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Dark Angels

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by soulway22, May 22, 2014.

  1. Tobias Tobias Cipher

    Hello brothers, looking to join a Dark Angels chapter for EC , ill register on your site to see what's up if you don't mind?
  2. soulway22 soulway22 New Member

    No problem! All are welcome!
  3. soulway22 soulway22 New Member

  4. Tobias Tobias Cipher

    Your site is giving me the run around lol , I'm no spammer or heretic!
  5. Tobias Tobias Cipher

    Tried to register , not working
  6. soulway22 soulway22 New Member

    Hmmm. What seems to be the problem with it? It thinks you are a spammer?
  7. xDAx Dragon Seccy Subordinate

    Ah, I wondered when you guys would show up. How's Dern?
  8. Tobias Tobias Cipher

    Hello, and yes it does, tried to register 3 times .not sure if I'm doing anything wrong ill try again soon lol
  9. Tobias Tobias Cipher

    Yea it keeps saying it , any suggestions?
  10. soulway22 soulway22 New Member

    Try registering form a different computer or a mobile.

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