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Data-Tomb Raiders

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    The Governor of Remus Minor paced back and forth as he coughed in his gasmask , he treaded each step with care. Emperor Seated on Terra ! how he so deeply hated being away from his spire but this situation had to be dealt with, personally. The Explorator had hardly been stopped from being a complete machine addled madwoman and dismantling key infrastr- "Governor Jarres , Explorator Amerina Tulus has arrived"

    he refined his scowl to a suitable hard line despite the fact it was hidden by the mask, he didnt know what the machine sodomizing blaggards had done to modify their own and wasnt taking the risk that She could see him "let her in" he spoke as he straightened his cloak, double checking that his medals were not crooked on his uniform which bulged around the midriff . the Explorators procession slowly made their way into the room, first a group of red cloaked tech guard with large arcane rifles and metal legs, some members of their godless religious order and then the explorator herself , her body mostly hidden in her red cloak that seemed to drown her spindly frame, a few mechadendrites darting out to collect ,utilize, and return data pads from a veritable convoy of servo-skulls running to her and out into the corridor.

    "You could spare this much for an entourage Explorator ? Are we not struggling to keep the dig site un-molested as is ?" Governor Enkdin Jarres asked his voice dripping with faux concern. "There would be no issue if you Arbites could could control the populace more efficiently". Her own voice with a hint of metallicness to it . The puffy faced governor huffed agitated "we've had to conscript mass amounts of the populace for this dig si-" "Excavation Governor , Excavation" The Explorator chided . Tighten one of his hands into a fist he began again "we'v had to conscipt mass amounts of populace for the Excavation Site of yours and it has caused unrest" the irritation in his voice palpable "and whilst we have some usage of guard assets they are on leave and the warmaster will not simply let us simply borrow a few regiments"He said rubbing his temples around the gas mask. "Despite these, Inadequacies we shall begin our first manned expedition into the catacombs in 0130 hours from Governor i hope you will not lose control of the Excavation and your city whilst i brief them ?" The Explorator asked as she departed the room, her entourage and Servo-Skull convoy following along out of the luxurious suite had created for himself near the dig site before he went over to the newly installed window to look out on the hole in the dirt that had caused him so many grievances

    @Tamu @BlackNecron

    Brought in from their own respective sources the arbites had spent most of the day together forced to pair up under the lack of personnel the local arbites were under . from morning till evening helping wrest control of the underhive from gangers, rioting underhivers looking for taken loved ones and the occasional swarm of mutated vermin that generally came post riot 'dispersion' ,seeing as both were unharmed from the prior conflicts and had solid service records were chosen on their way back to the impromtu barracks , sparing them the meaningless whinging of Heimer about how he was forced to bunk with some tech boy vanguards. They were shuffled in along with a stream of underhiver workers and some more curious figures


    The Inquisitor had sent The noblewoman to the meeting point a half hour before the Explorator had even called for her presence at what would be the first expedition briefing. When asked how he knew the old man only chuckled with a twinkle in his eye and sent her on her way through the massive excavation site, from hivers chipping away at the rock with drills to the ground rumbling goliath rock crushers clearing the site to the frequent sight of red robed figures traversing the dig site and berating hivers for carelessness in their labor or firing arcane tech weapons off into the distance to aid far off arbites. Someone had really kicked an anthill uncovering these catacombs


    Jack had been hauled away relatively recently when it came to the enforced labor at the site. Being riled up every day from the shanty tent town at the perimeter of the massive excavation site with the shock batons of arbites and the barks of cyber mastifs left most on edge. Jack however had been fortunate, he had been allotted some more damaging equipment seeing as he had been voted onto guard duty for the rickety shacks and tarp tents they called home for the moment so when they began grabbing folks at seeming random and shuffling along into a still standing building on the periphery of the hole , rumors saying that there might even be the governor around there , he was dragged along for support by an arbite


    Where there is work, heavy machinery, long unforgiving hours and harsh supervisors there will be injury and thats where the sister hospitaller came in. Many of her order had been sent down to tend to the injured at the sight. Many collapsing from exhaustion while many others had suffered quite severely from the vermin in the underhive. After a hard day of bloody , thankfully none her own, the Sister hospitaller was washing up for evening prayers when a message from the canoness that several sisters had been called for a situation and her along with the others were to report to a building on the perimeter of the excavation for a briefing , thankfully none too far from their current triage station


