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Crowdfunding / kickstarter ressurection of EC

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Djemo-SRB, Aug 16, 2018.


Would you spend additional money on a potential crowdfunding for EC?

  1. I would

  2. I might consider it, depending on how serious/impactful the additons are

  3. No, i would not

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  1. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    This game is not salvageable. There are no further avenues of evolution to expand this game.

    - We have Space Marines without Codex Astartes, geneseed, brotherhood and all that stuff. We have Chaos Space Marines without Chaos. We have Orkz without Waaagh, without Oddboyz, without Nobz, without any cultural traits that make Orkz orky. We have Eldar without scheming and without prophecy. (Yet more evidence that the devs just muddled along and never had a long-term plan for this game.)
    And those things cannot be added NOW because that would alter the whole metagame from bottom to top.

    - Terminators cannot be added because they would break the class-balancing.

    - Bikes cannot be added because that would make a redesign of every single map necessary.

    - Walkers cannot be added because that would break the vehicle-meta.

    - Scouts/Imperial Guard and all that stuff cannot be added because they would break the class-balancing.

    - Flyers cannot be added because that would make a redesign of every single map necessary.

    - Larger maps? Not possible because TTK is so short and you need spawn-points everywhere.

    - Large-scale tank-battles? Well, the devs balanced the game to make tanks rarer.

    The only future game-content that realistically still is achievable is cosmetics. And who would crowdfund that.
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  2. NO
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  3. they cant do anything about tank-maps and ather stuff...COZ TANKS ARE SUCKS IN THIS GAME
  4. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    The Codex Astartes is in lore basically the manual that makes Space Marines so good at teamwork. Accordingly, the Space Marine faction in EC should have some kind of unique game-mechanic or bonus that is about teamwork.

    Khorne is not simply an item that gives you life-steal. Khorne is when you lose yourself in such a rage that you stop caring whom you kill. Khorne is when you kill your teammates in blind rage and get a reward for that.
    Tzeentch is not simply an item that replenishes your armour faster. Tzeentch is when you lie. Tzeentch is when you sacrifice your whole team for your personal advantage.
    Slaanesh is not simply an item that makes you run faster. Slaanesh is when more and more and more will never be enough. Slaanesh is a journey of excess, pleasure and excitement that ends when your body finally gives out and you die.
    Nurgle is not simply an item that makes you tougher. Nurgle is the pain and suffering that will never go away. Nurgle is pestilence, infection and corruption. Nurgle infects the flesh, the ground and the very mind.

    The CSM faction in EC is just too sanitary.

    Where in EC is the Ork-principle that the best fighter is automatically the leader of a group?
    Where in EC is the blind, bestial rage that drives an Ork forward during the Waaagh?
    Where is the unbridled joy of not giving a f**k, of doing something really, really stupid and surviving it anyways because Orkz are just tough?

    Where in EC are the Eldar manipulating the other races?
    Where in EC is the ability of the Eldar to foresee troop-movements of opposing armies?

    Take away the visuals and the names. What is there left to tell you that the four races come from WH40k?
    The four races in EC are basically Generic Faction version 1, Generic Faction version 2, Generic Faction tough version and Generic Faction glasscannon version.

    Take for example Starcraft. Three races, and each has a unique playstyle with unique units, unique game-mechanics and unique strategies.

    And rebalancing the game? There is no time for balancing the game! This is not Beta! This is a launched game that must function and that must keep players happy! They cannot afford to break their game even more on the off-chance that they will find out few a months later what the value for this or that new parameter should have been all along.

    The maps are big enough for tank-battles. Just remove some of the debris that is intentionally blocking the roads and we can have massive tank-battles.

    Nathan said in Summer 2017 that they have a half-finished tank-battle map. But who needs that when we can have yet another infantry-exclusive map with crappy, nonsensical building-designs that look like those fake plywood-buildings police use to train for urban shootouts.
  5. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Don't talk about maps.
    All the newish maps in this game are terrible.
    They suck more slong than Slaanesh on a friday night.

