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Da Great Space Waaaaaaaghz! (Space Engineers Wh40k themed PvP)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Firebat, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Shut yer trap, Spikey. Fightin' youz jus' makes us Orks stronga.
  2. How is missing your gear and armor make you strong. I'm rotting your mind as well.
  3. Since wen do Orks need gear armour ta be strong? Stop bein scared an' take off dat powa armour an' I's tear ya a new arsehole wot ya can shit wiv!

    Ya eva see wot happened wiv dem Black Orcs? Dey krumped da Chaos stunties gud.

    So, go on, see wot majiks ya try on me an' da Boyz. Den wen youz least expect it yer ded, get me point?
  4. Trust me little ork. My armor protecting you more than me. You don't want a plague marine helmet off.
  5. We need moar boyz to join uz in da assemblin' and foightin'!
  6. What he matter ork. Retreating already?
  7. We ain't retreatin', ya snivvelin' snotlin'! We wantz moar boyz so'z we can get bigger foights! Ya tink we gunna run from a foight we're settin' up?! GO GET YER SKULL LOOKED AT!
  8. I'm much bigger ork. Transform into my Daemon Prince Form.

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