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CSMs... Doesn't almost always winning get a little boring?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Data8671, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. CSMs... Doesn't almost always winning get a little boring? It does for me.

    Over Christmas, try playing other factions. LSMs try out Eldar, CSMs or Orks (if there are ever any Ork games) and CSMs try LSM, Eldar or Orks (same again)...

    If the devs won't balance it through stats, we must through player experience and generally being good at the game.
    If the LSMs can't be good at the game, we must do it for them!
    If the new players mostly go to LSMs, we should encourage them to try out CSMs!
    If this still doesn't fin it. CSMs bring Challenge tokens on every loadout!
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    Welcome to the great and wonderful world of balance in the EC !!!
  3. Sad secret? At this point I can probably name people who ONLY play one faction.

    They don't read or post on the forums. Everyone plays everything already.
  4. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    if CSM won all the time the world maps would look a lot different .... no faction wins or loses all the time
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  5. Mainfold Mainfold Preacher

    yup, the fact that it's more or less always 50/50 means it's 100% not the case of an imbalance.

    The reason a lot of folks experience chaos as "always winning" is they encounter the folks that are legitimately trying their hardest to win and live to win.

    It's often confused for "imbalance" when it's far from the truth. If you push each faction to their peak of possible excelling, then chaos is far from the one to "steamroll", in those cases where the tools available are utilized to the max, the eldar by far outshine everyone else, with orks (particularly on defense) being a close runner up, LSM in their heels (particularly on defense again, but also having the tools available for strong attacks almost equaling but not quite as rapid as eldar). Chaos should be the least of your worries, but it's a matter of mentality of the players more often than not. If you see a bunch of guild-tags on a chaos team you're facing, chances are those are folks that are "tryhards" in the sense of living to win, but quite few well known guilds also have a lot of folks that are k/d-chasers as well (and you can encounter matches where it looks like the enemy team is just murdering everyone and the rest of their lineage back to the stone-ages, but the enemy team still loses because they're just outright killing and not playing the objective).

    Don't confuse player dedication for imbalance, as the stats the devs have provided multiple times, repeatedly show that the outcomes of battles is least favoring of chaos, yet chaos still win because the mindset of living to win, and playing the objectives, making sure the objectives are protected when being capped/decapped, rerouting forces to an objective at the first sign of intruders etc etc.

    It is and has been for a long time, a mindset thing, and players flocking to chaos to get wins doesn't mean they'll get wins. I've had many battles on all factions, where the players are just (for a lack of a better word) trash. Last few days of playing chaos and xenos (the few matches of ork and eldar I could find) equally yielded "trash" players, that just didn't give a crap about the objective and ran around outside the objective as the enemy took it. This isn't a matter of faction strength, it's 100% player priorities. If the faction is strong in a killing sense, players who want easy kills will gravitate towards it, and dick around not playing the objective to get their scoreboard-stats padded.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, when you encounter the right folks, regardless of faction they're playing on, they'll go out of their way to not use time on getting kills past what's necessary for the objectives to be completed, and have that innate sense of wanting to get a win.. they live for the victory, they live to win. this point I guess it's absolutely fitting enough to add this lol
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  6. EugeneHardy Recruit

    Id say csm better then sm too. they have aba grace, autocannons (i hate them so much), some magic when the guy shoot lasers from his arm and i cant even move/shoot (3 hits and im dead, and he only need to hit 1st shot cos then im stunned and 2nd and 3rd shots gonna be no problem to hit), poison weapons (even if i somehow kill a melee guy im still gonna die cos of poison), some poison rays (from the arm again) he dont even need to see me, if it hits me and i/he hide behind cover/corner i still get damage, healing is OP too, he just stands behind the corner/cover or even on other floor and heals his teammate so i cant get to healer. I never played vs eldar/orc dunno about them, all my games vs csm and in my 150 hours opinion they have better everything and playerbase too.
  7. As an LSM first and foremost... All these things you said, and so few of them in true context.

    1 - Abaddon's Grace is a Mastercrafted Autocannon with the flame ailment. Apothecaries can cure the flame ailment. Keep in squad cohesion with an Apo. Other than that its an autocannon, which have a slower rate of fire, 1/3 the ammo max, and do not suppress. They hit like freight trains, but are countered with higher toughness and smart use of cover.

    2 - Lash of Slaanesh is a little silly, yes, but its a Rank 4 psyker power requiring Rank 4 and like 125 AP (Right? 15+35+75.) People who have/use it have put in the time to get it, and its solved by maintaining squad cohesion. Its single-target, so your buddy can DBash or just shoot the Sorc trying to get smart.

    3 - Poison ailment is cured by Apothecaries. KEEP IN SQUAD COHESION WITH AN APO! Also, Apothecaries have poison as well, as does virtually everything an Ork Pain Boy uses...

    4 - Psychic poison (as well as healing) are damage(healing) over time and can therefore be prevented/interrupted. Did I mention maintaining squad cohesion with an Apothecary solves the poison ailment?

    5 - Psychic healing is healing over time and will never out-heal an Apothecary's survival vial and/or an Apothecarion Beacon. Apo Beacons can be working WHILE an Apo is out doing other stuff, or even not there at all! An Apo beacon will persist after he dies. An Apo Beacon can sustain about 5-6 Brothers AT THE SAME TIME. Stunning/killing a Sorcerer ends the effect, so just like in D&D, Shadowrun, and any MMO ever: hunt and down the casters FIRST. Squishier and suddenly they don't have their support. If YOU can't do it, make sure one of your Brothers in squad cohesion is running with you and out caster hunting.

    6 - We have more wargear, more wargear options, healers who can be equally as efficient as tacticals (the Bolter-Apo) or Ground Assaults (Wolf Priest+Plasma Pistol and Crozius,) and a larger player base. There is only ONE case where CSM is better than LSM. I'll give you a hint: squad cohesion. They DO have 'better' players than us, but not because they are ACTUALLY better. They listen to more experienced players and follow orders. They don't run around like wounded ducks then bitch that the game is unfair or broken.

    I have seen the enemy, and it is us.
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  8. Also? A sorcerer is useless outside of? Squad Cohesion.

    What is this 'Squad Cohesion' you speak of? It sounds like blatant heresy.
  10. Guess what we keep them in? Squad Cohesion.
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