    The regiment of Kriegsman were on mandatory leave , whilst it wasted tme the regiment could be using to dispatch the enemies of the emperor they had to due to supply issues and a direct command from the warmaster but thankfully an issue with the martians allowed for the Death Korp to put their skills to use, whether it be aiding in the excavation or clearing the city of the sporadic uprisings what with the concentration most peace keeping forces. Sev had been appointed to a security detail on the perimeter shortly before being pulled along to a large room full of citizens with a mechanicus official standing atop a makeshift stage of sorts


    Factor Peirant Laith had been called by the Explorator recently along with several other members of the omnissiah's holy order. Seeing as the expedition was planned soon he had had the privilege of spending the time prior to the briefing in her presence, though the displeasure of witnessing the discourse between herself and the Planetary Governor. He had been placed into one third of the seating section. A clever assignment ploy by the Explorator to allow the simple minded hivers to locate their work groups for the expedition


    Unlike the Death Korp the Cadians had unsurprisingly not volunteered for back breaking labor by moving rocks for some fat cat and red robed cog heads. They did however have to lend some aid to the less labor intensive side of the operation one of which was to send some of their best to aid in the expedition , or so the Servo skull carrying a data-slate had touted a few days back. The company commander had promised his Some of his best , one from each platoon. Lucas was not one of those
    , for he has not met the one medal requirement set by the cog heads as a definition for "best" thankfully however his platoon mate who had been their best had gotten extremely ill. Something the locals called orange flu, pretty ugly. In a bid of genius to avoid reputation damage the guardsmen loaned lucas one of his medals knowing how much the man wanted to go. After some deep sighs and assistance from a tech adept he had made his way to the briefing . Just in time as well , managing to get the last open seat.

    With all of the delegations she had sent for arrived the Explorator began. Whilst she may have disdain for the waste of time that is speaking i person imperial citizens are very ... finicky. " Look around you , you will find that each of you are seated in a large group, 3 groups to be precise. Each of these groups has been painstakingly chosen so that we may begin our very first manned expedition into the data catacombs beneath this fine hive. Your goal is to clear a path and reach the last known location of your groups respective survey probe, exceed it if possible and recover the drone. A simple task i am assured you can complete." With her curt briefing done Skitarii soldiers guide the selected groups despite any protest , their galvanic rifles quickly silencing any complaint with a shot into the ceiling the smell of ozone strange and unfamiliar down here, soon a pair of arbites, a mechanicus factor, a pair of guardsmen one of caida the other krieg , an Agent of one of the Ordos, a hospitaller, and 13 Hivers though one is armed a supervisor of sorts: they all stand before a dark hole in the wall. It is large enough for a man easily to get into and they possess the simple directive of go deeper.
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  2. Jack had been awake for awhile, wanting to get his morning routine done before an Arbite came around to take him to his new job at whatever this dig was about after getting 'recruited' by the local law enforcement. Pushups, sit-ups, using objects around him to lift, it paid to keep your body fit down in the underhive where it was more a kin to a constant battlefield than a place to live. After that, he set aside some for a quick prayer before donning his clothes as the final step in his routine. Sure it was a baggy miner's overalls with flak armor, but it was his and it help him alot over the years. He put gloves over his hands with finger nails that ended in sharp points, he knew how sensitive non-underhivers were to any sign of mutation even if its minor, and put on his treasured miner's gasmask that hid his pointed teeth. The Arbites never really cared about mutants any differently than other underhivers but those higher up, both in the literal and metaphorical sense, always seemed green around the gills about it. Sensitive pampered pups. "Oh well, life's what you make of it." he sighed to himself with a smile, his optimism coming back to the fore while his voice was slightly muffled by the mask as he grabbed his shotgun and slinging it over his shoulder and sheathing his cleaver like blade at his waist. An Arbite finally came to round him up for whatever was going on as another guard/worker. "Hey, good day officer. We heading out? Lead on!" he said happily, getting a weird look from him before they left his little humble abode.
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    Peiriant had spent the days before his arrival positively brimming with anticipation. It'd been ten years since he'd even last set foot on a planet and that had also left him wondering as he prepared. Was the air breathable? Probably or there wouldn't be a hive city there. Was the planet prone to natural disasters? Again the fact that a hive city was on Remus Minor practically answered that question for him. In the end he decided to keep things simple, taking a dataslate, some light armour and weapons that he kept hidden under his robes (you never know), and his trusty servo skull with him onto the planet.

