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Could the Eternal Crusade be won?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Azathoth, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. Kunitsa Kunitsa Well-Known Member

    Well, Planetside is not THAT different and neither 1 or 2 has/had that much problems. Those Continents also did not grow old THAT fast, yes you have the typical Hotspots most of the time but you also have 1-5 times a Day where you visit Places you almost never visit which freshes it up a little.

    And Faction splintering. How much of the Players want to join the Marines? Around 50%? I would bet 50% of that Number are Guard/Inquisition/SoB Fans that just want to Stay within the Imperium. Splintering this FAction would actually balance Things more out than anything else.. huh..

    If there is a Flaw it's that the Game starts around the Tactical Marine Level which is like skipping 40% of possible Content of 40k. And at least for me, it's killing the immersion if Marines drop dead like Soviets charging an MG-Nest. But it's too late to Look into that.
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  2. In one twitch they said that the plan is to add a continent in the far future if the game is running well. Could be kind of a big addon instead of the regular updates, but for sure not before 2 years after launch I guess...if at all. We will have to see ;)

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