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Converting Crimson Slaughter To World Eaters... Doable?

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Psychopski, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. I have the Dark Vengeance starter set, and I'm new to TT and painting miniatures. I've painted some of the Dark Angels from the set, and I'm about to start in on the Crimson Slaughter Chosen squad.

    I've been reading the HH and have read several other 40K novels, I'm thinking I'd like to start a World Eaters Army.... they seem to be right down my alley as far as their reputation and fighting style. Are the World Eaters competitive in TT? Anyone run World Eaters on TT that could shed some light?

    Would it be acceptable to convert the Crimson Slaughter mini's in the DV set to World Eaters? I'm thinking I could use the Chosen tactical squad with Vrosh Tattersoul as just another squaddie. I could use the "named" Crimson Slaughter Captains and Chapter Master as a World Eaters HQ, and add in a World Eaters banner bearer. Fill out the rest of the Army with some of the official World Eaters units and named characters .

    There aren't really any left shoulder pads open for decals or World Eaters icons, and the shoulder pads aren't interchangeable in the DV set like they are in the standard GW kits, so I can't just use World Eaters shoulder pads. Any suggestions as to how to make my Crimson Slaughter look more like World Eaters?

    I'm also using this series of tutorials to paint my Chosen and other Chaos mini's from the DV set. Go to 11:50 for the paint scheme and group photo.


    Are the red colors in this series acceptable for World Eaters? Or is there another accepted color of Red that I should be using?
  2. Only as 40K World Eaters.
    Though most WE are perceived as Khorne Berzerkers, I suppose you could do a Khorne-only CSM army and have them as WE with Khorne Berzerkers.

    You can use plasticard bits to form the WE symbol, you just need a disk of it, maybe some rough bits to form 'continents' on the disk, plus two more plasticard bits to form the jaws.
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  3. As in post Heresy? ie not the pre Heresy Forge World stuff?

    Several of the Crimson Slaughter have unadorned right shoulder pads, all the left shoulder pads have mutations. Would it be acceptable to put World Eaters transfers on the right shoulder? I realize that other than Death Watch, most if not all Loyalist and Chaos Chapters have their Chapter icons on the left...

    As far as the Khorne theme, I already have several Khorne bits I've been adding to the mini's.

    Which shade of Red are WE usually painted? I have several from Citadel and Vallejo.
  4. Right Shoulder Pads are fine for Legion heraldry, they used to do it when the left was studded.

    For the paint scheme I suggest starting with Khorne Red, Evil Sunz Scarlet, maybe Wild Rider Red.
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  5. Given their overall look, design and aesthetic, quite easily. While The-Mad-Magos has accurately pointed out that most traditional forms of World Eaters are presented as Khorne Berserkers, given how fragmented the old legions are there's a great deal of leeway as to how you make them.

    If you do want suggestions of what motifs to carry over, there are a few basic traits which all warbands tend to carry. Khornate symbols and skulls are obvious ones, but many do have chains wrapped about their forearms and their armour tends to be noticeably more ruined than their many counterparts. This could come from small chips and signs of rust about the edges of their joints to more extensive damage depending upon how you wanted to present them. What's more, you could easily add the butcher's nails to the backs of the helmets if you were feeling ambitious but that might take time and effort.

    If you do need additional parts, eBay tends to have a selection of shoulder pads, chain axes and the like on offer from a few sellers.
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  6. Great info guys, many thanks.

    I think I'm going to pick up transfer sheets from Forge World, and go with the WE icons on the right shoulders on the minis that dont have mutations on both sides. Are the metal etchings worth messing around with? I've never used them and see Forge World has both WE transfers and the etchings. I wouldn't mind giving them a shot just for the experience, if they're worth a damn.

    Unfortunately the Dark Vengeance set doesn't have the usual interchangeable arms, heads, shoulders, weapons, ect, so I'll have to make due with the few Khorne bits(sheathed Berserker swords, knives, skulls on chains, chaos holsters/pistols, ect) I bought a while back.

    I'll have to check out some videos on youtube and pick up the suggested shades of red. I really like the WE bold/bright red from THQ Space Marine. I've also seen a few photo's of blue trim here and there in artwork and on some post Heresy WE mini's. Is the post heresy blue trim along with the overall red paint scheme to honor their past? Or is it just people improvising?

    And thanks for the bit on roughing up my mini's a bit. I prefer the battle damaged look anyway, I use a dremel for minor scuffs, scrapes, ect.

    As far as research on WE, I'm trying not to read up too much at Wiki and Lexicanum because I'm still reading HH(Fulgrim currently) and Istvaan V hasn't gone down yet. I don't want any spoilers popping up when I'm browsing Wiki for paint schemes.

    I'll get some pics up in the next week or so, once I figure out which red i'm going with. Thanks again guys.
  7. The FW brass etch is good, especially on flat surfaces. But you need to heat it up and shape it for a curved surface.
    But the FW transfer-sheets have a lot of symbols on them with the HH ones having some symbols from before a Legion was re-named.

    Do you have any Black Templar arms?
    I ask as they got the idea of chaining weapons to their arms from the WE.

    If you want to read up on the World Eaters I suggest the short story After Desh'ea, and the novel Betrayer.
    Lots on the WE, with the latter revealing Angron's homeworld. There's also the HH Rulebook: Betrayal which has a lot on the WE including what they were like and called before they were reunited with Angron.

    As for colours, one of the stories is that between Istvaan and the end of the Heresy most WE did not wash their armour and that the blood spilled upon it, plus the influence of Khorne, changed their colour scheme to Khorne's Red and Brass/Bronze colours.

    Here's a link to my take on the Pre-Heresy World Eaters Colour Scheme:

    Then there's this thread with a whole lot of official WE artwork:
  8. You would actually be fairly safe going through the wiki up to a certain point in the legion's history. If you draw the line at when Isstvan V takes place, you'll be able to read everything from their early foundings on Terra to events during the Great Crusade and eventual turn to heresy. Much of this is information taken from the Horus Heresy tabletop gaming books and, so far as I can tell, it's all fairly accurate on that end.

    The only thing I will warn you is that the World Eaters have something of an awkward treatment in the Horus Heresy books. Oddly they have been treated best in novels where they were side characters, but when it came to Betrayer, well, Aardon Dembski-Bowden has made it clear he has very strong opinions when it comes to Khornate worshippers. I won't spoil anything, but I will say that while well written, the book seemed far more determined to explore how they were a complete failure of a legion than actually showing what made them such an effective weapon of war. The audio dramas, Butcher's Nails and Khârn: The Eightfold Path, do a far better job at depicting them though, even if the latter requires reading Betrayer to fully understand the former is largely focused upon Angron.

    As for paint schemes, a few players have kept the old legion colours for their warbands for various reasons, but all official depictions have shown them going over to blood red and brass designs. There's nothing to stop you keeping a blue trim or elements of their older look if you want to make your force look unique, and there have been some well presented depictions of traitors in those colours before, such as this one:

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  9. The Pauldrons/Shoulder Pads are meant to be solid blue, sometimes with brass trim, not white with blue trim!

    A little detail, but sometimes the little details can mean the difference between success and failure.

  10. Well, in fairness the old colour scheme didn't feature so much red, spikes or human skin either, so it could just be a minor alteration made by that warband. Perhaps even something to help signify the veterans of the long war from among their ranks.

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