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Controls (Customizable?)

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Sirivs, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. Sirivs Menial

    Hail battle brothers! I recently acquired the game after a long period of hype and excitement! However, I encountered a serious issue that's preventing me from fully and properly enjoying the war for Arkhona... and it has to do with controls.

    If this issue has been already reported and/or solved, please let me know, I just couldn't find the thread :(

    You see, I'm left handed. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only leftie playing or wanting to play this game :3 I know I probably should've looked this up *before* purchasing the game, but then again I'd probably have purchased it anyway 'cause it's just something that I *know* you guys are gonna implement... right? Right...?

    I'm talking, of course, about customizing keyboard and mouse controls. I'm sure you understand that, beyond right handed people having particular layouts they're more comfortable with, customizing controls for a left-handed gamer is essential. It's nigh impossible to play the game for me using the current layout... for many obvious reasons :3

    Thus, my question is not whether or not you guys plan on actually making controls customisable (you obviously are, yes...?) but *when*. Just so I can have a date to look forward to, and to have an idea as to when I'll be able to fully and properly dive into the fray :)

    Thanks a million! Keep up the hard work! May the light of the Astronomican forever light your path.

    The Emperor protects,

  2. Bhasu151 Malthus Menial

    I agree. I'd also like to swap around a few buttons on my gamepad. For being closed Alpha, it's pretty nice though.
  3. Guirlos Guirlos Member

    Maybe it's not the same problem, but playing with an x-box controller it's really difficult. The stick sensibility is way high and almost impossible to aim with the same precision that you have with the mouse (I tested it). Even when the game has in the settings the possibility to change the sensibility I think that it will be good to solve this issue.

    P.D. This is not an excuse for how I suck
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  4. i get your pain. i am left handed as well

    i am sure they will make control customization before closed Alpha ends, since control customization is highly important to the game mechanic i would guess we will see something in less than 2 months

    note :-
    there is already a way to customize the keyboard

    but i highly recommend that you wait a bit longer because it might have negative effects on the game
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