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Crowdfunding / kickstarter ressurection of EC

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Djemo-SRB, Aug 16, 2018.


Would you spend additional money on a potential crowdfunding for EC?

  1. I would

  2. I might consider it, depending on how serious/impactful the additons are

  3. No, i would not

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  1. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Okay so, i want to make it perfectly clear from the start that i really have no trust in bE as a company considering their track record of shafting this community and cutting off promised pieces of this project month-in-month-out. They have, by their irresponsible actions, made sure i steer away from any of their future projects until i see a finished working product.

    And yet i have to ask, is this community willing to give bE another shot at giving us at least a piece of the promise that was flaunted around by them all those years ago? Now you might wonder why, even after what i wrote above, would i even consider asking this question? Okay so the reason is not because i have this great trust in them, not that i feel deep inside that they deserve a shot at it again considering how they stripped this game of most all its devs without a care in the world.

    The reason is the following, i feel like this is it. If this game gets shut down completely no company will consider making a 40k, 4 faction, large scale combat, third person shooter in our lifetime. They will take one look at what happened to EC and say "fuck it, not trying that myself". Thats my opinion, i feel that games very rarely get a "second shot" so to speak. Take Age or Reckoning for example, this game was far more successful than Eternal Crusade. And now that its dead, even if it was a decently successful game, noone is planning to make another Warhammer Fantasy based MMO (community attempts like Return of Reckoning, while admirable, are not a second attempts). Even with the success and popularity Warhammer Fantasy is having with games like Total War: Warhammer , we arent going to be getting a new Fantasy MMO. I guess someone can bring up Dark Millennium as an argument, but that game never really released, so it wouldnt qualify as a "first attempt".

    Thats basically it, the reason id consider giving money one more time is because im pretty certain we wont be having a second shot at this kind of 40k game in the future. Nathan did hint at some sort of a potential crowdfund ages ago, so id assume these are hopes of having finances to justify getting a proper dev team again from bE. Of course, even with the crowdfunding, id only give money if this was focusing on the most important thing to make this game last. A Terminator will not be worth it, noones going to stay for Terminators. Nor will anyone stay for a two-handed weapon set.

    The thing this crowdfunding attempt would need to focus on to make me even consider putting money into it is as follows:

    1) Warlord system: This needs to be in, this is what will turn this game from a stupid lobby shooter into something with more tactics involved. With such a system in place it would also be allot easier to expand on the squad system as well, since if you are adding warlord powers its the next logical step to use the same system to add squad leader powers (squad teleport beacons anyone?).

    2) Proper game modes: The current "run around swapping colors on panels till a timer runs out" modes are both unenganging and unimaginative. They are boring and forgettable and further justify why people treat this game as a "quick fix". And rather than better this the devs have decided to work on a "5v5" gamemode thats even more dumb and simplistic in nature, making it an even "quicker fix" kind of game. This game would need to get new gamemodes, gamemodes that feel like a mission or a mini-campaign on the map itself. Hack something, break this, secure this, escort that. For fucks sake gamemodes had a "narrative" in video games since time immemorial, Unreal Tournament comes to mind. The crowdfund campaign would need to bring gamemodes that feel like actual scenarios that are happening in a Warhammer universe, not some glorified capture the flag nonsense, or even worse a 5v5 gladiator-esque arena....

    3) Interactive map: Since we certainly cant crowdfund something like a Planetside 2 kind of continent fight, at least make it so that each won and lost match has an influence on the world map. I know that it is to a small extent kind of already that in the game, but it need to be expanded upon. For example if you want to fight on another continent you have to capture the edge territories of the continent which have those connecting lines so you can go and fight on that continent. Then start up campaigns where certain factions need to capture some continent. Im just spitballing, im no dev, but in general there needs to be more done with the world map to make it feel like your fights matter. Planetside 2 is just a continent coloring simulator most of the time really, and its still played to this day despite its simplicity in its world map approach.

    All of the above would turn this game into a whole other game, a game that would be generally unique on the market and draw people in again. Cosmetics and the like can be done by Steam Workshop, so wasting crowdfunding on that is not going to help imo. And hell, if anything is going to draw further revenue into the game is having a good and replayable game, which i feel the above 3 things would create.

    So yeah, feel free to contribute your thoughts and possible ideas/wishes as to what you want to see in a possible crowdfunding campaign.
  2. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    hope is the first step on the road to disappointment
  3. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    in the past i told them if they need kickstarter, the answer is no

    because they have the money

    look at the game now crap
  4. Not just no, hell no. With all the negativity and stigma attached to this game there is no way a Kickstarter would work. I fall into the camp of just letting this game die and hoping someone picks up the IP and does something proper with it.
  5. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

  6. Gravord Gravord Active Member

    Let it die and maybe in few years serious company will make a new 40k shooter worth our time and money. Behaviour can go bankrupt, fair end for their business practice and product quality.
  7. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Just like that? Never. If there was a certainty they would deliver the things I care about: absolutely.

    I would support a kickstarter if I actually thought they would get only near enough money to do anything with it or if I thought the parent-company had any plans with the game. Without doubting our devs: They don't! EC has crashed and been salvaged, they keep it running exactly as long as they have to and then shut it down, regardless of what we do or how good/bad the game does.

    More money for EC ?? Yeah...... sure why not !

    More money for Nathan and Behaviour ??? Hell NO !!! Over my dead body !!!

    ( Sorry Jbregg you the good guy )
  9. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Link thread !!
  10. Krayt Krayt Preacher

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