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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Philos, Apr 28, 2017.


Which is the general concept holding the game back

  1. Balancing

  2. Lag / Net Code

  3. Lack of Asthetics / Units

  4. Replay Value

  5. Story Line

  6. GUI Features - Finding War parties, Guild System, Finding Matchs

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  1. If you put more maps, more game types, and secondary objectives above balancing, then I'd say it worked fine. My personal preference/opinion is adding the story and long term purpose (actually good/deep campaigns and meaningful maps).
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  2. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    Correct at that
  3. The game lacks depth. EC is a decent arena shooter that entertains the player for a few hours. Adding content will only go so far when the core concept of the game hasn't changed since alpha access first started.

    Lobby for a match, spawn on your deployment zone or a point. Fight over one of the three points for 10-20 minutes. Collect requisition, lobby for the next match.

    There really isn't anything revolutionary or engaging in the way players deploy or fight over objectives. The way the game plays and works hasn't improved as much as its just been re-skinned to give the appearance of change.
    The way vehicles, veterans & elites and spawning works is bare boned and shallow in design.

    I think the only reason this title has survived this long is two main reasons.
    #1. Hope for something better "one day"
    #2. Warhammer 40k

    If this were any other title people would move on or avoid the game completely.

    The combat is interesting, the weapons are interesting, the aesthetics are visually appealing. Even with all of these things the maps and how battles progress are basically the same as day 1. That is the real problem IMO.
  4. No_1 No_1 Well-Known Member

    Their bigest fáil is their habilitie to change past speech to new ones and three months after they surprised themselves with another new onE as if nothing has happen. Moving the dates again and again. And trying to be funny when the boat sinks.

    Alsó the community asking and devs having ironic por lazy answers doesnt help to set trust.

    Plus constant desilusion about new additions.

    Plus waste of resources due to bad plan.


    And externalizing models animations maps etc.
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  5. pinky EternalPink First Blood!

    I'm a founder so my opinion is slightly biased as I'd say speaking for myself replay/lack of end game play but I think the number of people with level 6 characters that own everything are a minority so prolly best not to try and develop solely to my needs

    If I was a new player to the game i'd think i'd say balancing/GUI Features - Finding War parties, Guild System, Finding Matchs as the biggest problem as well as this being a lobby shooter without a lobby where we can speak to our own faction so its not even very easy for new players to ask simple questions
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  6. Imperator5 Imperator5 Well-Known Member

    Lag , balance problems, lacklustre pve, grind-gated content that discourages new players.
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  7. I dont see why we dont create a pipeline and allow players to utilize Unreal Engine 4 to make skins and submit them to BHVR via Steam. Players sign a waiver, players submit skins to BHVR, BHVR reviews and submits the 30 best skins per week to GW and hopefully we get 5 or 10 new skins every week or two.

    The amount of money this game could be making on appearance items is astronomical. The fact that they're NOT making a gold mine off of aesthetics leaves no one to blame by BHVR.

    While aesthetic issues dont solve the core issues with game play the $$ generated from aesthetics can hopefully add more staff to BHVR-EC.
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  8. b0ink7 Recruit

    EC is in a catch 22, needs more money to develop but can't get people interested to spend due to lack of development.

    Namco isn't going to suddenly decide to invest a ton of extra devs in this game out of the blue.

    So I see two options

    Kickstarter (unlikely to be succesful..)
    Game license bought by another company for redevelopment
  9. Belphegor LordSloth Preacher

    In my personal opinion the game starts to fail because they are understaffed and lack the ressources to break out of that vicious cycle.
    If you listened carefully noah talks about a backlog of 100s of entries of known issues noone has the time for, many features founders requested or were promised are on the not-mid or short-term backburner and the aesthetics become more and more lackluster and rushed in quality or are just recoloured reskins.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not blaming them but the elites are a good example of that aswell. Instead of a neat new feature we get a scrapped idea and mostly reused parts as exspensive skin.

    Nathan said Noah has like 55 vacationdays left (like the rest of the team aswell). Thats 2 months time for the lead dev. In the longrun this will slow down development even further, they rightfully want their hard earned days off. They currently work nonstop but they are just a few heads short for the amount of work ahead, espeically after Brent left and a few others got moved.

    If you would really want to push this game it would need either more (fresh) money to hire atleast 5-6 additional people or get more ressources allocated to that from their existing (?) funds.

    Those 5-6 people would need to focus (more and dedicated) on the following things:
    -Bugfixing/Mapfixing (there are still spots you cant walk over or spots you cant climb while a mm to the right it works just fine)
    -Faction polishing Orks/Eldar/CSM and at a later date LSM. This means more weapon mods, rework of certain aspects, fixing of i.e. painboy / ork healinggrenade size etc.
    -Another guy for the netcode/lag team
    -Atleast 2 guys for the itemmines. We need awesome cosmetics at affordable prices
    -Guild- and UI and functionality rework, showing buffs, allowing guildfunctions, fixing all the descriptions, the AV-Trees, adding more hidden stats etc.
    -A dedicated Mapteam/-guy which/who produces a new map every 2 months.

    Many of the jobs are already done by the existing team so it would free up ressources for core work and a new vision with fresh ideas and needed features for the future.

    I don't see that happening tho.
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  10. PhilosAzel Philos Ordinate

    There is a lot of great ideas in here, and very constructive as well. I would wonder as seeing the results, what would be the quickest to implement, taking the to cost to time ratio into consideration, while appeasing the player base?

    This seems like the golden question in my book.

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