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Converting Crimson Slaughter To World Eaters... Doable?

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Psychopski, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. Are Forge World accessories, specifically shoulder pads, interchangeable with GW minis? I'm looking at picking up some Chaos SM's from GW, and using some Forge World World Eaters Shoulder pads and other bits to flesh them out.

    Would a Blood Red paint scheme with either Vallejo Liquid Gold... "Gold" or "Old Gold" work for the WE Blood Red and Brass paint scheme? I have the full line of Liquid Gold colors, and really love the Gold and Old Gold for doing bright work.
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  3. Králgor Kralgor Ordinate

    It is very doable! That is what I did with my crimson slaughter from the DV set. Starting out I would keep things simple, a few fleshtones, some red/s and some bronze colors do the trick. You will also need some green and blue for the WE icon. As you get more comfortable with painting then I would recommend you branch put more with your color scheme and try different things to keep your army from looking like factory pressed clones. Some simple GW paints that will make things your painting look great are blood for tyecblood God, ryza rust(don't think I spelled it right) and nurln oil. Those three simple paints can really bring things alive. As far as painting goes I cannot recommend using a wet pallet enough! It will make even the most mediocre paint jobs look 1000x better! As for attempting to paint the WE icon I have still not found a method that I am pleased with, and I can't recommend using the sticker thingies that come with a most kits. Many people like them and can make them look good, but I am definitely not a fan of them. I would recommend getting some greenstuff and sculpting your own icons on the shoulder pad. It will not only look good being 3D but it will give your army a personal touch that others won't have. Lastly my advice to you is to not go CSM for tabletop as doing a WE khorne flavor army is just simply not as competitive as doing chaos unaligned. What I would recommend is going Khorne Daemonkin, they are very competitive have some really fun rules, and allow you to field Khornate daemons with your army, as well as all of the units that WE would would have fluff wise. I was completely thrilled when the Daemonkin came out because my original idea for my army was highly inspired by the WE in the 40k battles book "Legion of the Damned" not the best book if you are wanting a story about the LOTD but a very good book none the less.
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  4. Králgor Kralgor Ordinate

    All FW minis are the compatible with GWs models. like Supreme Ironside said though, they may take more work to get a good fit, or to put them together apposed to basic GW plastic parts.
  5. Just so you know, i'm adding pictures of that breacher's helmet to my fap folder.

    Please and thank you. :3
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  6. I made that helmet by removing the visor of a Brettonian Knight's helmet and attaching it to a basic SM plastic head.
    Not as simple as it sounds, but not too complicated either.
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  7. As someone who splices heads and converts everything he sees, i love it.

    Really well done mate!
  8. As far as rules go, there are no official World Eaters rules for 40k to my knowledge, maybe soon because of the GW rumors but who knows. Forge World 30k they have Legion rules, but for Chaos there's Vanilla, Black Legion and Crimson Slaughter. Khorne Daemonkin would however very easily allow you to use an extra Khorny World Eaters formation, I hear the rules are on the upper tiers in regards to power, Imperial Armor 13 War Machines of the Lost and the Damned also has some powerful vehicles, several of which are Khorne themed such as the Brass Scorpion and Blood Slaughterer. All these are considered battle brothers, or as far as Forge World goes supplements to groups such as Chaos Space Marines or Daemons, don't think Daemonkin was released when it was published. There are also rules for Chaos God marked Dreadnaughts, Contemptor as well as Ferum Infernus if you don't want to use a vanilla Hellbrute.

    In any case, there are no special rules for World Eaters 40k that I know of, but you can use any of these other rule sets and additions. I find it highly unlikely that anyone would protest if you used Crimson Slaughter rules for World Eater models, unless the guys in your area are really uptight. They can't seriously complain about Daemonkin cause it's official GW, and Forge World stuff is technically official too, unless you use Horus Heresy stuff because they appear to be rather strong rules, though I've never actually seen World Eaters in action.

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