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Closed Alpha Begins NOW

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Sep 14, 2015.

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  1. Dude got one who bought on : 2014-06-26 00:00:57

    Bunch of people who bought on the 25th haven't received one. I'll update if that changes.
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  2. I feel the warp overtaking me!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Krooza Nob Bozz KroozaNob Well-Known Member


    .....sadly not me :(
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  4. Thrishmal Thrishmal Prefectus

    Excellent, excellent...
  5. Brother Bardiel Brother-Bardiel Well-Known Member

  6. Policenaut Policenaut Forum Beta Tester

    So will more codes be sent out today? I recall Nathan saying that you guys were trying to get 300~ in today.
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  7. Haven't gotten mine yet, most likely not getting one...
    Oh well, lucky i came prepared...
  8. Valrak Valrak Arch Cardinal Superior

    Seeing that as well.
  9. good one less person in the running
  10. THIS WEEK is gonna take FOREVER to go on isnt it.
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