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Da Lead Belchas!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Thrakka, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. Grendelsvirtue Recruit

    Name: Gargsnik

    Title: Tuff Git

    Preferred Class: Shoota/Slugga

    Time Zone: Central

    About Yourself: I hate space panzies
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  2. Name: Ungskar-Rippa (In game)

    Title (If applicable): N/A

    Preferred Class/Role: Slugga/Storm Boy

    Time Zone: Central America Time Zone

    About Yourself: Shootin' gitz since da' twentiff' millennia.
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  3. Salvohhh!! Solei Drill Abbott

    Name: Salvohhh!! (Teknikally, it'z Nazgrim 'Ulksmoke, but da boyz lovez an exkuse ta yell SALVOHHHH!!!, so nobudy ever uses me aktual name.)

    Title (If applicable): Da Krumpiest! (Or Da Freshest!, dependin' on wheva da warboss fancies himself fresha or krumpier den everybudy else.)

    Preferred Class/Role: Tankbusta, but I'z a roit fleksible sort a uv git.

    Time Zone: (UTC +8: Manila) Yoo Tee See plus... um... lots. But don't let dat stop ya. I livez on kroozer time, so I'z always skrappin' at odd hourz.

    About Yourself:

    *smashing sound*

    Iz dis fing on?... Roit den.

    So I'z been on dis rok since da WAAAGH!! started, but me krew iz a bunch a panzy gitz wotz never gettin' in any skrapz. An' no skrapz means no loot, so dey'z a proppa failure at bein' a Freebooterz krew if dere ever wuz wun. So I'z jumpin' ship.

    I'm alwayz 'earin' 'bout deze Lead Belcha boyz, and 'ow dey skrapz iz always da most epik fingz wot you evah saw. So I sez to meself, "Dat'z da krew for me!" So I nicked me a ramship (not loik dey wuz uzin' it for nuffin') and am kroozin' ovah to you lot'z warcamp.

    Trouble iz, I realized I ain't got da koordinatez. So I 'opez wun a you Leadbelcha Boyz gotz yer skwakbox on and iz 'earin' dis, kuz I fink dis ramship weren't fulla air when I took it neivah. (Dere mighta been a skrap on two on da way out uv da fighta bay... Jus' ta keep fingz fun.)

    Anyway, I'll be 'oldin' me breaf an' kountin' spess roks till wun a you lot getz dis.

    *forgets to set message to repeat and starts holding breath*
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  4. Thrakka Thrakka Master

    DIS IZ A FANCY APPLIKATION IT IS! 'ope youz can fight az gud as youz can write HEHAAAAAAAAAAAA
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  5. Gorgutz Gorgutz67000 Steam Early Access

    BOSS ! I'm fightin" with ya WAAAGH since a year naw, but since mounth i don't see any of mi ladz on tha battlafield !

    My nam iz BigShootah Nd I have one tha most bigger dakka in tha universe !
    But ya dont accept me on ya steam WAAAGH !? Are ya kickin mi from tha krew ? I'will SMASHA HEAD OF THA ORK WHO DONT TRUST MI !

    (Name : Mystral) )

    I wan to kick som umies with yar WAAAGH boss ! I'mma allways leadin' a bunch of no marked orks ! They Trust mi cause I'm A DLB ! - Were ARE mi WAAAAAAGH ?!

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