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Da Mad Mraruderz

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Warbreaka, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. Warbreaka Subordinate

    -----DA MAD MARAUDERZ-----


    The Mad Marauderz is a group of experienced players looking to open recruitment to the public, we are a relaxed gaming group and are here to have fun.

    We are looking for orks who can take a joke, have fun, and follow orders when necessary.

    To join fill out the following information.

    Favorite Class:
    Steam Name:
    Why you want to join:

    We prefer if you are only one clan for eternal crusade and have loyalties to others when you join.

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  2. Leaf162 New Member

    Leif (It's Norwiegan)
    Well I'm going to school next year for child youth work.
    I love to read fantasy, write, learn, excercize (mostly Mixed martial arts and rugby) and play a good game or two of league, wow or in this case, warhammer eternal crusaders!
    I think da orkz da best cuz dey no how to fight lol
    Its honestly cause i collected them at a young age , 5 when I first noticed it in Belgium, used to live there.
  3. Kork bloodeye da boom boss steam thiege monce
    Support/tank killing
    I wantz ta join ya cauze we need more warboss
    Orks is da best cause looting
  4. I'm excited to be so early to the waaagh!!!
  5. Warbreaka Subordinate

    Gotchya, join the teamspeak and we can add you to the steam group and give you perms
  6. I've never used teamspeak before so if you could give some directions
  7. Warbreaka Subordinate
    Download the client, then when it opens go to connections enter the ip, choose your name, no password, then hit connect

    EDIT: then when it opens go to connections, hit connect, enter the ip, choose your name, no password, then hit connect
  8. Warbreaka Subordinate

  9. Warbreaka Subordinate

    Just connect to the teamspeak anytime, we will be waiting for you, just poke me if you dont move
  10. I'm sorry to inform you I must leave the waaagh for da lead belchas would you like me to spread the word of your clan to my irl gaming group

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