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Content Update 1.3.11 Deployed

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    Yeah! Lets buff the Stalker Bolter!
    Because that seemed like a good idea.

    Though apart from that this patch is a-ok.

    Eldar OP!

    Though to be fair, it is quite annoying that the Howling Banshee have 110 EHP less than a Ground Assault...
    I can understand why the Scorpion might be to tough with the "Ground Assault Bonus Armor", but not the Howling Banshee :(
  2. Twirl Twirl Curator

    Forget it. This game is about LSM vs CSM...
  3. No_1 No_1 Well-Known Member

    LSM got nerfed everytime an eldar cry. Your game is on forums.

    Apothecary can drop the nade and fight. Ok lets have granade be cooldown. Lets remove armor from apoths.

    Oh POwerfist is too strong: Lets allow eldar interup em with a knife. And let them survive 2 hits.
    But the stealth guy can one hit .

    Oh servoskull is hard to find: Lets have enhance wich is UNREMOVABLE and gives not only damage buff, it also gives protection EVERYWHERE YOU GO.

    Oh banshes dont have the same armor, no but runs faster, debuff people, hit harder... but nooo this isnt enought, lets fullfit the forum with ours desires, long travel fast atack and whatever we can imagine. WIP

    Our warlocks have 50 armor. Yes you can go 5 warlocks with a lot of RANGED protecttive regenerative spells-

    Our Assault appear when we use the reactor.. Like every assault, but you have rifles, can shoot from the air, and 10 granades. Want to be invisble too? WIP

    And the list go on and on.....

    But hey this is the feedback we got, lets work!

    Dont forget to hide your hand when the rock hit.
  4. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    Come on, you know that is wrong...

    1) Every support got nerfed, with Sorcerers and Warlocks getting the largest nerf. Also, the Pain Boy is still nothing but an Apothecary with worse equipment and no "primary" weapon.
    You can't possibly be mad that you NEVER have to got get ammo as an Apothecary, as the Beacon/Grenades last the same amount of time as the Cooldown.

    2) People have ALWAYS been able to interrupt Powerfist/Power Klaw, I don't get what you are trying to do here. Admittedly it is a bit silly that you can interrupt a Powerfist with a bloody knife, but at least it breaks after doing so, unless he countered you. Btw, EVERY Faction can interrupt all weapons with a knife.
    Striking Scorpions can't really OHK, you know?
    Though they might have been able to do so against the JPA and Apothecary, but luckily those just got a but alongside the other Supports and Airborne Archetypes, so it shouldn't be an issue.
    You also seem to forget that the Ground Assault (LSM) have 90 more EHP than a Striking Scorpion and 110 EHP more than a Howling Banshee.

    3) You know that the Servo-Skull last longer and gives a larger buff, right?
    Not that it matter, because you will probably not believe that Eldar NEED Enhance to Attack fortified positions (like Tug-of-War Maps and Grand Battles) and to Defend too, as having great mobility doesn't really help a lot if you can't use it to Flank or in situations were you can't really move.
    You forgot to complain about Protect giving the Warlock 66% Damage Mitigation ^^

    4) You can't possibly be suggesting that the Howling Banshee equals a JPA, can you?
    There are one of the easiest classes to kill and one of the hardest to play, and yes, I know that skilled people like Sigvald can do well with them, but he can do well with most classes ingame.

    5) Yes, we can have 5 Warlock and 0 Firepower if we want ^^
    You can have 5 Apothecaries with Bolter and lots of Firepower if you want.

    6) Again, you can't really compared the Jump Pack Assault and the Swooping Hawk, as they work completely different. Also, you can hardly call the Swooping Hawk a threat.

    You forgot to mention that all Revered Eldar (Veterans) get a smaller bonus than Veteran LSM, but hey, it is not fun when the LSM can't complain :D
  5. No_1 No_1 Well-Known Member

    1) Every support got nerfed. Yes i know it. Ork being the worst OFC. But stilll have a damage venom build to compensate. But they need something else, i agreed

    2) Powerfist doesnt clang with knife now,knife lands faster. 2 hit will clang.
    Skorpions one strong hit+venom = kill

    3) Servoskull is visble, destructible, static. Boons arent.

    4) Howling Banshee equals a JPA, can you?
    Nope, banshee is GA alike.

    5) Yes, we can have 5 Warlock and 0 Firepower if we want ^^
    This is not true, you can fire electric spells.
    What i tried to explain is Sorc and Warlocks have an arsenal of spells, that allows them to form magic squad.
    Our support squad is about 2 ppl, otherwise they will duplicates tools, making one useless.

    Our apots can stack 2 granades and 1 vial.
    Your warlocks can stack 2 different healings, Renewer can stack several beams too, more 3 protective spells

    6) Also, you can hardly call the Swooping Hawk a threat.
    Yes i can. They can shoot from unsuspected angles, blind, etc

    You forgot to mention that all Revered Eldar (Veterans) get a smaller bonus than Veteran LSM, but hey, it is not fun when the LSM can't complain :D[/QUOTE]
    You may be true here.But I guess as you are more difficult to hit, it wouldn´tt be fair to have the same increment as Ork/CSM/LSM
  6. Prentince.Mungo Moldez New Member

    @NoahWard thx for fixing the iron warrior RTC helmets :CSMIron:
  7. Pumpkin King Julzrulz Steam Early Access

    Wow....what game are you playing? I want to play this version!!!
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  8. Iratus Iratus Prefectus

    Stalker Bolter didn't get buffed directly. It got a QoL fix. Same with Sternguard Bolter (that one just took 2 years to get right I guess.)
  9. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    We know, but the Stalker Bolter is far more powerful now, so at least indirectly it was a buff.
  10. Plongo Subordinate

    @KatieFleming any news on when this storm shield and other store items will actually be added to the store as stated? i'm furiously waiting to buy. @Oveur plz i need ma bling!
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