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Cult Of Disharmonic Exemplars, Codex

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Tyryt, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. Tyryt Tyryt Prefectus
    Get in on the ground floor of a forming Chaos strikeforce!

    We need leaders - one person can't do it all.
    We need warriors - every body is important, from the cultist that soaks up a las-cannon beam to the raptors that wipe swooping hawks from the sky.

    Mainly, we're looking to be organized and fearsome, working together to take control and keep control. No drama, just fun and mature people pursuing our goals.

    We'll be getting in on the Strikeforce Founders packs, so be ready when those are announced in a few months!

    If you have questions, ask away.
  2. Ok count me in. So, what do I do?
  3. Tyryt Tyryt Prefectus

    Go sign up and join. We are in the building phase at the moment, so once we get a good core together we'll start really planning. If you have any ideas, head over and write them up.
  4. Ddrig Cody Subordinate

    hum. . . where do I join? :)
  5. Tyryt Tyryt Prefectus Head into the forums, post up an app and I'll grant access the rest of the Strikeforce boards (not much at the moment, but more will be on the way!)
  6. Ddrig Cody Subordinate

    thanks Tyryt
  7. Ddrig Cody Subordinate

    oh by the way, What's the strike force pack have in it? Or a link for the video or page telling what it in it would be nice.
  8. Ddrig Cody Subordinate

    I sighed up on the site just to let you know
  9. Tyryt Tyryt Prefectus

    They aren't really sure what is going to be in it yet (r exactly how it is goign to be organized) but it will likely include some exclusive Strike Cruiser upgrades/features, as well as some other things. Getting in as a founding strikeforce, will also give us a bit of an early start and edge over those who come later, so that's always nice.
  10. Ddrig Cody Subordinate

    Yep, especially the fact that we are making our force years in advance helps. What do you think it should include?

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