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Community help to get married

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Guirlos, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Guirlos Guirlos Member

    Thanks a lot for the good will. Now I want to speak to your leaders (I always wanted to say that) but I was thinking of speaking to the leaders of the different groups to ask for help. Anyone knows who they are?
  2. Well, I'm not sure about the Marines, but Thrakka is the Ork leader, he runs Da lead Belchas and Rokkdak Gut Rippa and Blakklaw are the other famous Orks, DJPenguin is the only Eldar leader I can think of, and the Chaos Leaders I know are Elifas (SOL) Sigvald (LOL) and Zial Ghoul (SOM). There is a directory for chaos guilds in the chaos subforum that should have more. Also, congrats and best of wishes.
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  3. Guirlos Guirlos Member

    Thanks Kemensor.
  4. No problem. I think you'll find many here are willing to help if one just asks. Its a nice online community if I do say so myself.
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  5. DJPenguin DJPenguin Cardinal

    As requested your glorious Eldar leader has given you 5 stars! Unlike the minus 5 stars my own people give me sometimes :p
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  6. Guirlos Guirlos Member

    Thanks a lot, many people follow you so I hope they end here and help as you did. And remember each time you vote a Swooping Hawk gets his wings.
  7. Elifas Elifas Curator

    will send it to every chaos guild member
    5 star rating guaranteed
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  8. Guirlos Guirlos Member

    Thanks a lot
  9. Wulfburk Wulfburk Steam Early Access

    Voted! Good luck mate! :)
  10. Kilrane Kilrane Moderator

    5 stars from Chaos!

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