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Da Lead Belchas!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Thrakka, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. Hralius Hralius The 63

    Well it seems the TeamSpeak server is closed ATM, so Discord is the deal now...
  2. ... we had a Discord?
  3. yea
  4. Thrakka Thrakka Master

    Been a long time lads. Not sure if any Orks are even on dis Mud Ball anymore. But to any BOYZ wots hangin around i'm sure Da Lead Belchas will see a new WAAAAGHH before we know it! And when dat day comes i'll be rekruitin again! Who knows wot fight is comin our way in da future yeah? KEEP YER CHOPPAS SHARP AND YA SHOOTAS LOADED BOYZ!
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  5. Oooy, Boss Thrakka ! I'm glad to see you here ! As you can see, EC is still alive (so-so). Honestly, I never play more than one day every week, but drums of Waaagh ! never stopped in my head ! AN' IN DA ORKIVERSE !

    Good lukk to ya ! I'll see ya soon on Orkhona for a propa Waaagh !
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  6. Hralius Hralius The 63

    keep ya cigarz lit !

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