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Dark Reaper Weaponry

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Mngwa, May 22, 2014.


Dark Reaper's choice of weaponry?

  1. Only the Reaper Launcher (with different missiles for more variety)

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  2. Only weapons from the ones that the exarch can have (such as shuriken cannon)

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  3. Weapons also from other sources that they normally aren't shown to have (such as the scatterlaser)

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  1. honestly, i would really prefer they had not included chaos and loyalist marines as their own factions. include traitor guard and imperial guard, and then make regular orks the normal class, and make guardians/storm guardians the regular class for eldar. space marines could be elite units for imperial guard, along with ogryns, sanctioned psykers, and whatnot. aspect warriors and warlocks would be elites for eldar, nobs of any kind would be elite units for the orks, and for chaos you would get chaos marines, possessed guardsmen, and probably some other stuff for elites. thus you can afford to make marines a good deal more rare and powerful--or, more accurately, you would have something to compare them to that they just are vastly superior to.
  2. Lelorelyn DragonOfMars Active Member

    Sounds a bit like Dark Millennium was supposed to be like, only that SM/CSM were just a tanky regular class and not something elite. I kind of liked that setup, actually.

    Making them elites would force people not to play them too much (I suppose?) and let things like guards and guardians seem somewhat more viable. Some people would consider that a good thing, but some people would dislike it greatly. I myself can imagine that it could be very frustrating to be SM/CSM fan, buy the game, and not be able to really play them all that much (or that easily, depending on stuff).

    But I don't really care about it that much. I actually just miss Techpriests, Psykers and other IG stuff I kind of wanted to play in DM, and you kind of reminded me that EC isn't going to have them (at launch, most probably anyway).

    [Sorry for going off-topic.]
  3. Poodlec Poodlec Subordinate

    Well, Exarch is an aspect warrior locked in his way, so what is wrong to become one as you progress ? You start as basic aspect warrior and slowly work to become exarch mastering weapons and tactic. Ofc there is access to several classes, but you can play only one to add an RPG element. After all, players often have several characters in MMO's but implementing it just make switching classes bothersome adding little to RPG element, so it's fine as it is.
    As for Reaper motto: the kiss of death can be delivered from afar - you little off here. It's more like unconventional style of fighting, using ranged weapons only(i can be mistaken, but i think reapers not use a melee weapon of any kind, only ranged, only hardcore, if enemy get in melee range - you did it wrong). And the point why exarch can use missile launcher, shuriken cannon and tempest launcher it's because he mastered that art. Dy default reaper launcher have muzzle-mounted sight, so Reaper can see from it. Other weapons don't, so it's harder to aim and harder to use. But: the kiss of death can be delivered from afar with any ranged weapons, not only with those specifically designet for it, i say. Exarch is like weapon master: the beginner must learn how to use the weapon, but master can take a weapon and use it to full potential as he knows how it must be used. For example: Reaper takes shuriken cannon and try to hit with it from maximum distance, firing single rounds(as he do with a launcher) and trying to aim carefully struggling with a loss of muzzle scope. Now suriken cannon takes Exarch: not trying to aim perfectly, firing short/long bursts of projectiles, coming closer(not in melee range, but at a range of DA of Guardian catapults, maybe) or just to better position while pinning ememy to their cover and finishing them off from a distance. You know, like hero with machinegun in movies not take a position like common MG's do, but shoot on the move as with assault rifle. That exact difference between common Reaper and Exarch.
  4. VoxC VoxC Menial

    Wall of Text crits you. It is very effective.
  5. dark millenium failed, and i'm happy for that. i would want the thing i mentioned as an FPS or TPS.
  6. Lelorelyn DragonOfMars Active Member

    Well, wasn't DM supposed to be a TPS/RPG hybrid... kind of like EC is supposed to?
  7. Carmine Exzelenz Cipher

    No, DMO was basically theme-park mmo with shooting slapped on it. A guy who has been working on it's animations released a video of his work:

    As much quality those animations have, they clearly show the direction DMO was taking, with cartoony space marines doing jumping and flipping. (Also don't get confused, those are not only DMO animations, those are just to show the animator's skill, taken from several projects he probably took part it.)

    While EC seems to be a massive TPS in it's core, RPG element is rather small in it.
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  8. Lelorelyn DragonOfMars Active Member

    You know, they don't really look that cartoony to me. They somewhat are, but not overmuch. Also, how does this show what direction the game was taking?

    The only real typical MMO bullshit I see is the "mount summoning" when the Marine calls a bike in and it falls from the sky (I suppose?). Also, I didn't see a SM flipping. Just the one that was jumping onto the Leman Russ.

    Anyway, from what I've heard DM was supposed to have TPS like shooting with action bars for a relatively small number of abilities. Other than that I think nothing was known on how RPG elements like exp or stats would work. I don't feel like searching the internet right now, but if you want you can try to find some sources for either of our claims. ^^

    Also, I'm not sure you can comment on how many RPG elements there will be in EC, at least not without supplying a source to back that claim up. I do realize that RPG elements will likely be relatively small, but what does "relatively small" mean in this instance?
  9. Poodlec Poodlec Subordinate

    I assume that cartoonish was reffering to lack of grimdark. Partially, i'm agree with that, gretchins looks too comical, but as it sample works we can't be sure it was meant to be in game.

    About mounts - well, dragons, rhinos and horses from nowere/backpack is common for almost all MMO's, i guess it can't be helped.

    It wasn't mean to be a TPS shooter, just non-target as Tera and later were couple of phrases about giving player not one char, but a squad(like Granado Espada). But it was on the "we have that thought" level, werw that devs intention or just a joke - noone knows.

    As for RPG elements - it's usually skill trees, passives, drop from mobs, stat poins and such. How much of that in EC you can say by yourself. And if it means "role-playing", there not much of that either, from MMO with relatively strong roleplay i remember only SWTOR and it's only because of storyline each character had. There is little roleplay in mob grinding, after all.
  10. Lelorelyn DragonOfMars Active Member

    Cartoonish refers to a lack of realism in this instance. Compare the SMs in the vid or on released DM pics to the ones in Relic's SM or even some of the released footage from EC. And yes, I also don't think we can take the graphic style of such early pre-release content as a definite means of interpretating how the game would have looked if it came out.

    Regarding mounts, I would actually welcome a divorce from such mechanics as personal summoned mounts. For instance, I'd really love if troop transports like Rhinos and Thunderhawks were to have a role in EC. I'd like for squads to actually be required to stick together and use such means of transportation as opposed to just ride their bikes around. Regarding the summoning, I think it would be good if there is an option to drop vehicles (and I have a feeling I've already read something about that on these forums) but I wouldn't want the summon/unsummon mechanic from most MMOs. That would mean driving a Rhino and not summoning a new one unless the one you have is destroyed or overly damaged (and walking on foot until you can requisition it).

    Anyway, I didn't say DM was to be a TPS shooter or that EC is going to be a RPG game. I said both are TPS/RPG hybrids of a sort.


    Enough off-topic?

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