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Da Great Space Waaaaaaaghz! (Space Engineers Wh40k themed PvP)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Firebat, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Oy, der ladz. So...I'z called Grinsmacka.
    I'm trying to organize some good ol' spacey fun and I'm in the need for a few folks from the 'umies and the Orkz who'd be interested in hopping into Space Engineers, organizing some good, fair spacey fights, and what not.

    If you're interested. We've got a discord set up right here. Once ya join, let us know if yer an Ork or 'umie and we'll get ya sorted.
  2. You kind of small to be an orkz. Was that a rally or did a bee stung you? Your voice is like a whisper. I beheaded a space marine and it was louder than you.
  3. I waz just really far away ya git! Hard to get the lot of you runtz ta hear me when yer in orbit on a Krooza! Now if yer really wantin' to pick a foight grab one o' yer 'fanceh' Battlecruisas and go bow-to-bow wit me fleet and den we'll see who'z small!
  4. You kind bores me ork. I can chop chop too. Plague marines never lose. Even in death I win. I plague the land and like TNT I go kaboom. I'll take you and your land with me. For Nurgle!
  5. Youz jus' one a dem generic Spikey Boyz. I mean....jus luk at yer profile piktcha; ya luks like a bluddy 'Umie cultist!

    Stop lyin' ta us.

    Anywho wen youz go suicide bombin' da Orks can fight sum proppa Spikeys. Maybe a Daemon too; been a while.
  6. Nurgle blessing!
    -killing the Orkz and his troops-
  7. Right den lads, dat wos sum show!

    Oi, luk; proppa Spikeys ova dere fer krumpin'!
  8. Infects your orkz boyz. Hello beastly.
  9. beastly Wot kinda Ork name is dat? I no Tyranids wot can fight betta den youz! Least dey not kowads wot can't fight!
  10. I have rotten your body and soul ork. Feel the decay.

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