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Da Hand Of Gork

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by larrs, Jul 15, 2014.


Are you with us?

  1. Yes! (Waaaaagh!!!)

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  2. No. (I'm a little umie lovin git)

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  1. larrence larrs Curator

    Some info about us We are a group of da bosses planning to take Arkhona as our Orktopia and to show everybody how cool the Orks are and why they should respect us. If you have some questions contact Larrs Website- we`ll do a website if we`ll reach 30+ members Teamspeak- closer to the game release
    other characters We don't mind you playing as another faction. This is, until you tell someone of our cunning plans!
    Some info about our Waaagh! hierarchy Warboss [GM] Nob [Officer] Skarboy [Veteran] Boy [Member] Grot [Recruit] Squig [Non-Member] All non-members are Squigs and have limited access to the guild’s facilities. Once recruited, recruits must go through a week-long trial period as a Grot to see if they’re worth adding, and these have slightly limited access. Once the week is up, the person becomes a Boy and has full access. You can receive higher rank by various ways: inviting new people, stay with us for a certain time and show yourself in fight. Scarboys control boys and grots groups. Nob has moderate control over the guild, whilst the Warboss has complete control. The politics here are an Ork democracy which means decisions are made by taking a vote and if you shout louder than others, you will be right. If you don't agree with someone else then you can take your choppa (or whatever you have) and show them who's boss.
    Working with other orks guilds We are also looking for uniting and working with other guilds, tribes and waaaghs. Reasons for uniting: 1. The more of us are there are, the more chances we have to take this puny system and go for others. 2. The more people are in one guild, the more bonuses they receive. 3. Feel the Waaagh and real ork life, being part of mindless horde running to enemy lines (we are smarter than this).
    What we are going to do Have fun and conquer the planet. Games are made for having a good time and not to work. So, we don't ask you to wake up at 4 o'clock and play - but more active players can have a higher rank.
    How to join If you're still reading this you may ask how to enter. At first you should select I'm in, in the above, then declare the group you wish to join among these groups. Groups: Pain 'n' Laugh (painboys) Speshool Opirationz Unly (stormboys), Big Bangz(lootaz, flash gitz), Wadzakka Taxi (drivers of vehicles), Gangsta Mobz (boyz and nobz), and Sneaky Gitz (commandos).

    If more classes are announced we may add more groups. Here is our clan banner created by our very own Blackskull:
  2. intense intents Capital_G Active Member

    i'm here for the killin'
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  3. larrence larrs Curator

    Great! The Waaagh!!! Rises.
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  4. larrence larrs Curator

    Please if you want to join Da Hand of Gork leave information such as:

    Steam name: larrence
    EC forum name: larrs
    Favorite race: orks (of course)
    Games: dawn of war series and planetside2

    This info would really help and leave your favorite class and reason for joining. Thanks for visiting :)
  5. Daniel Blackskull Well-Known Member

    Steam: crushface1
    Favourite race: SM, Orks, Tau
    Games: planetside 2
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  6. Daniel Blackskull Well-Known Member

    Our steam group:

    Guild symbol:
    Guild banner:

    Da team:
    Group 1, Speshool Opirationz Unly (Stormboyz):
    1. Blackskull
    Group 2, Gangsta mobs (Da Boyz):
    Group 3, Big Bangz(Lootaz and Flash gitz)
    Group 4, Pain 'n' Laugh(Painboys)
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  7. wraith wraith Active Member

    Steam Name: The Beggarman
    EC name: Wraith
    Favorite Race: Der's only un race worff playin, an' dats da ORKS
    Games: Competitive TF2, Dawn of war I, II, Retribution, Warhammer online: Age of Reckoning(before it died...)
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  8. Daniel Blackskull Well-Known Member

    Good to see our Waaagh growing. I added you to our guild conversation.
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  9. unstable unstable Curator

    Weez need ya boyz ta teamz up witd uz , wez got da biggest baddest boyz in our klans Da Lead Belchas use ya nogginz an comes ave a squizz on da forums
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  10. Jhonson Jhonson New Member

    Steam name: Jhonson
    EC forum name: Jhonson
    Favorite race: DA ORKS
    Games: Not gonna lie, not much shit lately

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