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Come to consoles

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Captain-Bonecold, Sep 6, 2017.

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  1. My topics breaks zero rules. As a mod you would have been fired. You know supply and demand right. The Market perfect right now for this game on consoles. I see a chance to make a lot of cash. 157 fanboys told me there game can't port to consoles. Marvel Heroes unlimited (Omega now). Said the same thing word for word. But it funny now they are on consoles. Smite said the same thing. Trove said same thing. They are on consoles now. The Market die a long time for trove. I told hurry before a certain game kills off that series. Trove is slowly dying.

    The point is. Cash on the Market when it's hot.
  2. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Mods arent 'hired' so they cant be 'fired'

    Technically,a mod can do whatever they want. Although the user is always free to report it to the support if they feel treated unfairly, if such tickets amass, they might consider taking away moderation rights, unless the mod can offer a reasonable explanation.

    But lets see: So far you have failed to be part of the constructive dialogue, directly engaged forum users, although without a direct insult, simply for disagreeing with you, and creeated numerous threads for the sole purpose of getting attention.
    That does sound like a sufficient reason to block you for a few days, if only to avoid locking too many threads in the future.

    But you missunderstand my point, I am not here to make you do anything or even to criticize you.
    Let me elaborate: We are a small community and most of the frequent participators know each other and, to a greater or lesser degree, respect each other, at leats we know, what to think of one another, whether we agree with someones point or not.
    As for you, you utterly managed to destroy any credibility you may have in a few days.
    If anyone is supposed to take you seriously in a future debate, you should re-evaluate your approach on a topic.

    I am not asking you to change your opinion(s), simply to do some basic research, make quality- rather than quantity posts and be a bit more open minded rather than considering your thoughts the word of the Emperor.

    Also, whereas I am not opposed to roleplaying-threads in general, even outside the dedicated forum, maybe think of something better than writing a variation of 'I will destroy you all' 20 times.
    Specifically, roleplaying on a faction forum should be centered around that specific faction.
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  3. My topics fits and supports playerrs of all type.

    Mods can get banned. A mod who abuse there power will be release from the position and banned.

    If this game comes to consoles it will make a lot of money. Your community would grow. And this game won't die like the other warhammer online game.

    YouTube videos of this game. I am Captain Bonecold. I'm brave and bold. I ask the hard question people fear to ask. Like in Mass Effect 2 I ask a bold question. People fear of getting judge. This Captain fears no judgement.
  4. KillSlim KillSlim Prefectus

    @Asheru @Savij Does one guy continually replying to his own thread to bump it to the top while being nonconstructive and offensive qualify as spam?
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  5. This is getting painful now. It is obvious that clueless individual is clueless and has no interest in researching the state of the game which has been readily available to all for some time now.

    It's also quite clear that this person has no new points to make, but will post 5 or 6 times in a row to bump, just reposting the same old drivel.

    This particular new user has also managed to bring together all 4 races in agreement in a way unseen before. Despite saying that "the console market is screaming for more 40k titles", the only person I see screaming for it on this forum is him. Most likely because anyone else with an interest in this game would have done the research already and would know the situation.

    Calling @Asheru to come save the day please! I'm sure this thread has done all the good it will do already (probably by the end of page 1 in all honesty). It will just descend into the bottomless mire of insulting and shitposting if allowed to continue.
  6. Most people don't know about this game. Look at the sells. The few warhammer 40k games are making alot of money on PS4. This game the only one to have all four faction. Rest of the games you're a space marine. Death watch space marine. Both space hulks space marine. And if this game came to consoles and made millons would you be willing to eat your own words?
  7. I'm tired of fanboys saying I don't know what I'm talking about. When I'm typing on PS4 right now.
  8. jo
    no spam allowed

    but PC has controller support and you can use your ps4 controller on PC pretty easy

    dont expect they make the console version if PC version is so underpopulated
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