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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Krayt, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. Kill me for not knowing, but is workshop really becoming a thing?
    Always thought that's another soon of many's
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  2. Ivrain Well-Known Member

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  3. Well the last word we heard was the workshop was still in the works
  4. Hmm Nathan does about every few months. I think he’s wrote 4 maybe 5 pieces since the start of this year
  5. Ivrain Well-Known Member

    Half a year and two weeks ago to me wrote Volaous, c requesting to make armor for Deathwatch (And then bolter and xenophase blade)

    I agreed and gradually began to work.
    (The very first developments even devoted part of his video Chapter Master Valrak) ^_^
    Somewhere 2 months I was out, doing other things. And in general I spent all this set of weapons and armor - about 4 months in the evenings after work and weekends (In fact - half of this time I did other models) >_>

    And today with pride I can say that this pack is completed. :OrkMoon:
    For each model there is a ready Lowpoly, UV to them and baked normal, ao and curve maps.

    Of the problems - only one, as usual, there are no textures at all.

    (Highpoly versions of all finished models are laid out on the screen, I just was too lazy to download Lowpoly, and then long to customize the maps for them)
    From now on, I will not go back to anything either with the Deathwatch label and I'll finish other projects. :OrkGoff:
  6. Ivrain Well-Known Member

    For a long time there was no news.

    The warlock helmet is ready.
    Highpoly and lowpoly, all maps are baked for all variants of the helmet.

    On the screen again highpoly, because I'm too lazy to arrange, apply maps and render all lowpoly.

    Texture is not present. > _>
    Eldar Warlock Helmlets.png
    Eldar Warlock HelmletsP.png
  7. Ivrain Well-Known Member

    It’s Alive!

  8. 10/10 firedragons would melta bomb :D
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  9. Great work thou :)
  10. Leonatos Cyberjankie Active Member

    Amazing work, Dude! Thanks for you effort :SMGentle:

    But now for some serious critics: Where the hell is the authentic Gabriel Angelos special move?
    Also, he is way to slow! He should at least be as fast as a banshee :CSMWord: And he clearly needs a roadkill ability, when he simply runs over enemies :OrkSkull:
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