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Dah Iron Klawz

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Gobzmak, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. Me an' My boyz are getting Our Own Waaagh wrangled up! I am dah' Recruitah fo' Warboss Grimsgore. Now don't be a lazy grot sittin' round with nothin' to do an' no faktion that'll be kikken' some beakie and spikeboy kans around! We gonna leave our mark on dis world an' crush it wit' a' Iron Grip!
    So Rally 'ere! If ya can't find no gits that'll take ya, or a group that you wanna join, then join us! We'ze gonna be the best there is! Gonna be real bruttal an' cunning, cordinatin' hard assaults with any numbah o' boyz. Now I know what yur sayin' only brainy grots do finkin. Or 'umies, an' I got my name sake, gobsmakka! Cause if yu bring dat up you're gonna get your gob smakked!

    Oi ya! an' if you join early you even getta meet dah boss personally along side me! Your Mekboss! Sum' call me the madmek even! We may be usin' skype for abit. So if ya' don't like them skype talky gubbins you may be abit out o' dah loop. ANYWAY Boyz get 'in di thread an' get your banner raised to dat o' dah Iron Klawz! Alotza stuff is still bein' tossed into the gubbins pile between me an' the warboss. o a'ot of the details are still up in the air

    (Grim changed his name due to it already being taken aha)
  2. Gud lucks to yas. Da boyz iz a bit slow ta dis WAAAAGGGGHHHH fer sum reazon.
  3. Yea, I wunted Ol' Grimskullz name but den sum git took it from me! so now I iz Grimgore!

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