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Dark Reaper Model

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Warmaster_Nate, Jul 19, 2014.

  1. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    This week's Twitch stream featured a lot of new models.

    One of which occurs at about 34:50 and is a Dark Reaper.



    EDIT: This thread has reached a consensus, deciding to take up discrepancies with the developers, and it's discussion is being continued here.
  2. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    shame about the new reaper helm though its use is understandable (good thing "hide helm" was confirmed in the previous AMA),

    didnt they say this model was still unfinished?
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  3. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    Oh yea, it definitely is preliminary. You can see that it really hasn't been textured. Talking about its proportions and current features is relevant however.

    Preliminary for sure, y'know, unlike that totally dope Warrior model.
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  4. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    oh about the tyranids you find the choice of red for the hooves/claws/blades a strange choice?
    I expected a more bone coloured paint job lol
  5. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    as for the Eldar model, once again it looks a little strange due to its short torso/long legs ratio,

    as I said before the helm is fugly, looks a bit like a lego piece,

    and while I know that Eldar use spirit stones so embeded stones may seem fitting, the over use of them is in danger of becoming a design pattern
  6. Kudzu Kudzu Cipher

    Maybe I'm just used to the old models but the lower leg/foot armor seems thin.
  7. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    It may just be the shader on the tyranid model. I'd be quite content if that's what the Warrior looked like in the end. I think the bone color is fine shaded slightly grey, but the true color is indeed supposed to be brighter. The red matches up well with the Leviathan color scheme I've seen elsewhere, but it does look incredibly 'rich'. I'm not picky though, I'm happy with him.

    The Dark Reaper though...yea, the head looks quite silly to me, and everything just feels disproportionate. The head is too tall, the chest looks shrunken in the armor, and the arms and legs just feel wrong. The upper half of the Dark Reaper in the original Eldar poster art looked fine too. I can't put my finger on it so here's hoping someone here writes an eloquent description for us to agree on because I know that these sentiments are common.

    Not all embedded gems are necessarily spirit stones, but yes, we do not want to see them overused.
  8. So'Kiel So-Kiel Well-Known Member

    Here are my thoughts in quick.
    This is the minimum that could be done to the model.
    Unfortunately, it feels that the Eldar are not given a heart in EC, at least yet.
    Those tube-like legs and tiny-tiny pelvises are breaking my heart.
    Eldar should present a proportional good fit human body, slightly stretched in height.
    My thoughts on Dire Avenger are upcoming)

    Look for my next post here:
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  9. URAfever URAfever Active Member

    Dark reaper needs some improvements in his armor. It looks too thin to be called "heavy". But i like these legs)
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  10. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    posted these before a few times but what the hell, here they are again,

    while eldar should be leaner then a space marine I still feel models like these could be reworked to serve, with some more aspect specific armor customisations obviously



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