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Content Update 1.3.11 Deployed

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Power maul is ok, but storm shield would be better.
  2. Krakhun Krakhun Arkhona Vanguard

    In the Grim darkness of the Far future... there is only bolter.
    I'm really irritated by this new patch.
    the price for equipment have become too expensive, and you have to decide whether to have a decent weapon (inaccurate but strong) going around naked. Or wear armor made of glass (and resistant such as glass), but use the bolter as the only option.
    Farewel good times, Veteran CSM is now a strong and durable just like it was a normal CSM. And not veteran character is ... well is dead meat. (Unless you are an ork, they are very resistant now)

    In addition, continue to give super buff to CryMarine.
    And is it possible that my CSM with Demonic Armor and totem of treachery has less armor then my LSM lvl 4 with medium armor and overcharged generator ?

    Can you tell me why Chaos was so nerfed?
    we have the less healers
    we do not have shields
    we have less armors
    we don't have sniper rifles
    we do not have double granades (why are we the ONLY faction without double granade ?!) or well.. double granade, cost .. and in the era of Bolter Only to use that mabe we should be less then neked -__-

    oh we have Marks ..
    yes the dam marks ..
    Khorne is usless
    Tzeentch is usless (and you put the flame icon with the mark of Tzeentch, so if we want to have a minimum bonus to remote damages must sacrifice LP) What about Loyalists ? Oh yeah, they can handle that with out debuffs.. cause they are Loyalists and they must have all the advantage without any handicap.

    only the remaining marks are "half good": Nurgle and Slaanesh
    But Marks are not only bonuses, we suffer a price (and not only points) to use That, they are olso debuff .. why are we the only faction with debuffs?!

    "cause you Chaos dudes are too strong, with the Autocannon"

    meh you crymarine have better then Autocannons, and you know what ? we can say goodbye to Autocannons or give it to you, but give us all the advantages you Loyalists have :CSMWord: if you dare to face us with the same advantage you have !

    "but you Chaos dudes have better victory rate than us"

    That because we have strong guilds, and when we are in battle we follow orders, when you cry marines are just a blob of errant colors, swarming like zerg and more disorganized than an Italian post office ! ( and as Italian I can say that)

    in short this patch sucks, if you are CSM, but is a blessing of the dam Emperor if you are a dam Loyalists, now the OP faction. MEH !

    Remember this, dear developers of the game if WE, the non loyalists players, get bored about the game, your precious LSM will have to face Nyds only in this game, think about that.
  3. ChaoticNub ChaoticNub Subordinate

    yeah the servo skull and the stalker bolter need a good nerf specially the stalker is like an aoutocannon that dont need to be braced also most of the marks seems useless now for the high cost if you want good armor on your CSM character to go toe to toe with a LSM
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  4. Absolutely seconding this. No matter how many advantages the developers give to the LSM faction, they'll continue to have a <50% winrate because they have the largest (and thus, most casual (and thus, the least-organized)) playerbase. Continuing to heap reward after reward on them is only encouraging their sense of entitlement instead of forcing them to organize and actually put in effort comparable to the other factions. Focus on teamplay incentives (the XP buff to guarding objectives was a great first step) in order to train them to fight as an objective-focused team instead of a bunch of doddering idiots with overpowered weapons. But all those advantages? Think about how people, specifically the LSM, would react if the other factions had access. Here's just a few for example:

    - a hard-to-see, toss-and-forget healing item that can be stuck in walls, floors, and ceilings that lasts until it's destroyed, but can easily be shoved away in corners since it heals through walls
    - a healing class with almost-instant revive and access to an only-slightly debuffed assault weapon with automatic fire and mods, essentially doubling the number of Tactical Marines in the field from a combat perspective
    - a massive damage debuff item that requires almost as much damage to kill as an enemy combatant, can be shoved into an out-of-the-way corner, and ALSO works through walls
    - an entire line of weapons that are borderline guaranteed kills once the wielder reaches a certain level of familiarity with them

    If another faction other than LSM had ANY of these weapons, even one alone, it'd be considered overpowered and blatant favoritism, but since they're in the LSM arsenal, it's just 'par for the course.' Frankly, that's insulting.

    Everyone with half a progenoid understands that part of making a game successful is satisfying the playerbase, and with so many people playing LSM, it'd be a mistake not to cater. But there has to come a time when you acknowledge that you can only fit so many training wheels on a bike before you realize there's something wrong with the rider and not the bike itself. Expecting the other factions, particularly CSM, to put up with being passed over patch after patch just because they're populated by more of the 'old guard' players who are used to this kind of nonsense (or any other reason, really) is an excellent way to lose those players. The training wheels aren't working; it's time for a different approach.
  5. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    Barks? with events?
  6. Krakhun Krakhun Arkhona Vanguard

    well said
  7. Honory_Glorius Recruit

    Personally I like the fact that all the gods marks are veteran class only feature now. Makes veterans more uniqe to me.

    True enough said - apotecary with bolter and healing grenades makes an eficient tactical unit and chaos sorceror has nothing equal to that. No efficient ranged battle magic at all.

    Althought chaos sorceror has Deamon Bolt and Tzeench lighting thing but those are broken. Deamon bolt is no longer guided and cannot be used to fire over a cover which could be the only dicent use for it. Tzeench lightning is weak and gives you no score for killing enemy with it or merely gives you "Group takedown" with no killing score that makes using bolter pistol more rewarding and usful than this "gift".

    No passive debuff and buff mechanics that would match healing grenades and servoskulls is also unfair for chaos.

    Stalker bolters are not to be debufed in my opinion. They are strong enought to make sence as a marksman's tool and contribute to game tactics diversity. But stripping chaos of it is tacticly unfair.

    And finally - no GRENADE BUNDLES for chaos. Why? Any reason at all exept from deliberatly to make it unfair for chaos community? Sorry, but I see none.
  8. Sherman96 Sherman96 Steam Early Access

    you dont have servo-skulls and healing grenades for chaos, like LSM dont have weapon that is equivalent to autocannons.
    And about healing grenades or beacons, it looks like you are forgeting that you can destroy them and apothecary need to stand just next to the person that is trying to heal and can be easily killed, but chaos sorcerer can be 10m away and heal in the same time (he can even ,,heal" you when you have max hp so its working like a buff, try to kill some one that is getting healed by 2 sorcerers that are 10m away then you have so good ,,buff" that you are getting healed faster that you are taking dmg) you cant say the same about apothecarys, can you ?
    so what is so unfair for chaos here ? for me it looks like chaos have advantage here vs LSM
  9. Krakhun Krakhun Arkhona Vanguard

    The only advantage here is the People. We still have better players and better guilds, but don't tell me we have some sort of advantage when u have all the possible buff this game can give to a faction.
    stop crying about Autocannons, is the only gear we have better than yours, for the rest we have only disadvantages when we fight you.
    you've just better armors, better weapons (except for the Autocannon), better healings ( no dude, Apothecary still better healer than sorcerer, not to mention he's like a tactical with less armor, not to mention that Apothecary's healings also give buffs, our sorcerer can't do that, may I ask why ? ) better buffs, and Not a single Debuff.
    Just tell your noobs how to play this game and tell'em to follow orders when you give it, and maybe Game's developers can focus on making this game balanced for the 1st time ever, before we all decide to quit and play other games.
    Check arround, how many Founder members still arround ? I'm one of the very few.. but for how long I can tollerate to be offended by this unfair treatment ?
    LSM win champaing just because WE the non loyalists also play LSM, but I've enough of this. Just learn to play decently, and do it now or soon you will be alone fighting Tyranids only.
  10. Neni Neni Steam Early Access

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