    Map making 1 o 1 says:
    Even my 9 y old daughter understands this and she hasn't played more than animal farm on IOS.

    Now look at our new map..
    No death zone around the spawn points.
    Various terrain features that makes it REALLY EFFING EZ MODE to just wait till some nub head spawns and than rofl stomp his ass back to the respawn screen right in his own respawn zone.
    Because that's how you keep people playing your game .. yup.
    And all the while there are unused parts of the map that to me clearly look like they have been put there to be the respawn zone.. nice and inclosed with various routes to the 3 points just add a death zone around it and you'd have the perfect spawn zone.

    They even effing tested it .. I was there, I gave the feedback . I sad it sucked, other sad it sucked. and it still ended up going to live servers unchanged.

    So whatever man .
    Its almost like they want this game to die.
  6. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    A Slong is a small Xenos species that is a genetic variation of the species that is known under its latin name of Trouser Anguis.
    It's a parasitic creature that's known to be able to take over the mind of lesser developed humans.
    Some people even speculate that it's a smaller more parasitic variation of the Tyranid strain that also produced Old One Eye.

    Also its prefered environment has been documented by Tech Priests of Mars to be a dark and damp space.
    In normal humans its mind control ability has been documented to be curable if a Sanctioned Psyker can project a mental image of the hosts naked grandmother straight into the victims frontal cortex.

    Astartes Space Marines seem to be immune to its effects which has been speculated to be do to the Emperor's perfect biological design of his Astartes.

    Here is a rare picture of one caught in the wild on the Imperial Argo World of Istaball VI.
  7. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    Easy: Give the LSMs something unique that has to do with teamwork.

    The basic point of Chaos is that as a mortal follower you try to ascend to daemonhood or die trying. CSMs are bombastic assholes, consumed by their feelings of obsession, revenge and hatred.
    So, Yes, the CSM-faction should have something that awards a player for being selfish.

    On the other hand, Orks are driven by a tribal mentality. The Ork-faction should have something that is about being a teamplayer and not being selfish.

    And Eldar don't just launch themselves into suicidal attacks. They carefully pick their battles, bolstered by intelligence gathered through manipulation and prophecy.

    If BE had actually cared about making the races unique, they would at least have tried to make them in accordance with lore.

    Having different stats already counts as a game-mechanic?

    If another game has a faction that speaks bad english and is tough, would that make them WH40k-Orks?

    You talk about finetuning content that has been in the game forever. I talk about balancing a new feature that has never been tested in the large scale.
  8. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    Listen... If you want to troll on this forum, you have to step up your game. That shit is weak.
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  9. tenor.gif
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  10. Nibs Nibs Active Member

    Game mechanics that reward team play (Space Marines using unit cohesion):

    +X damage mitigation, or healing done/received, or damage output per squad mate nearby
    +X xp when fighting near objective marked by squad leader (already exists in game)
    -Y to all of the above when acting like a lone wolf

    Ork waaaagh-iness:
    all of the above, but only when moving forward towards the enemy and/or when surrounded by danger-close enemies
    Some kind of metric that auto-promotes the "best"/"toughest" player to squad leader every 30 seconds

    Can see enemy waypoints on map, see enemy chat, hear enemy voice chat when within range

    +X damage output, -Y damage mitigation per second of combat, returning to neutral when out of combat for so many seconds
    No penalty for team killing (might encourage griefing though...)

    Player suffers X disease damage per second, this DoT effect can be passed onto target when successfully hit. So not fighting will eventually kill the Nurgle CSM from their own disease DoT

    No ideas for Slaanesh and Tzeentch as I'm meant to be doing my actual job at the moment :)
  11. You ever played the game?! Banners pretty much give those bonuses.

    Also not getting a bonus is kinda equal to getting a malus (or in other words: if you get a malus when you don't get a bonus, you're never in a neutral state).

    Honestly! Did you play the game? Khorne goes with melee primary which does no team damage already.

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