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Damage Nerfs to Power Fist and Swords on UAT?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Njord-Halfhand, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Both fast attack and strong attack damage for the Fist on UAT have been nerfed. In addition evade attack and lunge attack damage for the Power Fist has been nerfed by 50%. Lunge and evade attack damage for all swords, axes and mauls has been nerfed by approximately 30%.

    I'm thinking about all those "top 5" melee vs ranged lists and dont recall ever seeing "nerf lunge and evade attack damage" listed or ever mentioned in any Twitch streams or "hot topic" threads. If BHVR is trying to get melee back to a good place why are they nerfing dps for evade and lunge attacks?

    1. Why are you guys nerfing strong attack damage for the Power Fist? The strong attack is NOT viable in RPS vs infantry and mostly used in the anti vehicle role.

    -Consider the fact that it takes 15 to 25 seconds to kill an enemy vehicle depending on how far away the vehicle is flying away from us with each Strong attack we land.

    -Consider the fact that we can kill the same vehicle in 2 seconds(double melta bomb) to 10 seconds with Meltabombs and Melta/Fusion weapons.

    Considering the above how in the heck are you guys at BHVR okay with nerfing the AT role of the Power Fist?

    2. What data or feedback suggest the Fist is over performing in the anti-vehicle role?

    -Especially if we consider the fact that double meltabomb takes 2 to 2.5 seconds of effort to destroy a vehicle and it takes 15 to 25 seconds with the fist depending on how far away the darned vehicle flies every time we use a strong attack, what data suggests the Fist is over performing?

    3. How do you justify a 50% damage nerf for Power Fist lunge and evade attacks?

    -A single Bolter headshot from a 300LP Bolter with mods(50 LP armor piercing mag + 50 LP CQB Barrel + 200 LP Bolter = 300 LP) on UAT does 83 damage.

    -A single evade or lunge attack with the 400 LP Power Fist on UAT does 78 damage.

    -In the same time span it takes to close the last 10 feet and land a single Evade or Lunge attack with a Power Fist scoring 78 damage, we can get off 6 to 10 rounds with a Bolter doing 83 damage per head shot for a grand total of 500 damage to 830 damage(with servo skull 30% damage buff over 1000 damage).

    4. How do you justify a 30% damage nerf to swords Evade and Lunge attacks?

    In the same time span it takes to close that last 10 feet and land a single Evade or Lunge attack with a Sword landing around 80 damage we can get off 6 to 10 rounds with a Bolter doing 83 damage per head shot for a grand total of 500 damage to 830 damage(with servo skull 30% damage buff over 1000 damage).

    -Let's get something straight. Swords have been the ONLY saving grace for EC melee since last September because they're the only melee weapons that don't totally suck vs infantry. You guys @BHVR dont confuse "not totally sucking" with "over performing" because I'm thinking in some twisted way you're going to try to justify straight up nerfs to swords and Fists as being legit just because they're not as terrible as axes and mauls.

    -So Axes and Mauls have been terrible since last September and swords and fists have not been terrible so swords and fists must be over performing, right? o_O But then we compare Sword and Fist total kills to Bolter total kills and when we find out that Bolter total kills surpass both Sword and Fist total kills combined by a bajillion we finally realize that swords and fists aren't really over performing. Swords and Fists just dont totally suck like Axes and Mauls. Don't try to make axes and mauls better by nerfing swords and fists.

    Meanwhile many of the broken or imbalanced game mechanics listed in those "top 5" melee vs ranged issues threads are still out there.
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  2. I really hate to say this but I give up with this whole balance thing. Im just gonna take the punches and give advice to people about how to handle each new change to the game. Its just not worth dealing with this anymore. From what your saying im still better off staying as a ranged character. Look I love long range combat its my favored way to play but I would love to play differently. This is not helping. To anyone who possibly does not know what this means is in short. Dont use any melee weapons as you will be working extra hard for nothing. Take a rifle, melta plasma gun etc but for the sake of not feeling pain do not take a melee weapon of any kind. Sorry Njord but im done. I have your back when it comes to trying to fix this stuff though.
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  3. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

    BTW: On UAT swords have 190 damage with heavy attack. That change makes swords totaly owerpowered. Axe can "one-shot" foe: Heavy attack with little stun (it's give you apportynity to lend one more fast attack and it will kill any foe).
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  4. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    Hell yeah brilliant stuff. Nerf Power Fist! (Because lets make an absolutely crap weapon even more so!)

    Not played EC in about 2 weeks now and I feel fantastic. This confirms my decision was absolutely the right one.

    So if I'm not playing (a hardened loyal player who played nothing but EC for 2 years) whats the average joe doing.

    This is gona be bad, A weapon should be good against something, this will make the Power Fist a bad option over all.

    Bad vrs infantry, bad vrs Vehicles.

    This weapons gona be completely obsolete vrs vehicles as well. AV is the only reason I take this weapon now so yeah. why bother.

    So yeah Melta bomb + Melta will be the only viable equipment to take for destroying vehicles other than Laz Cannon .
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  5. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    Hrm I wonder what their going to do to the Chainblade of Fury then, as it kindof makes it obsolete being only 10 damage off of a standard Power Sword on Strong Attack at 200:


    ^which by the way only one shots Eldar from behind who havent stacked armour, so not sure how 190 damage on strong attack is one shotting stuff.
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  6. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

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  7. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!



    200 LP for basic Chainsword:
    101 Quick Attack
    194 Strong Attack​

    220 LP for unique Chainblade of Fury
    100 Quick Attack (thats 1 damage less)
    200 Strong Attack (thats 6 damage more)​
  8. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

    UPD: Mace almost oneshot Banshee

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  9. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

  10. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    Thanks, corrected, still when you look at both weapons side by side, in particular the damage its a negligible difference, why would you take the CoF when you could take a standard Chainsword and mod it to be better.

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