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Da Orkiest Rp: Freebootas

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Loldoom, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. Loldoom Loldoom Well-Known Member

    I've decided I have nothing better to do during my holidays, so I'm creating an RP.
    It will not be a normal RP, since that doesn't really work with Orks, imagine it more like a game of Rogue Trader. The Kaptin and his krew decide where to go and I say what happens there, sometimes it will get more "on rails" then. Anyhow for the krew I'm looking for about 4-8 players, one of them has to be at least nob sized so he can be Kaptin. Orks won't respect him if he's too small, however the direction you want to specialize in is entirely up to the player. Flash git, traditional warboss, big mek or what have you just keep it orky and 40k.

    Which brings me to my next point, I want this to stay serious! Orks are widely regarded as the "funny men" in 40k, remember that these are genetically modified monsters whose only goal in life is to have fun. The only way they can have fun is killing, pain and schadenfreude. It's fine to have fun with the other players and make funny inventions, even refrence movies like I did in Arkohna. Just make sure, especially in battles, to keep it brutal, barbarous and orky.

    Enough of my rant, chars shall be done "Urian style" as always.
    After I get a krew (assuming that I do) I'll give you guys the choice of how you want to make your ship.

    Have fun!
  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    OOC: Seems like I did some kind of .... System for characters, eh? Everyone seems to use it darn it! XD But I won't lead this 'Orky Rogue Trader' rather I will be a tool to whomever wants to lead this ; probably be some kind of 2nd in command depending on the leader....

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Tekno dat Mek-Boss - Player: Urian Velos
    Class: Mek-Boss

    Traits (6):
    - Quik Lurnah - Tekno dat Mekboy learns quickly as if he is gifted with some kind of additional brain... Could be one of the bits he installed into his brain.

    - Teknology Knowledge (Humiez Tek, Pointy Ear Tek, Ork Tek ; counts as 3 traits) - Tekno dat Mekboy knows quite a lot about Imperial, Eldar and Ork technology, able to repair, hack and even merge those. His greatest achievement so far: A Bolter that shoots with Eldar Shuriken, always surprises the enemy!

    - knowz to talk! - Tekno is able to discuss, bargain and converse in Gothic. (Same as Ambassador Trait from Deathwatch)

    - Skillz wiz dat Beamy Deffgun! - Tekno is REALLY good with dat Beamy Deffgun! He hits always.... most of the time.... Often.... with his Deffgun!

    Flaws (7):
    - Luvz Teknology! - Tekno will always try to get new Teknology for him and the Kaptin!

    - MI DEFFGUN! - Tekno built his Deffgun when he was 'a little' Ork, he loves it over all!

    - Dat Kaptin knowz al'ayz bezt....- Tekno will only be able to restrain himself from his personal goals when the Kaptin states clearly so, because the Kaptin knows ALWAYS best.

    - TOO MUCH DAKKA! NEEDS MOAR BEAMY STUFFZ! - Tekno dislikes Dakka since it makes too much ouch in his ears. He prefers Beamy Stuff like Las Cannons, Las Rifles, Lancer Platforms, etc. And makes sure everyone has access to Beamy Stuff

    - Sol....Soli.....Solitu.... LIKEZ TO BI ALON'! - Tekno when on the ship prefers to be alone in his Workshop to work on Teknology, he will be extremely annoyed when someone interrupts him in his private space.

    - Talkz too much 'bout Teknology - Tekno, once started to talk about Teknology will as good as never stop talking about it.

    - Really no likey dat Machine-Men (Necrons)! - Tekno met once the Necrons and tried to take them apart, but they would just regenerate and put themselves back together! They are freaky things, stay away with them!!! No good Teknology! Cursed Teknology!
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  3. Zyver Zyver_Wyrdmake Steam Early Access

    OOC: An. Ork. RP? Count me in. Kommando acceptable? Kommando will be acceptable.

