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Concerns Over Matchmaking

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by a-banana, May 18, 2016.

  1. I know this thread is a little premature as there's no definite release date for eldar but from what we've heard, if the eldar will be allying with SM for a while as stated in previous streams, will there be any incentive to still play chaos instead of waiting hours in the eternal queuesade just to try out eldar? This is probably being worked on but I just don't see people completely ignoring eldar and staying with chaos.
  2. Judasilfarion Silfarion Drill Abbott

    You would be surprised
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  3. Celestia Celestia Prefectus

    I'm going to try playing both, banshee could be fun. I just gotta keep my chainaxe sharp and I don't think my clan leader will mind.
  4. My concern is there will be so many marines all three factions will have to endlessly play against marines just so their ques are not stupid long, and marines will happily be able to play against all 3 armies every match. If I cant stomp some panzies or spikey boyz, why bother?
  5. Chaos Player here.

    Of course i would try out Eldar at some point or later, but i, and i think also LSM Players, are most interested in how it is to fight eldar.

    But i see your point. Im also wondering why they are not sided with chaos, who seems to have less players then LSM (of course, lorewise its just plain heresy, but for the sake of testing things?)

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