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Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Demetri_Dominov, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    Crafting has been confirmed in the game and I know it's not necessarily of the utmost importance in terms of the core of the game but I do have some suggestions that could help it remain an interesting side focus of the game. Please, feel free to add your own ideas as you read.

    Since players "will not be hitting a hammer to an anvil," to create their gear, could their at least be some sort of crafting page in the interface with a techmarine /weirdboy/heretek/wraithsinger uplink with a "live feed" of the artisan shop in your strike cruiser hammering away at an anvil for us? Something I never really connected with in my game in terms of crafting was the immersion of actually crafting something. I believe you're completely right in taking the doldrums of crafting out of the equation, but having the illusion of mechanization / magics crafting things for us in the background when we need it (wherever we need it!) is a powerful thing to think about.

    Consider the following. A squad of SM's go into Tyranid territory and start engaging the enemy with normal bolter rounds. A situation arises where their normal bolter rounds are not sufficient to complete the mission. The players can then request their NPC techmarine on board the strike cruiser to craft them inferno rounds and grav chute them to their location. They do so by hailing him through his vox channel (a dedicated page on their interface) where they see him working at his station on a "video feed". When the request is made, he changes his direction and begins operating machines that create the rounds en mass. If a tank is requested, players see him move to the fabrication station and begin to awaken it's machine spirit ect. The SM's hold out long enough for the order to be complete and the drop is complete allowing the SM's to turn the tide.

    The drops also alert enemy players of their location and are a surefire way of attracting enemy attention unless equipped properly.

    I wanted to put special emphasis on "Auto-Crafting" (allowing NPC's to do the grunt work of crafting) because of how removed crafting is from the concept of fighting (destruction vs. creation). Crafting like we have experienced from most MMORPG's should be almost completely thrown out the window. EC should focus on Meta-Crafting like EvE online and most RTS games do. It should be kept simple, but remain just as visceral as the rest of the game. It should be fast paced and scream a sort of Frankenstien's industrialization. In terms of Art Design, I don't want to have to just wait for my Techmarine to create 1,000 rounds of ammunition on a wooden desk, I want to be struck in awe of the process of forging them and then watching a robotic assembly line pump them out at terrifying speeds.

    What keeps the Meta-Crafting in the hands of players is that they can ask a Techmarine to strip apart their gear in a digital, pyschic, warp, or an Orkish realm; each section able to be scrutinized, upgraded, customized, or replaced at the command of the player. I personally would love to see a tank "exploded" into as many parts as the art team would like to allow much in the same way as Iron Man's holofield; each bit able to be seen and compartmentalized, then reassembled and allowed into the care of the Techmarine to "put on deck" for assembly.

    I'd really hope for, in terms of size and scale, that the central control room of a guild's/strike force's armory, it would be on the scale and beauty of something like this:


    It's time to completely throw material based crafting out the window in all but "Master Crafted" products. Battle earned Requisition is must. As in DoW, each player got a small base of Requisition no matter how well they were doing, allowing them to make basic purchases to upgrade and expand their base / troops. More territory control meant that they could expand and upgrade even more quickly until they got to an optimal point of territory control. The same should be true in EC. Players spawn for free and can be equipped with a standard weapon - i.e a Bolter with no upgrades. They also retain their perks. Grenades, upgrades, and different equipment (Gun's, grenades, ect.) must all be requested from their armory. Those in charge of Logistics on board Strike Cruisers can outfit the Cruiser Assembly to mass produce a certain build and drastically reduce the price players must pay to use it: For example Spearhead Assault - Storm Bolter, flash grenades, ect. would support a certain type of warfare.

    What makes it more exciting is that our Strike Cruiser needs constant care to continue to run at optimal. Leaving it to the ravages of time, space, and the warp will eventually cause some systems to run slow or fail altogether, even though the Strike Cruiser itself will never perish or falter. Players themselves may not necessarily have to put on rubber gloves and scrub the deck, but players in charge of logistics may not want to keep the Plasma Reactor open for long, the Forge Kiln running needlessly, the Artisan's Assembly working at full tilt, or the Warp Drive active unless absolutely necessary. Images of Fantasia's Mickey Mouse the Wizard's Apprentice comes to mind.. especially if you're chaos - you'd may even have to work to mop up the mess of a thousand Nurglings in your Strike Cruiser if somebody falls asleep at the controls.

    Hopefully, players will make these mistakes, and hopefully there will always be interesting ways to solve them. Shooting 1,000 encapsulated Nurglings at an enemy position could turn a humiliating mistake into a tactically halarious - even advantagous - prospect.

    TL: DR: I hope that Logistics and Crafting aren't just sitting around helping battlefield commanders issue orders. Helping support the war effort by optimizing the capabilities of allied forces through the Strike Cruiser seems much more likable. By being able to utilize the power of industrialization, old time MMORPG crafting soars out the window and becomes a far more exciting prospect of balancing its awesome force to get players what they need when they need it, or at least have them available when those in charge of the assembly aren't there.
  2. Azurose Azurose Member

    Great post! I know i could see crafting trophies and field bases/outposts, but i could not really see a space marine gathering resources. I always love crafting and would love to see an in depth crafting system!
  3. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    Thanks! Do you think that there's anything that could be added to the idea? I hope I can get a dev response to this as well :D
  4. Azurose Azurose Member

    Besides actual players being the tech marines (and w/e else for other races) and being able to change their squad/companies performance on the field without actually going to the strike cruiser would be better i think.
  5. Revenlear Revenlear Subordinate

    Could you please link the page where Crafting was confirmed? Would be nice to read it first.
  6. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    Well that's the thing, the Techmarine stays on the ship and shoots care packages at you whenever you need it. You can assemble the care packages the way you want them.
  7. Azurose Azurose Member

    I have read a few 40k books , mainly the ultramarine omnibi , where techmarines went down planet side with the company.
  8. Revenlear Revenlear Subordinate

    First of all, thanks. They didn't actually say something about care packages though. I'd like it to be that way: You give him orders while still on the ship, and then grab your equipment before dropping in. Once you get back to the ship, you can collect what he made in the meantime and restart the whole process. Care packages should be rarely used, maybe you might need some resources for them.
    Some basic "crafting" should be doable by yourself, let's say improving your weapon by using other materials and/or adding parts like a silencer or a longer barrel.
  9. interesting idea, maybe he could only make a small amount of said ammo at a time. As i was under the impression that making large amount of ammo would be left up to the manufactorum your factions have captured, which our then supplied resources from mines you have also captured.

    Tho i could be totally wrong
  10. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    @ Azurose - You're right, but it's unlikely for a chapter to have more than a handful of Techmarines and would not be present in a battle unless absolutely needed - usually to repair damage to tanks.

    @ Revenlear - NP. You're right, they didn't, I wanted to move away from direct crafting and have it more battle orientated. In the heat of battle players aren't likely to just teleport back to their ship, refit, and then drop back in. Of course, preparing for it before hand is a must, but having that emergency outfit of supplies may turn the battle at a crucial point in the battle when it is needed most. I'm in accord with you about needing resources for them because I'm almost at the point where I'm assuming that almost everything will need resources to run in the game. Having other penalties - time for restocking, reloading, ect. are just as critical as to not just rain down random crates of crap to players for no rhyme or reason.

    Field kitting your stuff is completely appropriate and I fully support it!
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