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Dark Nexus Arena

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Alpharius, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. Oh, I'd really like to try this game out :D
  2. I'll keep this simple
    Is this game worth the $15 minimum?
  3. Hello all. Im one of a group of top DNA players at the moment.

    Proof from last weekend:

    Come on out this weekend and learn from some vets and help build the community.

    Join us on Teamspeak. No pass required.

    Also DNA is breaking from weekends only server up times to a one week long stress test starting next monday. If you don't get in in the first waves of EC check it out.

    Don't have a key?
    Starting this coming friday Alienware will be running another free promotion for keys. AND a premium skin.
    The skin is xenos filth Tau. But its still a free key to get in for the glory of The Imperium of Man!
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  4. Aconti Aconti Scribe

    I keep trying to get into game lobbies over the past weekend server uptimes but not much joy. Maybe I'll have better luck during a full week of uptime? I'm keen to give DNA another go since being slightly underwhelmed the first and only time I managed a game. Understand there's been some good progress made since then and I do like the concept, especially seeing other WH40k factions represented in a game.
  5. there you are solomance, well that takes care of my work i was gonna do sooner or later

    A couple of weeks you had to be on during key times in order to get games, if you were with me solomance and the rest of our group who play many games, you have a better chance, Like he said if you join the TS during playtimes its where we usually met up.
  6. Durandahl Durandahl New Member

  7. The servers are actually up all weekend, so you cna continue to play unil next monday 1 week from now
  8. Anyone interested in a Steam key? I find MOBA games to be one of the cancers of modern gaming so I'll be giving this key to whoever posts here first.

    EDIT: BikerTroll got here first.
  9. Erobar Erobar Steam Early Access

    wouldn't mind trying this game out, i'll try to find a key if i can.

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