    Name - Bludkniff
    Class - Nob Kommando


    Sneakz - Bludkniff has honed his stealth to the extreme, resulting in his ability to perfectly sneak stealthy and blend with the environment and.. Well.. You get the point. *Sniff* Even Snikrot would be proud..

    Blade'z good for things - Bludkniff has always used his two long knives in combat.. Often out of combat too.. His skill in their use has become truly something worth mentioning. He has these two knives that have been around since a long time (Orky time) and he would never give them up. Never.

    "Yez, I knows Gothix," - Bludkniff knows how to read and speak Low Gothic. Claims he can write it too. Believed to be a lie by many. (Most likely a lie)

    Brutal cunning - Being a kommando has taught Bludkniff some serious things. Firstly: Never charge an enemy if they have big guns pointed at you. You should always show some Brutal Cunning by going around. Secondly: Your large sacks of teef around bound to attract attention, so keep safe.

    No pay, no work - This Kommando is extremely reluctant to do anything if there is no pay included. Mostly comes in the ways of assassinations and such. Depends on his mood too.

    "I don' like dem odds" - When something goes extremely wrong or he becomes vastly outnumbered, Bludkniff's survival instincts kick in and he will make for a hasty retreat.

    Extremely terribly bad aim - Even for an Ork. He fires at the target in front of him and hits someone behind himself.. Be sure to run away if Bludkniff decides to test the ship's weaponry.
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  4. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Name: Grogin
    Role: Tank Bustah Nob
    Previous Clan: Blood Axe

    Kunnin Speak!- Grogin has a particular way with words and serves aboard the ship as the krews negotiator with the 'umies an other gitz they come into contact with. (Lemme know if assuming such a role is a problem and I'll re-work as necessary ^.^)

    BOOM!- Being a Tank Bustah Grogin is more than proficient enough in the destruction of heavy armor and solid targets like bunkers.

    Glory Hog- Like most Tank Bustahz Grogin loves himself a good kill worth a story and all the fun scrap pieces that come with it and will prioritize armor kills and destruction over anything else unless the boss gives him a good throttling about.

    [Quick question: Since orks are so lovably insane will we be allowed custom weapons and such? Stuff that isn't in the codexs but are perfectly within the realm of possibility I mean.]
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  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    OOC: If my Shuriken shooting Bolters are legal then as good as anything is legal.... ^^
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  6. Loldoom Loldoom Well-Known Member

    Of course! Just remember SOMEBODY has to be the boss, of course this could change during the RP through various orky means but... yeah somebody has to be the biggest ork to start the RP. So far all very acceptable chars!
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  7. OOC: sounds really fun. are you da boss alldoom?

    Caracter sheet:
    Name: Kaptin Gorgits da gread
    Class: Flash-gitz
    original clan:Bad moons.

    deffshoota (a tribarreled shooter with a medium sized laser underslung)(its a snazzgun)
    eavy armor
    Big slugga: a big two shot slugga
    1300 teef
    More Dakka (Gorgitz shoters better dan da avrege ork)
    Looter (goods at looting )
    Bargain ( can trede with dem mekboys und othdars orks to get da best loot)
    Big nob (Gorgits is a big bad nob)

    Cybber: cybork nob with the brain of an attack squig. And a ded'ard mega armor

    Not choppy (Gorgits is nat dat great wit choppa)
    greedy (greedy bastet)
    Hate dem goffs( reely hate dem goffs)

    Original clan trait/flaw: a bit fat und teef grow faster

    EDIT: i update this list when i get new stuff or loose old stuf :)
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  8. Loldoom Loldoom Well-Known Member

    I'm da biggest and da smartingist GM/DM/PlayerTorturer!

    But I guess that means that you're the Kaptin if nobody else disagrees or post within the next couple of hours.
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  9. OOC: okay i can be big boss but rather not :)

  10. Loldoom Loldoom Well-Known Member

    Well if not then maybe you Deran? As I said in the first post, it wouldn't make sense if the Kaptin ain't a nob:D BTW InqZyver, are you a kommando nob or just a normal boy?

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