    When he finally made it onto the dig site Peiriant coughed and spluttered. To say the air down here in the underhive was "breathable" would almost be an outright lie. Peiriant eventually wheezed something about immediately regretting his choice to not bring a respirator with him to the site. However even such a shameful and amateur mistake with uncomfortable results like this didn't completely kill his excitement at what was to come.

    After getting the privilege of being assigned his duties by the Explorator herself (and having to try not to roll his eyes and sigh at her little spat with the Governor), Peiriant had to sit through the briefing with everyone else. The little old man could barely contain himself at this point, fidgeting a little in his seat throughout. Anyone present that believed the Omnissiah's faithful were all completely emotionless that took notice of Peiriant would see that was not the case. When the briefing was finally over he practically jumped out of his seat, so eager was he to get going and explore the catacombs for the first time and on the way he'd spend most of the time merrily chatting away about the possibilities of what could be down there to... well, anyone who'd listen really.

    Upon his group's arrival at the hole they were supposed to enter through Peiriant immediately scurried off ahead, his servo skull bobbing along through the air behind him as it activated its stab-light to illuminate the way forward. Already he had his dataslate in hand as he searched for absolutely anything that could potentially be of note. It had been too long since he'd had the opportunity to do work like this. Far too long indeed.
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    The Krieger kept herself straight as time went on, the 'security detail' being fairly relaxing for one such as Sev. Her lasgun was held close while she watched the area. Of course, once she was pulled into this other room, she was~...


    To say the least, she was mildly uncomfortable. The lasgun was still carried in front of her and the heavy trench coat covering most of her form, the uniform easily disguising who she was. It was often that most went off calling her 'sir'; which wasn't a problem at all given she never spoke anyway.

    Looking over at the others in the room, she kept herself quiet and was focused more on judging or examining; a brief look over her own gear relaxed the Krieger, knowing the bayonet was close among other things.

    Still, seeing there was orders to be had (she presumed), and with that she checked her gear again.

    A click from taking the safety off the Lasgun, a slow 'sigh' coming out of the gas mask, and then she moved onwards into the hole without any sense of hesitation, quite comfortable as it is; she knew proudly that no chemical attacks would affect her.

    Emperor, Guide this loyal servant - aid her in the destruction of your enemies and the success of this mission.
  5. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    Lucas looked around at the group that he been quickly brought to just before the briefing had begun. He studied them with interest, seeing members from a variety of areas of the imperium. He realised he was still clutching the medal that had been his ticket here. He quickly thought back to how he had gotten to come here, how the best of his regiment had loaned this medal so he could meet the set requirement. He hoped that he could at least appear to be close to the best, or no one would ask questions. He definitely needed to get back out of this, so he could return the medal to its rightful owner.

    Once the briefing was over, and the group was gathered next to the hole in the wall that they were all to descend into, he began to look around to see who would be the first to enter. This question was quickly answered as one of the group rushed in as soon as the word was given, followed by another guardsman. A kreiger. With another quick glance around, Lucas stepped into the hole after them, holding his lasgun ready. Just in case.
  6. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    Saibakan checked her hand cannons ammunition and made sure her power maul was working well as she shuffled along the line. By now she should have been back at the precinct, working to help with the hall of justice there but apparently, she and her work mate for the day one Sheron hass, a giant of a man had been ‘picked’ for a special mission. Since her landing on the planet, she had been busy with field work. The journey to her had been 1 month,3 days and 12 hours but per calendar and chronometer, it had only been 15 days since she and her contingent departed as reinforcements to Remus minor. Reinforcements that were readily received and used but in the grand scheme was not enough for the long term.

