see before death is the top of my blade
  4. Schurge Schurge First Blood!

    Bold talk from a race whose gods are all dead and lives in fear of their own impulses.
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  5. Ignore this fool sister and welcome to the battle. It is good to see one of the kin here ready to fight. Such talk from one who knows so little, yes some of our gods have fallen but there are still those who yet live and will one day lead us to victory over your pathetic race Mon'Keigh fool. I look forward to the day we meet on the battlefield as that day will be your last, but do not worry too much for of all the ways to die in this galaxy you have chosen one of the most beautiful.
  6. The Wolves of Fenris will properly welcome you soon enough with sharpened blades and overflowing ammunition stores!

    Fenrys Hjolda!
  7. Schurge Schurge First Blood!

    Yours is a dying race, hiding in terror on your craft worlds and denying your base nature. My people have flourished for 10,000 years in the Eye of Terror. It is laughable that you think you could best even the least of us. You Xenos play at war. We live it.
  8. Your feigned understanding of the Empyrean is laughable at best Mon'Keigh. You think because you follow the powers that live there you understand the true nature of that which can not be understood. Your pathetic race was hardly crawling out of the ooze that spawned you when we were masters of the galaxy. The very stars themselves lived or died at our whim. And yes while our people have fallen it is the lessons that we learned that still allow us mastery over such worthless creatures as yourself. You end comes soon, pray it is at my hands so it will be swift.
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  9. Safreadis Safreadis Arkhona Vanguard

    Greetings sister!
    Do you want a drop of human blood in your cup of tea?
    Oh, yes, I do belong to the Banshee Aspect as well... I shall howl the doom of my ennemies, singing them a last lullaby, and let death greet them with her cold but sexy arms.
    Something funny about this happy pal from the eye of terror is that he mentionned his people thriving for 10'000 years. That's at first wrong, but also nonsense: You can't assess a civilization's rise just in ONE generation of existence!.... Oh, right, Mon'keighs aren't supposed to live thousands of years.... My bad.
    Still nonsense to me though.
    So.... blood, milk, sugar with your tea?

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