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Da Mad Mraruderz

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Warbreaka, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. People have been saying "in two weeks", but I don't know where the info comes from; probably from the latest twitch, but I missed the first hour or so.
  2. Warbreaka Subordinate

    Oh ok, so we can expect it in a month or so, appreciate it
  3. Warbreaka Subordinate


    PS changed teamspeak server:
  4. Warbreaka Subordinate

    We currently are allied to Da Lead Belchas and fighting alongside them
    We are also specializing as a storm boy clan
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  5. Ashgarn Ashgarm Master

    Good fighting with you lads!
  6. Warbreaka Subordinate

    You too lad
  7. Warbreaka Subordinate

    Still recruiting more boys
  8. Warbreaka Subordinate

    New promo vid
    Read desc!
  9. Warbreaka Subordinate

    Teamspeak IP changed AGAIN...
  10. Drox BioFracture Confessor


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