    Since then she had been aiding in the field work, helping whenever and however she could. She had little time to get familiar with Remus minor’s political, hive and underhive structures, a fact that had been of some hindrance to her preferred methods of dealing with the current situation not that it delayed her for long before she started her efforts in enhancing the precincts efficiency. Once more she looked at her work mate for the day, a fine arbiter if somewhat dull and rigid in her opinion. Of course, it has only been a day of knowing him so he might still be full of surprise and cunning she had yet to see she surmised.

    Upon arriving at the site and listening through what could barely pass for a briefing and was more akin to a general meeting concerning work schedules. Using her integrated vox bead she connected to precinct command, made her report and exchanged information on those that were in the meeting along with her goals. As she did that she noticed an admech practically run into the hole no doubt eager to obtain whatever bits of tech and scraps of knowledge they could.

    Checking over her gear once more she looks to Sheron hass and commented “mind maintaining watch near the rear over the hivers? I will go ahead and make sure the way is clear and that the admech and guardsmen don’t give us the split” before she headed in after them. Her judge helmet already accustoming itself to the change in lighting and the various other sensor equipment already working to get a layout of the locale around her.
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  7. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    Sister Verena had prepared her evening prayer in accordance with her native Tallarn customs. Though the Schola had taught her many things --- including how to pray to Him on Terra in the most pleasing fashion --- she nonetheless felt compelled to offer her thanks to Him in the fashion she felt was most sincere. Thrice she washed her face in gentle strokes. Thrice she washed each of her arms up to the elbow in gentle strokes. Once she washed her head, drawing her wet hands from the forehead to the nape of her neck, then she prayed. Once she washed her feet thoroughly, up to the ankles. Afterwards, she prayed in the native Cant of her tribe, rather than High Gothic.

    She had only just finished and prepared to pack away her ritual when one of the nurses --- an initiate of her Order --- knocked. "Sister Verena! I am sorry to interrupt you at prayer, but the Canoness commands you to report to the Explorator's quarters with all due haste!" the nurse informed her. Verena inclined her head in gratitude to the young girl. "Thank you, Sister Lucia, I will get ready," she informed her, and dismissed the initiate with a smile. Looking down at her reflection in the water, she pursed her lips and wondered just what the Explorator might have in mind...

    Once before their designated cavern, Verena cast a surveying look across their group. An interesting gathering, suffice to say. She, herself, stood out. She wore white robes underneath black plates of flak armor, with her Order's symbol --- the Eternal Candle --- on each shoulderpad. The bottom half of the robe was split down the middle, covering her legs except from the front. A laspistol was holstered on her right thigh, while her chainsword was strapped on the left. The rest of her equipment was carried in a rucksack.

    The Hospitaller cleared her throat, finding that perhaps she should say some words of encouragement to workers and escort alike before their task began. "My friends," she said, voice raised to gain their attentions. "All Shadow yields to Light, so carry His Light as your Torch. Fear nothing on your Path, but failure to Him who commands you to go!" Then, their escort started to arrange the march order and the workers started shuffling towards the pit, ushered along like livestock. Verena walked in the middle of them all, watching over them as He would want.
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    Arbitrator Sheron Hass scanned the skyline of his hiveworld, so familiar, but now significanly changed.
    He lowered his sight down to the line of imperial citizen that had been conscripted to assist in this "expediton". Once again he wondered how anybody had thought ripping a hole into a hiveworld would be a good idea.
    Even then, the rabble had been worse than expected, so much that the local Arbites not only had to intervene, but were struggling to do so. Just a few hours before he and his impromptu partner had been leading a regiment of the local security force to deal with riot control, and while they were certainly upstanding servants of the emperor, he would have much preferred even a squad of his shock troopers.

    Either way, we will keep this planet running.

    He had been told that an official "briefing" would begin soon, but of course he had already been informed by central on the necessary details that this new mission would contain. An expedition into the dig-site, they had been dispatched to ensure it stayed orderly, lawful and quick. And he was all too ready to enforce the emperor's will. And glad to escape Heimer's senseless whining.

