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[COMPLAINT] Eldar issues, why they are unfair in some aspects.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dragosh, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. brains Recruit

    to be fair, and i'm not defending eldar, as they are OP. This mechanic is available in all factions. Those that "suicide" with a plasma cannon by having it charged and fired at the feet to kill the enemy mobs can simply avoid death by pressing space bar at the same time they fire. The movement of jumping back avoids death that would normally splatter you and everyone else around you. This applies even if you back is to a wall and you don't actually move anywhere. The fact that you pressed the jump back action, means you avoid death, despite the fact that you have just blasted your feet with the cannon to kill a mob.

    Also the roll, on assault or tactical and the "jet out" mechanic on the jump pack makes you immune to grenades, even if you accidentally roll out into one or jet out into one which is about to explode....from my experience....
  2. ASinisterIon Recruit

    This. This right here. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed rolling prevents all damage no matter what while you're rolling. Ever rolled under a rhino to avoid being flattened before? Fun times...

    EDIT: Alright, went back through the rest of this thread and I'm surprised. There are others with my train of thought on this game! Eldar are still definitely a challenge (as they should be I think) due to smaller frames, speed differences, and some other stuff I'm sure I don't know about that may need nerfs. However, since 1.0.5 I've noticed the biggest thing preventing LSM/CSM (I don't play Ork, sorry) from beating Eldar is that they don't work together as well. I notice match after match there's a small squad of Eldar that roam around picking off straggler Marines moving between objectives, while the bulk of the Eldar force caps/defends objectives. The matches I've beaten Eldar are the matches where Marines quit bitching about the Eldar all game, work together, and take advantage of squad leader benefits.

    And meltabombs are ridiculous. Dropped several different times today while trying to interrupt a CSM before he could place his mb....every single time, regardless of if I started swinging before he reached the vehicle or not, it ended the same. Both of us dead, the vehicle dead, and me left wondering how in the hell I didn't interrupt the placement.
  3. Well i mean to suggest that all "Melta bomb type of weapons" - "MEQ's" get this delay for activation, so all is good, this would be a baseline standard for such weapons for every faction now and that come afterwards.
  4. Redthirst Redthirst Eternal Battles Moderator

    Most of these were nerfs shared across all faction or deserved nerfs(I dare you to say that Rites of Fire wasn't OP).
  5. Rikus RikJones Arkhona Vanguard

    For some reason today Warlocks seem to be ridiculously powerful at CQB. Scorpions STILL have the 1 shotting power (That people say they dont) and Banshees still niggle away but Warlocks are brutally powerful.

    I wish I recorded it (Which I why im wondering if its happened to anyone else) but I have had 3 occasions where I use a charged up powerfist (I know its charged when I walk) but its connected when a warlock has hit me so on the clang his sword isn't destroyed. Shouldnt a charged powerfist destroy the weapon in any clang?

    Eldar are not as squishy in CQB even if you win the DBASH game. A PF swipe usually needs 2 goes.
  6. Obbu Obbu Confessor

    I'm not sure what impact tiers are tweaked to right now, but I don't think that fist was ever intended to destroy sword on the first clang.

    I think, from memory, it only does that vs knife (don't quote me on that, but I think that's the case).

    Powerfists are meant to represent clanging royalty, but due to the way combat plays out, the first clang period often represents a bit of confusion as to identify your enemy's loadout, so having it automatically win before people even know what's really happening would be a bit too much.

    Slower+stronger weapons are meant to have the clanging bonuses so that they can brute force people, but you have to give opponents the chance to counterplay: loss on the first clang doesn't grant that opportunity.

    Presumably, if the warlock just kept clanging with you, you'd have beaten him in short order.
  7. Rikus RikJones Arkhona Vanguard

    Yeah what I mean is during a normal clang the Powerfist would still have to clang its way through but a CHARGED one was meant to be able to obliterate its enemies weapon on clang due to its long charge up time and that its an anti vehicle weapon (Thats stupidly weak against a vehicle, I.E 5 charge up attacks on the rear of a Predator tank takes off about 1/3 of its health)
  8. Obbu Obbu Confessor

    Well I'm not sure if there's any difference in durability loss on failed heavy clangs, vs failed fast clangs, or bash clangs for that matter.

    It's possible there might be differences, but I somewhat doubt they'd go so far as to have fist automatically win (and break the enemy weapon) particularly since you're already in a place where you cannot actually lose a clang under regular circumstances.

    Fist is still very potent vs tanks, due to the stun mechanic: once you start stunning a tank, they are forced to exit to try and fight you, since you basically lock down the tank until it pops.
  9. Whether it was OP or not (which it was, I hate all DoT melee weapons) wasn't the point, stop nerfing us until you've got something to give us to buff us with! Objectively, LSM is a weaker faction after the last patch, the complete opposite of what they said they were going to do and what everyone agreed they needed to do.

    Yes some of these things were OP things but you can hardly say the combat knife was overpowered and the reduction in ranged damage bonuses disproportionately affects LSM. Take away our OP shit by all means but when you do we should be getting our buffs at the same time. Rites of fire was a joke but it allowed us to be at least competitive in some situations.
  10. Orkus Pokus Trenchwar Arkhona Vanguard

    in terms of fusion gun or melta I'd say its pretty much problematic for all faction except for orks (who have no equivalent).

    in terms of vehicles I would just like that eldar vehicles be made more vulnerable to ramming/not being able to ram as good as a rhino or a truck (end up damaging themselves more than the enemy).

    I'd expect ork vehicles to be REAL good at ramming, that is, they take less damage than they inflict when they are the ones ramming. (still remain vulnerable to the side and rear and of course vulnerable if they get rammed anywhere else than on the front).

    I'd like for infantry to have a better way of dodging eldar roadkills.

    With only a small change as eldar vehicles more vulnerable to ramming or other factions being less vulnerable to eldar ramming, their vehicles would be slightly fewer and it would be harder for them to just blitz with 3+ vehicles roadkilling everything in sight.

    Doing all that would however bring up other issues that they would likely start performing baddly and we'd realise that dark reapers could use a buff and that they would still need some love elsewhere to remain balanced.

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