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Da Lead Belchas!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Thrakka, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. Ghoutish Ghoutish Subordinate

    Damn, me squigs git inta evryfing.
  2. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    We need more of dis gif
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  3. Name: Narronger

    Title (If applicable):

    Preferred Class/Role: Slugga Boy

    Time Zone: US Mountain

    About Yourself: Iz da choppiest of da choppas
  4. TekTerror Recruit

    Name: Tek (Bad Terror for Ork name in game)

    Title (If applicable):

    Preferred Class/Role: Shoota/Melee/Healer

    Time Zone: EST

    About Yourself: I play mostly MMO's for my games that I do play, and when I am into a good game, I like to get some team play/work out of it, which usually means joining a guild/clan/group.

    (re-applying, I joined a guild for another faction and they had a rule about being in other guilds, had to be in the guilds they had for it's members for the other factions, so I joined and left DLB before; but they were mostly focused on the faction the main guild was on, paying little attention to the others, such as orks, got tired of it; wanna be in good guilds for each faction since I do play each faction; so I wont be making the mistake of leaving guilds again for one; I'll hop on TS soon)
  5. Gubbkanz Gorgutz543 Well-Known Member

    Actually, we kinda got a one-guild policy as well I'm afraid.
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  6. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    @Gorgutz543 @TekTerror
    While we do have a one guild poilicy we also have guilds for when we use characters for other factions and keep our usual guild efficiency while using that though if thats not what you wish i may suggest you to FBI-FreeBootas Inc As they are a Multi-Faction guild and i think they arent one guild restrictive
  7. TekTerror Recruit

    I'll give FBI a try then.

    May I suggest this one guild rule be posted on the 1st post of this thread? When I was in DLB before for like a week or 2, no one said anything to me of it and I was in a SM guild before joining as well.
  8. Hralius Hralius The 63

    thx for promotion to Skarboy :)

    i'm moving to a 2 room cottage right beside a forest tomorrow, gonna stay there over the summer while we get our house fixed up... the internet will be mobile based so... I hope it will work.


    also plz, go to Eternal Crusade zendesk and read my feature request to make ork garrison a gorkamorka (ork racing) minigame, if you like it please upvote it !

    pinging a lot of the guys i usually play with :)
    @Thrakka @Angeraxe @bossjesse @Rokdakgut-rippa @Ashgarm @MasterSpookums @Firebat @BioFracture @Abatos
  9. BIg Time EBola Houngar Active Member

    It has been on the page, you were probably gone when it was changed but its been up there for quite a bit :D.
  10. BIg Time EBola Houngar Active Member


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