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Da Ard' Waaaghboyz! - Ork Klan

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Forcaz, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. NumberFive Recruit

    If it isn't too late I'd like to join.
    Steam ID: beastlydie
    Ingame ork name: BlakSpike

    edit: spelling
  2. Krokilla Krokilla First Blood!

    Wot da zog? Where'd all you gitz come from!?

    Da 'Ard Waaaghboyz would be happy to have ya, but we're gonna need to run some Waaaghs with you lot to make sure you're compaitable with the team. We're a small, elite force O' Boyz! You'z gotta fit that bill if you want to join da meanest Orkz on Orkhona!

    @NumberFive @Drado @Mileena @Ghosar @hoozhet @clms You lot will need to add me on Steam, Warboss Krokilla, and send me a message tellin' me who ya are on this forum, from there we'll get you into our Discord and begin da stompin'!
  3. Damnorc Recruit

    Woud love to join.
    Steam ID: pazz823
    Playing Shoota and Painboy and im still learning :D lol

  4. Ghosar Recruit

    @Krokilla now dat we'r inda mix on steam, when do yiz think we can begin stompin ?
  5. Ghosar Recruit

    Uuuup Da Date
  6. Krokilla Krokilla First Blood!

    I've been lookin' for you online, poke me git.
  7. Ghosar Recruit

    Was reeeel fun krumpin umies with ya folks, a'd lova ta do it again soon ! Ya Ard'boyz really know how to use da Waaaagh to turn da tides o'battle !
  8. Strigi Recruit

    Oy boz! Mad Dok Strigizz is lookin for sum new boyz!

    Character: Mad Dok Strigizz
    Faction: Bad Moonz
    Timezone: GMT+1 (Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris)
    Class: Painboy > Shoota > the rest
  9. LostCT Recruit

    Me wantz to join.

    Magsnik Dakka Uznob Klaw
    Faction: Blood Axez
    Timezone: GMT-5 (North America EST)
    Class: Anythingz - everythingz almoztz unlokked - uz da Shoota or Loota for defensez, Shoota/Slugga/Stormboyz on open mapz n Dokk as occazional funz
  10. MashGul law24 Prefectus

    Alrighty, i saw your request in da guild tab Strigi. Accepted it azwell. Did not see ya request loastCt tho.

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