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Crowdfunding / kickstarter ressurection of EC

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Djemo-SRB, Aug 16, 2018.


Would you spend additional money on a potential crowdfunding for EC?

  1. I would

  2. I might consider it, depending on how serious/impactful the additons are

  3. No, i would not

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  1. Thresh Phelan_Stonewolf Well-Known Member

    I'm going to say no. I took a long break and poked my head back in from time to time but it's been pretty obvious that EC is a dead/dying game with no real future. I had more fun discussing things on the forums than I ever did actually playing, zero confidence in these developers. I'd rather my money to go a new game that isn't anything near behaviour.
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  2. We have Age of Reckoning's private server now and Dark Millennium wasn't supposed to be Fantasy MMO, it supposed to be 40k MMO.

    What is crowdfunding though? I thought a crowd is gonna fund the game, no?
  3. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    What is crowdfunding ?

    Its where people with Low intellectual capabilities spend 100o's of money's on snake oil products and vaporware.

    My all time favorites include a device that extracts water out of thin air.
    And a device that supposedly filters out water molecules and lets air through so you can breath underwater

    Got to love kickstarter for its shenanigans.
  4. I think it's the money that comes out of crowd, right?
  5. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

  6. This game is an amalgamation from both a bloated mismanaged game design and misconceived notions of what 40K is. They don't deserve your money, this game is a zombie that will only eat your money and shambel around in ignorance. The only language they understand is money so do not give them none of yours. In this age of game developers who shit out substandard prompt upp abortion products, bE in just more of the same. Let this game die and be forgotten and bE go bankrupt. They promised us a game and gave us a polished feces. Take Fortnite and stip it of features and slap a 40K theme on it and that is the essence of what Eternal Crusade is.

    I gave them my money hope and imagination and they failed. I am a angry white straight male and i am DISAPPOINTED!!!!! :)

    And to all those who defend them, you are a dying breed of circle jerkers who loves the sound and smell of your own farts.

    //I am Karrgoot The Raging Storm and i approve of this message.
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  7. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    This game is not salvageable. There are no further avenues of evolution to expand this game.

    - We have Space Marines without Codex Astartes, geneseed, brotherhood and all that stuff. We have Chaos Space Marines without Chaos. We have Orkz without Waaagh, without Oddboyz, without Nobz, without any cultural traits that make Orkz orky. We have Eldar without scheming and without prophecy. (Yet more evidence that the devs just muddled along and never had a long-term plan for this game.)
    And those things cannot be added NOW because that would alter the whole metagame from bottom to top.

    - Terminators cannot be added because they would break the class-balancing.

    - Bikes cannot be added because that would make a redesign of every single map necessary.

    - Walkers cannot be added because that would break the vehicle-meta.

    - Scouts/Imperial Guard and all that stuff cannot be added because they would break the class-balancing.

    - Flyers cannot be added because that would make a redesign of every single map necessary.

    - Larger maps? Not possible because TTK is so short and you need spawn-points everywhere.

    - Large-scale tank-battles? Well, the devs balanced the game to make tanks rarer.

    The only future game-content that realistically still is achievable is cosmetics. And who would crowdfund that.
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  8. What is Codex Astartes? What do you even mean by we have Chaos Space Marines without Chaos? What do you mean by we have Orks without Waaagh? What is Orks cultural traitor that make Orks orky? What do you mean by we have Eldar without scheming and without prophecy? Sorry, I'm just ignorant and don't get anything of you said between them.

    They can re-balance the game, can't they?

    They can make some mods where the tanks are not so rare. So tanks are rare because maps aren't big enough otherwise the teams would have infinite tanks and you still get tanks even after you are out of them.
  9. NO
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  10. they cant do anything about tank-maps and ather stuff...COZ TANKS ARE SUCKS IN THIS GAME

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