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Data-Tomb Raiders

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by bossaroo, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The instant that the screaming was heard, the Death Korpsman brought her lasgun up to her shoulder, whirling around and aiming in the general direction of it. Not long after, Sev would start taking careful yet fairly quick steps over towards wherever it was. Habitually, she'd reached down to pull up the bayonet from her beltline and affixed it on her Lasgun, a low, muffled breath coming through in the meantime.

    The Guardsman's shoulder's tensed up and she got closer, her trigger finger readying itself if needs be; for the most part she had little idea as to what might be causing this, or whom, but there wasn't any fear on her part. The gas mask rested up against the stock of the lasgun, aiming down the iron sights with clear intent; whatever was to harm this expedition that she was tasked on, would find itself riddled with holes.

    Hopefully; and hopefully she wouldn't end up shooting or stabbing someone part of the expedition.

    Emperor, aid this noble soul's efforts and guide her shots - render whatever foe here helpless against my lasgun, and let them be destroyed by my wrath in your name.

    Sev briefly thought about taking the spade out, just in case; though the bayonet was still in its own right, a far more useful tool. For now; no digging would be needed, one would hope!​
  2. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    Lucas noticed one of the group, the one who had rushed before, clutching their side suddenly in pain. He began to walk over to him when the scream was heard. He turned around, pulling up his lasgun and looking back down the way the had come. He pointed it to where he believed the sound to have come from, and prepared to open fire on any attackers that presented themselves.

    Satisfied that nothing was yet coming for them, and also that the other guardsman had the tunnel covered, Lucas quickly moved himself to the group member. "Are you hurt?" He asked simply, still keeping his lasgun up. He began looking around at anything the light from the servo skull touched, to see if the screaming could have come from anywhere other than the tunnel.

  3. Being in the middle of the workers, keeping an eye on them and keeping them up and up for those who didn't really care for what the emperor was thinking of them right now when the screaming started. With shotgun in one hand, He went to go get the guy that looked like he was running for his life before he can spook the rest of the group even further and cause a stampede back to the surface. "Hey mack! Mack! Get back here man, before the arbites get pissed at you!" He called after him, honestly trying to help the guy, knowing there's going to be harsher punishments if they or someone higher up gets peeved enough. "Can we get some light over here for frack's sakes!" he shouted to the front of the columns. Whatever just happened, none of them were going to see it since none of them were given any light sources. Probably didn't really trust their conscripted workers enough.
  4. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    Despite her training, the sudden cries of shock and fear and pain hit Sister Verena like a sudden brick wall or a bucket of ice water. Staying calm to the best of her ability, however, the Hospitaller defied every natural instinct in such a situation and turned towards the commotion. "Let me through! I am a Hospitaller! Let me through!" she commanded, raising her trained voice over the clamoring, while shouldering herself in through the panicking laborers. One arm was extended before her, which she used to plainly push and shove to breach the crowd.
  5. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    Saibakan ordered her pet cyber mastiff to emit a howl loud enough to drown out the screaming, loud enough to make them shut up long enough for her to be heard. Once that was done she commanded it to attack whatever was attacking the workers. After the howl sai began to use phrases and lines from the book of judgment as well as the odd local cruse phrase or two she had picked up to corral the workers into shutting up and getting to safety without getting in her way.

    Any worker not listening would get a power maul set to stun on the gut doubling them over in one hit. She set about restoring order while her pet set about to buying her the time to do so. Once order had been restored sai turned her focus to what had attacked them and used her hand cannon to fire at it if she had a shot, if not then she would close the distance till she had.
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  6. BlackNecron BlackNecron Arkhona Vanguard

    Unsuprisingly enough, Hass didn't like small corridors. Not really because he feared them, but because they were hard to move in, and not being able to fully swing his power maul made him unconfortble. And while he was figuring out a plan how to uphold order in such an restrictive environment, the need for action had already arisen...

    ....when suddely, a devastationg howl met his protected eardrums. Shaking his head, he focussed back on the situation at hand. Apparantly his superior's mastiff had one of those crowd control units build-in, and for a good reason at that. From what he could hear the Judge herself immediatly let loose a spate of what he understood were random phrases from the book of judgement and, apparantly, a few local cursewords.
    A talkactive one we have here.
    While he himself was not really sold on the effectiveness of this attitude, he left it to the judge to sort out this new issue. He just unholstered his maul, and saw to it that his part of the collumn stayed orderly.
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  7. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    @BuriasDempsey @BlackNecron @Tamu

    Jacks efforts to calm the workers worked limitedly many of his reassuring words drowned out by howl of the cyber-mastif, the animals howl creating a respunding echo through the tunnel and the beast then charging through all personnel did little to ease the terrified workers. . The hounds actions doing quite the opposite in-fact meaning the arbites peace keeping was quite intesified. Sai having to stun 3 workers acting unruly injuring them on her way to her hound. The hound which pounced into the direction the worker had been scared from leading to a loud crash and the sound of metal impacting metal and the sound of something dripping and a struggle.Hass having to only stun 1 worker in the rear to retain order

    Though the hound and arbite taking their actiond greatly complicated the simple objective of preserving life the hospitallar was able to reach the person in need. The worker looked at her with fearful eyes as they clutched their side blood seeping past their fingers from the whole in their mining suit their breath rapid and shallow

    The only quick movement that caught the Kriegers eye was the hound disappearing into the darkness and staying there the sound of metal clattering about as it did , clamouring workers who were quickly silenced as the line was forced
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  8. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    "I am a Hospitaller," Verena said, perhaps needlessly. She offered reassuring confidence and steady hands as she supported the laborer's position, one hand on their shoulder and another carefully grasping their hand and pulling it free from the wound. Then, the Hospitaller studied the wound, making judgments about its size and location, and reached into her medi-kit for the necessary tools. This worker was not going to leave the Emperor's service today, provided this was a conventional wound.
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  9. Jack just started to curse to himself as everyone and their damn dog started going off like sewer rats during a drain flood. With everyone moving toward what happened, and him still being a guard despite being a conscripted one, he went to see just what the warp started all of this commotion. Hopefully the Arbites would know he was one of the worker guards with his shotgun and not see him as something to shoot, like usual. Probably would have been better if the cogmen just used servitors with guns instead of the maul happy mooks, but he kept it to himself for obvious reasons. "Could still use a damn light you know." he recommended again, hoping someone was smart enough to produce one now.
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  10. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The Kriger wouldn't waste any time on rushing forward alongside the hound, their bayonetted lasgun at the ready - the large trench coat that covered their form was a minor comfort to them, and undeniably helped with their clear visage; the thick gas mask, the respirator built into it, their hardened flak armour and helm, everything of them spoke 'Death'.

    Still; they looked about briefly to see what else had occured, whether there was some sort of 'evidence' around, but even so their objective was to follow the hound. It had the scent of something.

    Sev unconsciously remembered the spade that was carried at the hip, and tensed their arm a bit; in case they had to, there was going to be a chopped skull or something similar, if the lasgun couldn't be fired or gutted into someone.

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