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Da Lead Belchas!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Thrakka, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. No son...not this time...
  2. Drustos Drustos New Member

    Oi, I'm here about da guild. Tired of gettin krumped in random games

    FaceZogga at yer service. UberPubert on Steam and Teamspeak

    I do whatever needs doin to win. Don't talk much, can listen just fine.

    TZ is GMT -6:00
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  3. BIg Time EBola Houngar Active Member

    the next rallies should be on the weekday! are you US or EU?
  4. Drustos Drustos New Member

    Thanks, I'm US
  5. BIg Time EBola Houngar Active Member

    alright, welcome to show up in our TS anytime!
  6. Sgt. Doomus Doomus95 Subordinate

    (Steam- Tr8r), IRL Luka, Ork name is MorDakka

    Title (If applicable):
    Kannonfodda... koz I like'z t' get shot outta' kannon an' smash da firs' git I'z land on!

    Preferred Class/Role:
    Slugga boy of kourse ya git! But I'z kant decide if I like'z da shootiez azwell!

    Time Zone:
    GMT+1 (Zagreb)

    About Yourself:
    I'z da biggis' an' meanist Goff dere iz mate! Well... 'cept for da Warboss, 'ez bigga. If 'e eard me say dat 'e woulda krush'd me like a squig. BUT I'M GETTIN OFF-TOPIK ya git. I'z like dem flash and 'ard choppaz, bes' fing dere iz about choppin iz: Dey'z get redda' real fast dat way, an' if red komes outta dem, dey'z die fasta! KOZ RED IZ FASTA! (I'm a casual gamer myself, love Eternal Crusade, love the 40k story. Though I'm not really acquainted with all of 40k, I love the Orks best simply because they're made that way. No evil or nothing, they were just genetically engineered to fight and win, and that's what they do!)

    About Us:
    Wot about ya'z?! I dunno ya git, ya tell me! I'z 'ere ta join an' fer more loot an' skrap ya git ain't 'ere fer talkin', now ya' wanna go stomp sum 'eadz or we'z standin' around all day doin' nuffin'?!
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  7. Thrakka Thrakka Master

    WOTS UP BOYZ! TO ALL NEW BOYZ RECENTLY APPLYIN TO DA CLAN! BE SURE TO COME SEE ME IN DA TEAMSPEAK IMMEDIATLY AFTER POSTIN YER ZOGGIN APP 'ERE! Sum fings 'as changed wiff da clan. I'z not runnin rallies personally fer a while But i'z got sum NObs wots still wish to. Da Lead Belchas 'ad become more den just an ork clan in EC. WEEZ now grown to a Gaming Community Clan dats always stickin togeva.
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  8. Geisto Geisto Cardinal

  9. Geisto Geisto Cardinal

    When the European rallies go smooth
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  10. Madax Legbrakka Angeraxe First Blood!


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