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Da Ard' Waaaghboyz! - Ork Klan

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Forcaz, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. Strigi Recruit

    Thankz boy! Im Ready fur sum propah dakka! How do I keep 'n touch? Discord ? Teamspeak?
  2. Unclepappy Recruit

    Oi Boyz! I'm looking for a friendly guild to belong to. If you can accept me that would be great. Cheers.
  3. Khrook Thorndal Firebrand

    Stomped lotsa humies! Could bring tuff dakka, a zoggin weird painboy and som ´ard an ugly teef to da field. (ingame name is Rokknar, sent mail ingame)
  4. MashGul law24 Prefectus

    Alright , got ya in da clan.
  5. Khrook Thorndal Firebrand

  6. OldKing fakekingallant Subordinate

    Me wud like ta join this clan, it zee s your taktiks are zogging awesum. Ma name iz Gazbag da Speed Freek, and I can drive those trucks FASTA' !
  7. MashGul law24 Prefectus

    Alright, add me and ill get ya into da discord.
  8. Hello guys !!! I would love to write with an orkish accent but it would but my level of english is not good enough for that :p (because I'm french and I can speak french orkish ^^)

    I'm very interested to join your Klan !!
    My name in game is : TapeDur (which means "Hit Hard" in english)
    My favorite class is melee with shield (I'm rank 5 and I unlocked the Orc melee elit class)
    Also, my timezone is Europe

    Here is my steam profile :
    If you need any more informations you can contact me ;)
  9. Krokilla Krokilla First Blood!

    Greetins' to all you new Grotz and Squigs who've joined me Clan! I have an announcement for you all, but to the new boyz first, make sure you add Thilly Gooth, Squid, Gazdakka and Mashgul on your steam list, in addition to myself. As they are my Nobz and will often lead Waaagh Parties if I'm not around!

    To da rest of the public!

    Greetinz' from your resident Shock Attack Ork Guild! Due to a recent massive surge in recruits, I'm closing my Clan for recruitment until our memberbase is consolidated! Da 'Ard Waaaghboyz has always been a guild that takes strength in it's small, close knit playerbase. Every boy on my team brings a skill that we utilize extremely effectively, and to that effect I often see the same Boyz always fightin' with me in every Waaagh I begin!

    So for now, in order to build a stronger team we will no longer accept applicants! Thank ye' grotz, see ya on da fields of battle!
  10. MashGul law24 Prefectus

    OK, Da Arrrrg Waaagh Boyz haz left orkhona to plunder somewhere with less SpasMarinz with dere fashion contests. Might be back one day, untill den, good WAAAAAGH!ing to youz! And if ya seez any wbz git around, hez just testin me new tellyporta and might be misplaced in time.
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