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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Halcyon, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. Hal9000 Halcyon Well-Known Member

    I painfully slogged through the 1h 23m of this stream and pulled out all the important bits. If you want to save yourself from bad jokes with a pace that puts you to sleep including numerous tangents that go off into the warp and have nothing to do with the content of the stream, then read below.

    All of this was taken directly from the stream. I didn't make any of this up and I used direct quotes where I could, but a lot of it is shortened since I couldn't write every single word as I listened to the stream. I'm not a court stenographer.

    2 Month Roadmap

    25% of work is supposed to be planned stuff and "new" stuff

    Player Priorities

    - reduce lag (currently worked on)
    - better melee system (currently worked on)
    - more & better game modes (tweaking existing modes, no new modes being added)
    - better performance (currently worked on)
    - better campaign (no massive overhauls, difficult to expand on)
    - more mods and wargear (no new gear being made)
    - eldar roadkill
    - more customization
    - large, open and changeable maps (being worked on, nothing ready within 2 months)
    - new maps (being worked on, nothing ready within 2 months)

    World Map

    - visual overhaul
    - will be tied to campaigns
    - we will "be underwhelmed" at first - Richardsson

    Flaming Guys

    - promised 3 years ago, most visual assets done

    Other Guys

    - 4 heroes/elites
    - will function similar to veterans (veterans will be reworked beyond 2 month plan)


    - 2 month marketing campaign featuring in-game campaigns with campaigns (wtf?)
    - themes (1 starting today - welcoming F2P players)
    - 4 campaigns with a theme for each faction (campaign rewards, special bundles for each theme)
    - specials available via steam (hook more players
    - double xp/triple xp weekends


    - buffs/nerfs focused around the themed campaigns
    - melee system - more robust, less complex - system will be unwound and variations added after (focus on player states, i.e. stunned, weapon breaks, positioning)
    - melee vs melee (more focus on this)
    - melee vs ranged - we will be "surprised", "massively vocal on forums" after seeing changes


    - more freedom between visual appearance vs actual gameplay appearance (what?)


    - low end, behind the scenes stuff being addressed

    Unreal 4.15 (currently a "maybe" for 2 month roadmap, not confirmed)

    - version now at 4.12, will be updated to 4.15
    - lowers stability risk & time between patches
    - if it happens all systems will be offline at least 4 weeks (optimistic)

    Stats, Numbers, & Math

    - when game is marketed, daily active users (DAU) goes up
    - free version marketing raised DAU to 40,000+ on Mar. 18
    - DAU peaked to almost 45,000 on Mar. 19
    - DAU dropped to mid 30,000 from Mar. 21 - Mar. 22
    - DAU dropped to about 15,000 by Mar. 28
    - DAU is slowly going back up...more then 5% of players being retained
    - more marketing planned, F2P version successful
    - min/max concurrent users per day is more then pre-F2P
    - day 1 retention is 43%
    - day 17 retention is 17%
    - average revenue per paying users - (F2P players) spent average $21.73
    - F2P players are "learning stuff"
    - monthly active users (MAU) increased above 16,000 since F2P launched, up from less then 4,000 in Feb. 2017
    - "Sources of death" - % of death due to melee/misc/range sources based on recent patches (pistols count as melee)
    - 70% ranged in Feb., going slightly down in March
    - 25% melee in Feb., going slightly up in March
    - 10% misc in Feb., relatively unchanged in March
    - faction vs class melee/ranged/misc sources of death will be posted on forums in future (balancing based on these numbers)

    Forum Roadmap Q&A

    Q: Plans to implement in-depth gameplay around vehicles w/ vehicle focused maps, xp rewards to repair/protect them, dedicated engy class, any further vehicles planned?
    A: None of this will happen in next 2 months. Variance of current vehicles planned (cosmetics - pimp my ride), skins

    Q: What will new world map include? Just a re-color or will it come with its own new features?
    A: Not just a re-color, does not come with it's own new features. Groundwork being laid for new features in the future

    Q: Plans on reworking order system for squad leaders (only 1 marker available currently), would be helpful to issue additional orders and marks?
    A: Yes. BE will name/shame squad leaders. Some are bad, some don't know they're SL. BE wants to reward better squadplay, which means buffing teamwork with xp

    Q: How is progress for fixing melee sprinting attacks?
    A: Has to do with animations. Being worked on. "We have no fucking clue, we will find out" - Richardsson

    Q: Can we expect extra tools for Painboy?
    A: Yes. Healers have smallest toolbox. For fairness, BE should probably increase size of toolbox. No promises though

    Q: Terminators, when?
    A: Not in the next 2 months. Someday, eventually. On hold, animation work is left. Motion capture done.

