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d becouse is till belive it is a nice and game with future more FUn please

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ruititadiogo, May 11, 2017.

  1. Popoolo ruititadiogo Steam Early Access

    I thread becouse is still belive it is a nice game more FUn please

    PLEASE change the game too many abusers and hackers it's no fun to play please end this abuses. IM leaving for today ans most of the players don't play no more just read what players say normal players not the abuser or the professionals with super mouse and auto aim. well im trying to play and play but my im losing the will to play it is low fun it is no fun to play: Just make is easy for players to play vs abuser make abusing not important vs normal players make it fun my opinion i saw this appening before in a very good game Section 8 was nice and fun and till they stopped listening to players and allowed hackers to rule then is dead. now ..but try it is for free and you can see how a good game died cause it was no fun for normal random players only pro hacker played there till it was dead and no one played. Days 998.9 -124.3 -11.07% 2,065 April 2017 1,123.3 -174.3 -13.44% 2,456 March 2017 1,297.6 +744.5 +134.59% 5,104 YoU can say bla bla bla game howner and GM and administrators bu all is bla bla till the game is fun for normal people. that want to have fun playing. just make it fun all players want is fun not what you designers of the game think just listen make it FUN. Im waiting for more pvs so i have fun but even there you did the pve no fun just is stupid no fun at all how can eny one do that and still have a job??? HOw?? "Did the guy that designed that playd it 100 times that PvE and said hoo i still want more....." That would be nice and that is fun dudes listen i bet he played 2 times and said jee this is so bad im goign to do pvp stuff ho yeee :(.
  2. NoU Recruit

  3. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    E-sports mentality killed this game
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  4. Leroy Twizzlers DemonKingBAAL Steam Early Access

    i'm not sure that's what killed it.......
  5. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Nah ive given it allot of thought and I think It came down to the community
    While it isnt this games only problem it did contribute the most to this games downfall in less than 2 years.
    Basically the community all got up and left..
    Because the game was shit and every time they tried and tell ppl why they though the game was shit the reply they got was mostly STFU NOOB GITGUD

    The community got divided while the game was basically Dying do to bad design.
    Divided over skill and personal ego and did nothing but fight openly for 2 years straight on this forum about who's better than who and who's ideas are better than who's.

    Also e-sports mentality is wat lead to the lowering of the ttk because for some odd reason this game needed ttk like those "other games" for some reason this game could not be its own thing .. all had to be like e-sports games.
    This lead to the bastardization of melee combat because that somehow needed to also fit into this game and its new TTK logic
    Also they moved the game to cheaper shittier servers around this time now we had a game with lower ttk and lower reaction times for most people playing it that dint live close to the one of the two server this game has.
    E-sports mentality also gave us a competitive map on a uat server.. witch has been used how many times ?
    like once?
    and for who ?
    not for me or any new players .. no for the infighting founders and their guilds , those 3 guilds because the orks all fucked off already at this point
    Time and resources waisted on that shit.
    Mean while game still has balance and bug issues thats needing fixing for years.

    Look i am not against e-sports or competitive play at all.. but there is a time and a place for those things and this games biggest mistake was to not create a casual environment for the masses
    the masses that are needed to keep the game alive

    when you create a game for the 1%
    you should not be surprised when its just the 1% left at some point.
    and than they leave because there isnt any one to play against
  6. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    how to lose all credibility : "extreme AV"
  7. Leroy Twizzlers DemonKingBAAL Steam Early Access

    i don't think "stfu noob gitgud" was what was told to new players that thought the game had problems lol. from my experience everyone i knew acknowledged the game was mediocre at best and had tons of issues like optimization, netcode, lag, balance etc and help was given to players that wanted to get better. i know i've always helped players that have come to me with questions.

    if you're trying to refer to BLOP by typing skill and personal ego, i think a group of players that destroys every other player/group in the game causing said destroyed players/groups to make forum threads/reports about them supposedly cheating, i don't think the group that destroys everyone is at fault here when it comes to community divide. most of the community was flatout wrong on most if not all topics that i've witnessed discussed.

    no, the ttk got changed because of all the bitching and complaining from all the melee retards on this forum for months about "muh bolter", thus it got changed. this game is the last game to have any form of "e-sports mentality" when it had under 300 players at the time on a daily basis lmfao. and as far as i know, the servers have always been terrible.

    you're making too many uninformed assumptions lol. the 5v5 map was intended to be used for it's own separate TDM mode, not for the "infighting founders and their guilds". it was used later on because it was the best option to use for the tournament if that's what you're referring to.

    the orks all fucked off because thrakka and the lot of DLB are a bunch of crybabies that can't handle players that can consistently aim in a third person shooter and constantly cry hacks because they don't know how to look in the mirror.

    if the game was truly being balanced around the 1%, rollex would've never gotten the animation fix that it got, nade tricks wouldn't have been removed, dbash wouldn't still be in the same useless fucking state that it's been in since 1.6 for knives, knives wouldn't still be garbage, and melee wouldn't have been getting constantly directly and indirectly buffed over several months. the reason the 1% was all that was left was because the game is just garbage, mediocre on a good day. and now, the true 1% are gone because it's a waste of time and the game's gotten worse.
  8. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    No this is wat people already here were telling each other.. not towards new ppl..
    but that still means the forum was nothing but threads of ppl infighting.

    Im referring to every one .. not just blop.. im not against or for anyone here.
    personally i think your all losers for even arguing about such nonsense.
    i dont give a shit who or why it all started .. It was already going on when i got here 2 years ago and still is to this day.
    like when old players come back just to whine on the forum about how the game is full of hackers and cheaters etc.
    Its not a very nice environment when ts just a bunch of uncontrolled kiddo's yelling obscenity's at each other because of skill..
    Thats such a effing moba thing to do .. crying about skill and shit .

    TTK changes started with tactical escalation patch. . basically everyone got less ehp.
    It took almost year to get to the patch that adapted melee to the new TTK..
    and that melee patch broke the game imo..

    OFC im uninformed
    devs only communicate information to their butt buddy's

    Didn't they cry about bolter op ? witch eventually got changed almost a year after they all fucked off ?
    Didn't they also cry about rollex ? witch got changed only a few months ago ?
    They did allot of crying .. but among those whines there was some truth it was just drowned ut by ppl crying about useless shit.

    you know how we call these fixes after everyone fucked off already in my county ?
    we call it: putting a lid on the well after the kalf has drowned

    if devs actually listen to people's complaints about the direction of the game
    they might have actually gotten off their asses and fixed shit like rollex and bolters and animation bugs a year sooner
    back when the game still had players and it actually mattered.
    no instead it got fixed when the game literally had less than 60 active players..
    and prior to that all they did balance wise was make everyone have less ehp and nerf eldar every 4 weeks lol
    eventually they did a melee balance patch that completely ruined the game by removing tac's ability to fight.

    Personally I liked the game better around the time of the tactical escalation patch .. everything that came after just made things worse..
    I literally said this on the day of the melee patch :
    Great you made melee more useful.. but you also sucked all the fun out of it .
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  9. Mauf DrMauf Subordinate

    Not only that. Another problem was the way in which things were "balanced" with balance meaning "effectively removed from game", leading to often very narrow Metas. If you think about it, almost every "balancing" act was over the top hamfisted, one extreme into the other. A clear symptom of balancing happening by a spreadsheet instead of the devs actually pouring some thought into what they do.

    What didn't kill this game was the try-hards. What made them a problem was the small player pool so you ran into them way too often. A pug stomp isn't a bad thing per se. It's a problem if it happens 4-5 times in a row to the same people. That is not the tryhards fault though.

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