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Cross-Faction PVE

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by ProteusVM, Jul 28, 2017.


Which option do you prefer?

  1. Allow all factions to team up, ex: 1 csm, 1 eldar, 1 ork, 1 lsm in 1 group

  2. Allow only alliances (LSM & Eldar & Orks, Chaos & Orks.)

  3. I don't agree with this concept.

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  1. Imperator5 Imperator5 Well-Known Member

    We really should try to tell the devs of this idea. IF it is possible, SM+Eldar and CSM+Ork would really help, though the lore is already out of the window and pve numbers are so low that a free for all may be better.
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  2. Ernaddon elDorado Steam Early Access

    wow, that aliances pic is wery useful
    nobody want to play with nids(
    sad nids post
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  3. Other way around, brother. There is no conceivable way the Tyranids will consider an alliance. We are all food and not a one of their kind has tried diplomacy, or negotiation, or displayed anything more than the sheer animal cunning of a tiger.
  4. Tyranthius Tyranthius Well-Known Member

    I remember back in the old days of this game's development they were discussing about PvE groups running into each other in the "caverns" where you fight the Tyranids.
  5. This would make pve unique with many different group options. I say yes.
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  6. Fangz Fangz Confessor

  7. For the sake of even having PvE matches as some factions, i say do it. Let all factions queue up with each other
  8. Nathan Richardsson Oveur Senior Producer

    Sad to say, this will never happen. Faction vs same Faction, or mixed groupings are strictly off limits. It is with almost all games I can remember, with some exceptions.

    But hey, never say never, never!
  9. The concern - which I'm sure you know - is that many PvE players feel like filling a 5-man team is near impossible, which makes more than a few problems in PvE nearly impossible to tackle. The most obvious example is the Warriors, because you're EITHER geared to handle the horde or you're geared to handle the Warriors - you don't have the LP to account for both in most cases. I've 2-manned Horde maps through abusing the maps themselves, but the point of these PvE modes is 5-man teams and (especially on non-LSM) sometimes its impossible to find 5 people willing to play PvE.
  10. Nathan Richardsson Oveur Senior Producer

    Yes, of course I know, but it makes no difference for us getting permission for breaking lore like that :)

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