    After the official "briefing" (which as he expected contained few relevant information for him) he picked up his supression shield and began the treck towards the excavation site after a short look at his "partner". Judge Saibakan Naran was definetly not somebody he had anticipated to work with him in the field, and it only came to show how dire the manpower problem was. Either way, he would provide all assistance he could to the displaced Judge, and if it was just the experience with the local circumstances. He used the opportunity to muster the personalitys this group was made up, noting a few persons of interest.

    As they arrived, the Sister Hospitaller gave a little speech of encouragment, crafted well enough conidering the audience and very agreeable. But now a bunch of those "persons of interest" jut had to run into it headfirst.
    And this is why we are here.
    Hass nodded in affirmation. He pointed towards his radio equipment. "We will stay in contact. I will see that the rest doesn't fall behind." His voice was slightly distorted due to the rebreather.While he did not see if the Judge had radio equipment on herself, he assumed it was part of her repertoire, only in the Judge-Version.
    Must be fancy having one of those helmets.
    As soon as she had entered the hole, he made best use of his stature and voice by directing the workers.
    "Forward, imperial citizen. Stay in line."

    For now, his power maul was holstered, but it was still openly visible. A veiled threat, depending on the conscience of the person taking in this fact. Although he was probably intimidating enough. Watching over the rest in that way, he entered the hole last, his flashlight activated.
  9. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Laithe would rush forward the stablight of his servo-skull illuminating the rust corroded steel of the walk ways that they would traverse, small holes that time had opened showing floors and piles of rusted metals, and even the hopeful glowing of a data rune. As a whole the expedition would file in through the hole in the side of catacombs and enter its halls. Around them lay consoles some ripped from their station others smashed and riddled with large holes.

    As Laithe entered the holy catacombs and witnessed what had happened to this place he felt a pain in his side that would leave him breathing heavily for a moment. Something making his omnissiahian gifts heavy for but a moment before it slipped from his mind and he carried on the stab light paling
    His mind and his gifts were unweighted once more.

    As the judge entered the catacombs her helmet began giving readings , lighting up the world around her with the green of umbra-vision. The Heads up display twitched and flickered before fizzling as the advanced sensors went dark. Cyber mastif by her side growling as it shook its head and snorted as they carried on the lights on the side of her helmet engaging to aid in lighting the path

    The Expedition went along in two rows of 10 , as wide as the tunnels would allow without journeying into a field of decaying metal and "holy" machinery. The Factor walking ahead of the krieger whom walked alongside the cadian, whilst the judge and her mastif filled behind. Next came the swarm of workers jack standing alongside a fellow hiver whilst the sister and adept walked together, more workers and then pulling up the rear the last Arbite stood.

    As they progressed winding their way through rusted metal shards that once held the mechanicums most valued commodity. A clattering and clinking of something on the metal as one of the workers lets out a scream and the judges hound whirled about snarling. As the screaming continued the workers starting to panic

    Jack watched as one of the workers infront of him stepped and the clattering and clinking began , they recoiled away their eyes fearful as they moved away grabbing jacks coat as they tried to get away shoving another worker backwards . Jack could feel blood splatter on his mask and coat. Jack could not see what had horrified the worker so.

    ( OOC tl:dr on what is general knowledge : there is screaming and panic spreading from near the middle of the expedition )
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  10. Victus Jammysod Well-Known Member

    Peiriant winced and clutched his side as the sudden pain forced him to stop and take a breather but then the pain suddenly passed. Had he just over exerted himself already, perhaps? Peiriant quickly dismissed that idea as silly and instead directed his servo skull to shine the stab-light on some of the panels so he could examine them. Perhaps some fault in this ancient machinery was to blame?

    The sudden screaming behind him made Peiriant jump and draw the autopistol from under his robes on reflex. He found his examination owing on from the panel itself to looking at the damage in search of a clue to what might be causing the panic quickly spreading among the workers now. He dared not look back as he flipped the safety off on the pistol but he was sure that given what he was hearing it probably wasn't just some hivers getting jumpy at the sight of their own shadows... though he hoped that was the case.

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