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Cool Simple Solution To Low Ork Players/interest.

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Waaaaaagh, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. Krakza Krakza Well-Known Member

    That particular meme is something that's very easy to use.

    And you didn't use it properly.

    Ya done goof'd son.

    Is it just me, or is the problem not the Orks' popularity as a race, and more the type of popularity? I think the best phrase I can describe the Orks with is "everyone's favourite lambs to the slaughter". They love them as the "funny, hordey AI enemy", not to play as them.

    Which is a shame really.
  2. I think you are describing the Tyranids there :D

    I think you're right, though - Ork fans love how they bumble about and screw up all the time while still getting stuff done, it's their nature.
  3. Wotz rong wiff da orks? were da mienest an hardest an fightiest of all da races in da galaxy. We'll show tem on Arkhona once more.
  4. Technically possible. Allods did it.
    But Allods is not a shooting game, neither does it have overly complex physics.

    This was discussed quite a lot. Even I presented it for the IGs.
    But many problems were found: like if one aims, how will everyone shoot in the same time without, say - one at the back hitting the other at the front by accidental aim overlapping.
    Cover becomes a problem as it is hard to make all 20 Orks hide.
    Grenades will be quite devastating.

    But the biggest problem is server performance. Having so many characters will slow it down without question. Our PCs won't handle it. Imagion it runs fine, but then Orks become a trend. Everyone becomes an Ork and controls the mob. Server (and computer, perhaps) crash is imminent.
    So yeah.

    One other suggestion was drastically increase or decrease the respawn time for a faction. For instance, since Space Marines outnumber the Orks currently by around 5 times, a Space Marine may respawn in a minute, while an Ork in 5 seconds. However, this too may cause problems of repetitiveness and hopelessness as the Ork players will be simply forced to run and die against the Horde of Space Marines to eventually weaken them, or not at all.
  5. Timaes Timmy88 Preacher

    Boyz in the tabletop can use a Big Shoota or a Rokkit Launcha.
  6. Krooza Nob Bozz KroozaNob Well-Known Member

    Then doesn't this automatically make them lootas and tankbuztas? The ork classes basically depends by which weapon they are wielding, so it doesn't make sense the idea for a boy to have a specific gun wthat doesn't have a particular role...
  7. Na, most Ork classes are based on their preferences and personality and not their weapons, though the weapons tend to follow those closely - Lootas love looting and therefor obviously have the biggest guns in the WAAAGH called Deffguns, and Tankbustas are hunters like men hunt animals, though they go for bigger, more metalic targets instead. The younger posers closely follow one veteran hunter, who are usually a Skarboy or Nob.
  8. Timaes Timmy88 Preacher

    Lootas are armed with Deffguns by default in the codex, which are a lot larger than a simple Big Shoota.

    Tankbustas are armed with Rokkit Launchas by default in the codex (while a Boy must be upgraded into one). They also have special Tankbusta Bombs. Their Rokkit Launchas can be upgraded to Tankhammers (Basically a Rokkit on a Stikk).

    Look at it from an advancement perspective. A Tankbusta starts with a Rokkit Launcha and special anti-tank 'grenades', as well as the ability to eventually replace the Rokkit Launcha with a special anti-tank melee weapon. Both the Tankbusta Bomb and the Tankhammer is something only Tankbustas can take.

    The Lootas, on the other hand, aren't given the option to replace their Deffguns in the codex. For the sake of game advancement, they can start with Big Shootas (Or even a Twink-Linked or Kombi-Shoota) and advance into the Deffgun. Or they can go the Dawn of War II path and have them start with the Deffgun and have it advance into unlocking an anti-vechile Beamy Deffgun (Which doesn't exist in the Ork Codex).

    Now look at the boy. They start with either a Slugga and Choppa or a Shoota. If they want to get a Big Shoota or a Rokkit Launcha, they have to advance into them. They don't get them automatically.

    Edited: Just to show ya:
    Loota with Deffgun

    Tankbusta, notice the multiple rokkits on the rokkit launchas, Tankbustas tend to have 2 - 3 rokkits on their launchers that fire all at once.

    Ork Boyz with Rokkit Launchas. Note: Only 1 rokkit on the launchas, they're not as good lookin' as the Tankbustas' and so on.

    Ork Boy with Bigshoota
    This is one of my own boyz. Notice that the big shoota isn't as impressive as a Deffgun.
  9. Wait... No, Lootas get Deffguns by default, and nothing else, don't they? Well, they can upgrade one to three gits to a Mek, but that's basically it, isn't it?
  10. Timaes Timmy88 Preacher

    XD I think your mind just confused you. I know the game is going to have advancements, but in the codex they only have Deffguns and can't get anything else (the first line of that paragraph). The rest of that paragraph is me explaining what could be done for the sake of character advancement in terms of the game.

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