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Community-made Black Templars Supplement

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Jeff, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. Jeff New Member

    I set out to create, with the help of the 40K community, a fun and balanced codex supplement. So to all 'Grim-Dark' hobbyists, your contributions of experience are welcome!

    I kept hearing about how expensive Helbrecht, Grimaldus, and the Emperor's Champion had become in relation to their function. So I knocked off a few points and made them (at least in my inexperienced mind) stronger.

    Grimaldus now has a special Crozius Arcanum.

    The Emperor's Champion is also now Monster Hunter to help him out with Challenges.

    Another change I made was to the army selection over all. Since Sword Brethren Squads were removed all-together (thank goodness some say) I gave Black Templars Elite selections a Sword Brethren rule. I think it's safe to assume that is the Black Templars consider these knights as 'elite' they are probably Sword Brethren.

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  2. Stmichael StMichael Subordinate

    I took a quick look at it, but this is mostly just a bunch of fluff-related changes that are either crazy ideas (like your 6th warlord trait, no way that would stand up to testing) or do nothing to alleviate the crippling handicap assault armies have in this edition. Shooting armies gained a lot of mobility, tanks lost a lot of survivability, and assault is weaker now due to things like disorderly charge, random charge lengths and overwatch.

    What Black Templars need most are 1) a way to reliably get into melee mostly intact, 2) staying power in melee (the loss of army-wide rerolling misses in close combat was huge) and 3) a means of dealing with monstrous creatures. Emperor's Champion helps in that regard thanks to his instant death stance, but he still lacks eternal warrior and is liable to get instagibbed.

    On top of all that, we have a tabletop section of the forum for this kind of thing.
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  3. DoctorLazarus New Member

    Have you seen the fluff behind the Templar? People get into character. BT's attract the loud, outspoken sort of people. We start a fuss because it's what we do.

    Black Templar players get stuff done. I don't know if you frequent the Bolter and Chainsword boards, but the Black Templar forum routinely win contests, because we get stuff done. When you get a bunch of loud, zealous, boisterous, people playing one faction, you are going to get people making some noise because they can't play as them.

    Also, is it really needed to insult the faction? Honestly? You could have just asked why everyone liked the Templar so much, and gotten a very enthusiastic response. Instead, you kinda had to go and be a poor sport. So, I hope you enjoy your game. Honestly though, if you are that much of a poor sport as to insult a good portion of the player base; I'm not sure Warhammer 40k is the game for you.
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  4. Isaac Clarke Well-Known Member

    I think he's talking about TT. Not sure though.
  5. DoctorLazarus New Member

    I feel like he's just raging in general. Not sure why though. Black Templar Players, (myself included,) are actually pretty chill.
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  6. Personally, I didn't see an insult in what he said. He just pointed out that other, and larger, factions aren't going to be in the game and their fan bases aren't taking it to the extreme that the BT's are. I think you're reading between the lines a little too much. Yes he put it colorfully... but I didn't see any insult.. just a little sarcasm.

    To be honest... I find it insulting to the lore that so many Grey Knight and BT guys are being so HARDCORE about this subject. When four of the FIRST FOUNDING chapters are included in the starting line-up.. we should only be talking about First Founding Chapters. Just because you happen to like a particular Second, Third, or 26th Founding Chapter doesn't make it right for them to be in the game. At this point, it's disrespectable to the heritage of 40k Space Marines to put anything other than another First Founding Chapter until ALL First Founding Chapters are included.. then we can talk about the others. It doesn't matter about popularity or fan base. There's tons of guys that are attracted to "cheesy this" or "cheesy that".. in the end it's still just cheese. Everyone likes what they like. But the right thing is this scenario is to not insult the First Founding Chapters by including a successor Chapter.
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  7. Gorbatz Gorbatz Subordinate

    I'm still holding out for the Salamanders.
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  8. Shas'o monat Azkaellon Subordinate

    Time to give up you BT lovers, spare some casualties while you still can and go ahead on another crusade : this one is lost already.

    This game is for warp friendly factions : thus psykers are in, now leave or your brains will be fried.
  9. Stmichael StMichael Subordinate

    It was first of all completely off topic, and very rude to say the least. It makes him sound like he has an axe to grind for making such an issue out of it in a thread about the tabletop and in no way related to Eternal Crusade.

    Second, Grey Knights and Black Templars get this kind of focus because they are iconic. Both currently or have had their own codex separate from the standard C:SM. Grey Knights have a certain sense of awe about them. They're each powerful psykers in their own right, not a single one has fallen to Chaos (an honor no other chapter can claim), their mere presence is physically painful to a Daemon, and their gene seed is rumored to be taken from that of the Emperor himself. While the Ultramarines may be called first amongst equals by Matt Ward, the Grey Knights are a league of their own.

    Black Templars have a similarly extensive background with its own cult (heehee, see what I did there?) following. They have just as much if not more history than any of the other first founding chapters (looking at you, white scars) in part because the original members of the Black Templars were split from the Imperial Fists legion. The first High Marshal was even Rogal Dorn's second in command and most trusted warrior, Sigismund. If anything, mostly due to a lack of fluff written about the IFs, I'd say the Black Templars are more fleshed out than their original legion.

    Seriously, it's not all about who was first. It's as silly as insisting the chapters be introduced in the order of which the Emperor found their Primarchs.
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  10. Not sure how including a second founding chapter is insulting or "disrespectable" to anyone especially the space marines themselves. Just because you seem to hold the value of the first founding chapters above everything else doesnt mean fans of Warhammer shouldnt fight for the inclusion of their favorite chapter.

    And to say the popularity and the fan base dont matter is just plain silly. Of fucking course popularity and fan base matter, after all we are the ones going to be giving them money for our Warhammer experience.
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