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Cross-Faction PVE

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by ProteusVM, Jul 28, 2017.


Which option do you prefer?

  1. Allow all factions to team up, ex: 1 csm, 1 eldar, 1 ork, 1 lsm in 1 group

  2. Allow only alliances (LSM & Eldar & Orks, Chaos & Orks.)

  3. I don't agree with this concept.

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  1. KillSlim KillSlim Prefectus

    From the last edition of 40K there was an alliance chart which dictated which armies could ally with each other, some of the factions like Orks and Dark Eldar would only side if the end was nigh. Specifically the term which described their alliance from the book was "Come the Apocalypse". I would describe a Tyranid invasion an Apocalypse.

    I could realistically see at a stretch the 4 factions in game temporarily fighting together. Weirder shit has happened in the lore, and I'm not talking just about now-redacted codexes.

    Edit: I know it's fairly tough to justify (Don't wanna ruin that deep Arkhona EC lore right?) but getting into PvE is borderline impossible in the game's current state. Allowing all factions to team up would fix this.
  2. [VI] Benjamin Benjamin9 Steam Early Access

    This is an amazing idea, relic did it in DOW 2's last stand mode. this would bring some life to PVE.
  3. Details Details The Spriteful

    On the one hand, it sounds cool
    On the other, chaos psychic powers helping space marines and orkoid fluids rejuvenating eldar physiology

    If the problem is just numbers to form a team, regardless of composition: just make a button that makes you queue for all 4 factions at the same time and drop you into the first of them that gets enough queueing for a group, no?
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  4. Saphirone Water_Snake Steam Early Access

    Considering how it was in the Last Stand with everybody getting rez by the necron overlord, I think we can state it will not be the first time.
  5. Lutek Lutek Steam Early Access

    I would kill myself If I had to ally with Heretics. Can't agree with this "thing" at all.
  6. Details Details The Spriteful

    [random dark angels joke here [​IMG]]
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  7. Lutek Lutek Steam Early Access

    Dark Angels are heretics too. :SMAngry:

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