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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Thrakka, May 19, 2017.

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  1. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    Actually I'll pass it onto you, I like you more.

    @Aidwell piss off
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  2. Ow about the Da lot of yer quit it wit da shit talk , bunch a zoggin children
  3. Thanatos Thanatos101 New Member

    In the name of all the Bros, I bit you guys farewell. May the chaos gods watch over you in favor and your WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH be legendary.
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  4. Thrakka Thrakka Master

    I'z want to fank all you boyz wots given me all da orky luv. It's been a few dayz now an me and me Nobs been mullin da situation ova. Der are many Lead Belcha's dad still wish to stick 'ere and fight wiff da broken faction we is regardless of da space marine tunnel visionerz wots believe orks are just dandy da way day iz PSH. But i'z makin a promise 'ere. Shud da Orks get da respect deyz deserve and da game itself be improved to da state IT SHUD OF BEEN LONG AGO.....i'z will consider returnin wiff me clan in full force. It's da luv of WAAGHammer 40k dat keeps us goin. Oh and one more fing. I'z do me best to be orky friends wiff any 'oomie wots fights in EC. But deez grot lickers wots got mean fings ta say bout me youz always welkome to come me "Krooza" teamspeak and 'ave it out wiff me. I'z issued dat invitation to a few LSM luvers wots refused to meet wiff me. SOZ IF YOUZ GOT SUMFIN TA SAY SAY IT TO ME FACE! ER ELSE MUCK OFF BACK TO YER PUNY 'OOMIE DROPOD AN SHINE MATT WARDS BOOTS HEHAAAAAA!!!!

  5. Anvil The-Forge-Dragon Arkhona Vanguard

    Gonna be curious to know what exactly it'll take to get you back.

    In honor of your leaving Warboss Thrakka, as leader of the small guild Steel Cavalcade, I award you the Enemy of Valour badge. My trusted chainsword, Orkslaughter shall rest in the guild's armory, awaiting the day it may lop your head off again. May the Emperor and the devs one day provide you the Orks you so desire. :SMDeal:
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  6. BIg Time EBola Houngar Active Member

  7. Geisto Geisto Cardinal

  8. S1a5h EpicHiLuss Steam Early Access

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  9. IshanDeston Ecaja Steam Early Access

    DLB members set a lot of the tone on the Ork Faction chat, and i cannot imagine it to continue to be laid back and 'orky' without them. Going "more than half of the ork population is PUBs anyway"... suggests that close to half the population isn't.
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