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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Thrakka, May 19, 2017.

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  1. MannDeus Recruit

    ..I do still see healthy amount of orks in the battlefield..
  2. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    I like the fact he felt like it was important enough to announce it in general forums.

    Not even PG did that when they left and they were pretty much the same size I mean cmon, not much will change and more than half of the ork population is pubs anyway. At most we'll lose a few people even if ALL OF DLB go away, since again they're not even half their playerbase.

    Oh and not even half of DLB is going to leave, this thread is about Thrakka, he can't possibly speak in the name of all the members he has in his guild and most of which still probably will play the game.
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  3. Remo RemoSupremo Confessor

    There's a reason PG couldn't get away with it. They were PG. :)

    It's like the Cleveland Browns announcing they are disbanding their football team. People would respond with, "Who?".
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  4. shut up Kharn
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  5. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    Good point :D
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  6. Grotduffa Timburwolfe Active Member

    Kharn used to be a pretty swell guy to be around.

    Memes aside, you all realize of course that if I have to round up the boyz, I am going to do so with a healthy amount of orky trash-talk.
  7. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    You're not my real mum. Sorry that I don't feel sorry for some guy you think everyone in the community knew was or wasnt a great leader leave and post it in general forums. It's a person that whines about everything that's not about Orks at that so I just lost respect for Thrakka myself.
  8. Glitz Boaz First Blood!

    Shut up Kharn.
  9. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    I was fine with aidwell saying it cause I know him but stop trying to be a cool kid in the club, I never saw you and you seem fairly new to the forums so you have no right to talk like that to me ;)
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  10. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    Now that I've read everything I can't decide whether or not you're joking because of how dumb some of the things you said are or you're being serious and just your regular Thrakka who doesn't like anything that ain't Orky. Orks have pretty much the same tier weaponry, if not better, compared to bolters, so stop your whining because you're bad. Painboys are still playable and if there is anything in this game that needs a re-do it's most of the chaos marks and some other ork items that you don't see everyone else bitch about!

    Also the fact you're praising Miguel Carron who is the SOLE REASON HIMSELF that EC got fucked over and you're leaving just baffles me. He is the one that overpromised open world and misscalculated prices and incompetently ditched the entire project because he saw he was gonna fail.

    So let's be real you aren't really ONLY leaving because of the game being unfinished or anything similar (Especially since you're somewhy praising Miguel who caused all this anyway, so you must be happy about EC dying), you're also leaving because you got pissy about certain things not going your way, whining about orks being underpowered when they're not and whenever someone argues against it, you personally assault them which I personally witnessed you do.
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