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Curse of the Wulfen - It's All Gone Horribly Wrong

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by KillboFraggins, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. Many thanks indeed. It would certainly need a lot of fine tuning, but glad to hear I produced something halfway decent in probably the worst state of mind imaginable for creative writing.
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  2. Except I typed 'Devolve' not 'De-Evolve'!

    Devolve means to pass or be passed onto a deputy or successor.
    They have had Wolf-like characteristics passed onto the them, which in the Wulfen have become prominent, in some cases over-riding some of their human characteristics. This can progress to the state where they become the wolves you see on Fenris.

    Well when a human becomes a Wolfman they are meant to become stronger, more resilient, more feral, etc., etc.
    Now imagine that happening to a Space Marine.
    You get something that is stronger, more resilient, more animalistic, more dangerous, etc., than a Space Marine. But they have the Psycho-indoctrination and imprinting of a Space Marine.
    So they have more control than the basic Wolfman.

    Who says it is the Wolf Priests that keep the Oral History. It should be the Rune Priests (which it was in William King's novels) and Skjalds (as it was in Prospero Burns), with the latter having been known to be human. Plus each Great Company keeps its own history with its own set of Skjalds during The Great Crusade. And these skjalds seem to stay with the Great Company.
    Which means the 13th Company Skjalds were probably lost with the company.

    Rune Priests keep the history of the Legion/Chapter, which may mean they don't keep the entire history of each Company.
    But it is more likely that individual Rune Priests kept the history of the Great Companies they worked with. Which means most of that was lost as these Rune Priests went with the 13th Company.

    So Wolf Priests should not have anything to do with this.
    And the people who kept the 13th Company's in-depth oral history probably went with the 13th Company on their pursuit of the Thousand Sons.

    The ones who turned into Wulfen during initiation did so outside the Fang, and were just as likely to be presumed victims of the initiation (died from the change or dead through misadventure) as they were to have turned.
    And all this beyond the sight of any actual Space Wolf.

    I get the feeling you haven't read any of William King's Space Wolf novels. Or how much of their Codexes you've read.

    Clan Raukaan was Wardian.
    But he's left, and it is L.J. Goulding who is now in charge of editing GW Codexes. So you could try sending an email to him care-of Black Library.

    I'm not.
    I'm trying to point out that you are coming across as someone who was been lazy in doing research into the actual Wulfen background.
  3. Compared to someone like me who is creatively-brain dead and failing miserably to write a basic storyline for an Imperial Guard campaign for the past four years. And a few dozen homebrew chapters, regiments, an Ork pirate band, 3 more campaigns, etc....
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    It's pretty poetic the chapter of furries turns into furries.
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    You know...a bat shit crazy chapter of space marines modeling themselves after orks would probably be one of the coolest factions to ever grace the lore pages of wh40k
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    Deathwatch Chapter Creator here I come.
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    And its already better than 75% of books released by blacklibrary.
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    I love the space wolves but this whole wulfen really throws a wrench into everything. Id hate for the whole chapter to go wulfen...please GW dont be that dumb.
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