    Q: Will we see additional cosmetic bundles?
    A: Yes. Themed bundles

    Q: When can we expect to see extra gift keys for founders?
    A: When Steam is done making is possible. Waiting on Steam

    Q: Can LP value of a naked loadout be reduced to 0/1000 by removing LP cost of items that can't be removed from loadout?
    A: No. Everything balanced around fact that some weapons are mandatory. If mandatory weapons cost nothing, everything else needs its cost bumped up. In end, everything would be the same. Not a good way to adjust loadouts and class balance

    Q: Why are players no longer given hard dates on development?
    A: Never a good idea to give dates. If you want to know why, watch a documentary on game development. No one in the world will die if a patch gets moved back

    Q: What are thoughts of changing melee clanging off terrain?
    A: Clanging being looked at, interaction with terrain is an interesting concept but is it good for EC? Maybe, maybe not

    Q: What are thoughts on Ork garrisons having racing track with a racing game?
    A: Totally for that. Probably won't happen within 2 months, but BE has intent to add more functionality to the garrison. Garrison for multiple factions and queueing for 1v1 possible in FAR future. Garrisons are supposed to be the hubs for the social part of the game populated with people

    Q: Additional character slots?
    A: Yes. Soon (tm). Quite soon, Sooner then we think

    Q: Can we get more options to filter matchmaking searches?
    A: Eventually. Extending matchmaking functionality should be done but not within the next 2 months

    Chat Q&A

    Q: Will a post be made expanding the melee revamp?
    A: No. More detail given by Noah or Michael in the future

    Q: Is there a system to add in more psychic powers?
    A: Yes there is a system, no we're not adding more in the next 2 months. We have a lot right now, and we're not happy with how they're performing

    Q: Will relic items ever return to the store?
    A: In the past, it was said certain limited relic items (in old Founder store) should be max 5% of player base. Limited edition items might return. The Relic Pack will never return. If you kill yourself, you can get the pack

    Q: Squig armor?
    A: Yes. Planned

    Q: Is it intended for swords to hit twice after a parry and before the other player recovers?
    A: No, but in some cases yes, i.e. a sword vs a heavier weapon

    Q: Will there be an option to switch sub-factions (legion/chapter)?
    A: Yes. It's coming. Sub-sub factions on same priority as vehicle skins, but not very high on priority list

    Q: Orc hair color possible?
    A: No

    Q: More Chaos subfactions?
    A: Yes, included with sub-sub factions in the future

    Q: Is there a place to view the roadmap?
    A: No

    Q: Ranged can do more dmg then melee weapons during a parry stun while in melee. Will this be changed?
    A: BE is looking at rock/paper/scissor sequence, and which circumstances allows this. Currently it's highly inconsistent


    - 6 Imperium keys ($50 value with 20,000 RTC and 4 DLC packs) were given out
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  2. Great summation. Many thanks.

    Gets my vote for a weekly "sticky" if you're going to be doing one of these each week. For those that missed the Twitch or dont have an hour to sit down and watch.
  3. Sceviour Sceviour Arkhona Vanguard

    tl;dr: They are "developing" what is cheap and easy (balancing, lag, optimization, reskinning the map, RTC weapons) and the hard stuff (new maps, elites/heroes, campaigns that actually mean something substantive, new game modes) is a soft "maybe we will look in to it in the future, maybe".

    If this isnt maintenance mode, I dont know what is....
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  4. Velamont Velamont Preacher

    Great job done writing this post. Thanks.
  5. Wulfburk Wulfburk Steam Early Access

    Ok it seems i made the right decision on giving up on this game some 3 months ago. Will check by july if anything has changed.
  6. Havent watched a stream in a long time because i get tired of the rambling too and dont have enough time to devote to sitting through it so many thanks for the summarisation.

    A point about retaining players. I think one of the most simplest and glaringly obvious would be to fix the control system properly.

    I know of three friends whom i play this game with and all of whom have joined within the last few weeks. When i spoke to each one initially my first piece of advice was reset your controls. The "grimdark" pile of crap is just aweful. Switch to a standard shooter config and you will find the game infinitely more enjoyable.

    I dont know who designed the "grimdark" thing or who thought it was a good idea but as a seasoned shooter player it is diabolical to think control should be aim down sight and not crouch.

    Given the fact the f2p gates opened and knowing how younger players are today who's first thought is to get on the game and not read the instructions then maybe they found this the first and most obvious hurdle they fell foul of.

    Having played a few games over the past week as the influx of new players has occurred its clear some are struggling with the game in general because i have been in some absolute walk overs of games and at times its like punching school children.

    In short then defaulting the control system to a standard shooter config to me would be the first step. make it accessible, get the noobs in and let them get stuck in. you attracted the players initially and then failed to retain them. I read this in the above summary. Look at reasons why. Accessibility and enjoyment are the two things anyone wants from a game. Remove barriers to them and they will stick around (hopefully).

    Hope this gets read by someone important and not just lost in the warp.
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  7. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    I bet nothing will change
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  8. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access


    For 2 month roadmap there will be NOTHING WITHIN THE NEXT 2 MONTHS
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  9. Hal9000 Halcyon Well-Known Member

    The tutorial also needs to be more then just a giant map to roam around and you have to click on tiny servo skulls scattered everywhere to get all the info you need.

    Give new players screens that show a progression through the basic stuff to the more complicated stuff, not just, "here's some stuff to shoot, go click that tiny skull in the corner, eventually go outside, find all the skulls".

    It's not an easter egg hunt, it's supposed to teach stuff.
  10. Jaywalker Jaywalker Steam Early Access

    The campaign of campaigns with campaigns, is supposed to contain a cycle of each faction getting their turn in the spotlight and receiving some development "love".
    One would assume that those two months will consist of each faction getting ~2 weeks worth of attention.

    The question is, which faction will be the last one in the cycle?
    Cause if it's LSM, I bet they'll end up shitting over everyone else in terms of gear and cosmetics, just as usual, once the cycle is done.

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