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Community help to get married

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Guirlos, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. 5 stars from the Scions of Magnus! you have my guilds support.
  2. Elifas Elifas Curator

    5 stars from LoA and SoL =)
  3. Here we go, another five stars from a freelance wraithlord. And although you are technically not Eldar I shall make an execption and wish you two the best of luck with our people's most dire prayer.
    *clears wraith-throat*

    "Shea nudh Asuryanish ereintha Asuryanat." (May the blessings of Asuryan protect the children of Asuryan from abomination)
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  4. Guirlos Guirlos Member

    Thank you very much to you all, I'm very grateful with your support. When the winner is announce I will tell you if we won or not.
  5. Guirlos Guirlos Member

    Dear all:

    Today was the final day of the contest. Afert 5000 stories were sent to win a dream wedding, my girlfriend and me were in the top 10 final contestants... Sadly we didn't won.

    Nonetheless I'm very thankful for the support of this community I can bet many of the votes came from here, and I am touch by your time and effort to trust me. I know some were reluctant to this kind of posts for many good reasons. And others were interested in helping me in winning, or even in giving me marital advice. Again, and I will not get tired of saying it, thank you so much for your support. You guys are great. I am happy of being with her every day of my life, and we will get married anyway, maybe without all the goodies but happily and in love.

    Before I start crying or singing Michael Bolton's songs in the constant warfare of Arkhona, I want to thank everyone for their support once again.

    Thank you.

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